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Представлен реконструированный прасемитский корнеслов на G (финик. gimmel, араб. ) с английским описанием (см. англо-русский словарь).

Также смотрите корни в лексиконах семитских языков-потомков:

Also kpp. To be(come) bent, curved, to cut. jumper2, from from Arabic jubba, a long garment with wide, open sleeves, from jabba, to cut.
Central Semitic root, appearing in various nouns denoting “border,” “frontier,” “mountain.” javelina, from Arabic ( inz r) jabal , mountain (swine), from jabal, mountain.
see gpr.
Central Semitic, to wall, build walls; noun *gadir-, wall. Cadiz, from Latin Gades, from Phoenician *gadir, wall.
Arabic root, to strive.
1. jihad, from Arabic jih d, battle, holy war, from jahada, to strive (sense probably influenced by derived stem j hada, to fight).
2. mujahideen, from Arabic muj hid n, plural of muj hid, fighter, one who fights in a jihad, active participle of j hada, to fight, derived stem from jahada, to strive.
West Semitic, to catch, fetch. djellaba, from Arabic jall b ya, from jall b, attractive, from jalaba, to attract, bring, fetch.
To roll.
1. Galilee, from Latin Galilea, either from Aramaic g lil , circuit, district (from g lal, to roll) or from Hebrew g lîlâ, circuit, district (from g lal, to roll).
2. Megillah, from Hebrew m gillâ, scroll, roll, from g lal, to roll.
3. Golgotha, from Aramaic gulgult , skull, from galgel, to roll, derived stem of g lal, to roll.
Central Semitic, to cut, break off, separate. golem, from Hebrew g lem, formless mass, unfinished thing, from g lam, to wrap up.
Central Semitic, to become hard, congeal, freeze, contract. Jumada, from Arabic jum d , a month name, from jamada, to freeze.
*gml1. Верблюд.
Common Semitic noun *gamal-, camel. camel; camelopard, from Latin, from Greek kam los, from a Semitic source akin to Hebrew g m l, Aramaic gaml , and Arabic jamal, camel.
Common Semitic noun *gaml-, throwstick. a. gamma, from Greek gamma, from Phoenician *gaml, throwstick (?), third letter of the Phoenician alphabet. b. gimel, from Hebrew gîmel, gimel, alteration of Phoenician *gaml (see above).
To complete, finish, bring to an end. Gemara, from Aramaic g m r , completion, from g mar, to complete.
Northwest Semitic, to steal. ganef, from Yiddish, from Hebrew gann b, thief, from g nab, to steal.
West Semitic, to cover, surround.
1. Magen David, from Hebrew m g n d w d, shield of David, from m g n (< *maginn), shield, from g nan, to cover, defend.
2. jinni, from Arabic jinn , demonic, demon, from jinn, demons (< “invisible beings”), from janna, to cover, hide, conceal.
To be(come) strong, prevail, work. West Semitic variant (assimilated) form gbr.
1. Gabriel, from Hebrew gabrî l, my strong one (is) God, from gabrî, my strong one, from gabr-, presuffixal form of geber, strong one, man, from g bar, to be strong ( l, god; see l).
2. algebra, from Arabic al-jabr, the might, force, restoration, from jabara, to force, restore, set (bones).
West Semitic, to drag, draw, pull. jar1, from Arabic jarra, earthen jar, from jarra, to draw, pull.
Central Semitic noun *g y-, tribe. goy, from Hebrew gôy, nation people (usually, and later exclusively, of non-Israelite, and then non-Jewish, people).
*gy .
Assumed root of Hebrew gay , valley. Gehenna, from Hebrew gê (ben) hinn m, valley of (the son of) Hinnom, from gê , bound form of gay , valley (hinn m, a man's name; see hnn).
West Semitic, to rejoice. Abigail, from Hebrew bîgayil, my father (is) joy, from *gayil, joy, akin to gîl, rejoicing, joy, from g l, to rejoice ( bî, my father; see b).
West Semitic, to cut off, destroy. Algeria, Algiers, from Arabic al-jaz ir, the islands, Algeria, plural of al-jaz ra, the island (< “cut off” from land).

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