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Племена Железного века на Апеннинах и в Адриатике

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В латинскую лексику вошли некоторые предположительно этрусские заимствования (например, ставшие впоследствии интернационализмами persona < phersu «маска», satellitium < satnal, mantissa, palatium, servus «раб», ceremonia, antenna, arena, elementum, litera) и имена собственные (например, название города Парма).

Всего 1708 слов.


place name suffix, also used to derive family names from praenomina [lrp 57]
-a feminine suffix [mp68: 395]
-a plural suffix [mp68: 395]
ac "make, offer" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]
acas "to make, to present, to offer" [mp68, pa, dep]
"to proclaim" > "to manifest" [az96]
acasa "[to have] proclaimed" [az96]
acasce "did, made" [am91, mp68, pa, dep]
acasri "to be offered" [mp68: 409, pa, dep]
acazr "objects offered in the tomb, offered" [g/lb83, 85: 162; mp68, pa, dep]
probably plural form of *cas "offer" [dep]
from same root as acas [dep]
see acnasver "venerable" [az96]
acil "to do, make" [az96]
"work" [mc91]
acilth ame "make, complete (confice)" (imp.) [az96]
acilu, acilunia title, cognomen [az96, mc91: 67]
< acil "work" [mc91: 67]
"doer, maker, worker" [az96]
see Breton kas "to send" very doubtful [dep]
-ac, -ax nominative suffix for words ending in consonants [az96: 27]
*acale, *acle "June" [g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa, dep]
Latin gloss aclius, aclus [g/lb83, gm97, mc91, mp68]
"excitement, stimulus" [az96]
acalve "in June" (locative) [az96]
see *acaletur [rmcc]
< *ak- "point" [az96]
calque of Latin Junius < juniores? [rmcc]
acalia "refinement" [az96]
see Latin acumen "point, sting" [az96]
*acaletur, *acalethur "boy" [az96: 25, mp68]
acalucva "youth?" [az96]
acathur "boy" [pa]
glossed in Greek as agalé:tora [mp68]
< *yegw- "young" [az96: 25]
acenna place name [lrp 57]
acerra "incense box" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
acila "handmaiden" [g/lb83]
see Latin ancilla "maidservant" [g/lb83]
acline, aclinei family name [az96]
"pointed, sharp" [az96: 25]
aclni "guide" [az96]
acnaice "to conduct, to make so" [az96]
acnaine "[one] who guides" [az96]
acnanas, acnanasa 'having had, bore, delivered" [g/lb83 84, mc91: 134]
"having driven, guided" [az96]
< *ak- < *ag- "to conduct, to drive" [az96]
aclxn "sharp" [az96]
see Latin acutum "sharp" [az96]
see Latin acumen "point, sting" [az96]
acnasvers "funeral? cremation?"
"gave in possession" [lb 299]
see verse "fire" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
acnina "possession" [mp68: 405]
"hostility, threat" [az96]
acns "terror, veneration?" [az96]
acri, acriina "acrid, pungent, sharp" [az96]
acrie "pointed" [az96]
acriena family name [az96]
acsi, ahsi "pungent, sharp" [az96]
akarai, axarum, axrum "affliction" [az96]
acnasver "venerating" [az96]
< acrie [mc91: 96]
< *ak- [az96]
acun- "greetings, health" [az96] - see axu [az96]
acvilnas family name [mc91]
afle name [mc91] - "propitious" [az96]
afr, apher, apha, afu, aphucu, apuchapre, hapuri, hafure "luck, fortune" [az96]
apana "chance, achievement, attainment" [az96]
apane "relating to luck" [az96]
apena "chance, fortune" [az96]
aphe demon [mp68: 407]
"chance, mishap, occurance, fortune (divinity)" [az96]
apice "capture, attainment" [az96]
apru, aprun, apira "April" month dedicated to Fortune [az96, lrp 48/57]
apire "luck" [az96]
apirthe, apurthe cognomen,"lucky" [az96: 22]
apre "occurence, fortune, chance, mishap" [az96]
apu "receiver, obtainer" [az96]
apunas, afunas, haphna family name [g/lb83 71]
"fortunate" [az96]
< *ap/ *aph / *hap / *haph [az96]
see afur, apur, apurthe, afunas, apunas, haf- hap-, haph- [az96]
see Latinized Aburi [az96]
see Latin apiscor "to reach for, acquire" [az96]
see Latin Aprilis, aprilis [az96, lrp 48/57]
see Latin aptus "suitable" [az96]
see Latin habeo "to have" [az96]
see Spanish apenas "scarcely, hardly" [rmcc]
see Umbrian hab-, [az96]
see Greek aphro, Aphrodite [az96, lrp 48/57]
see Greek haphê, háp-tô "to take, to have" [az96: 22]
afu "striker, collector, hitter" [az96]
afuna family name [g/lb83 76]
-aias, -ies genitive singular for -ai stem [b/k 32]
ain, ein "property" [az96]
ais, aiS, eis "god" [az96, cb, djh 14, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, v, pa, dep]
aisar, ais-er-as, ais-er-aS, aesar, eisar, eiser, eis-er-as, eis-er-aS "gods" [az96, cb, djh 14, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, v, pa, dep, gm97, gzb]
aisiu "godly, divine" [g/lb83 80]
aislu "divine" [az96]
aisna, aisuna, eisna "divine, of the gods, divine service" [az96, g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep]
aisuna "king of the sacred (rex sacrorum)" [az96]
aineri "to be worshipped" gerund [az96]
eisnev, eisnevc priestly title [mp68]
esari sacral term [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
"to worship" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
see North Picene aiten [er 9 Feb 98]
see Umbrian esono- "divine, sacred, sacrifice" [mcv 8 Jan 97, mp68: 262]
see Oscan aisusis "sacrifices" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
see Marrucian aisos "god" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
see Paelignian aisis "god" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
see Volscian esaristrom "a sacrifice" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
see Old Norse aesir [pa]
see Old Icelandic ass "gods" [dep]
see Cretan asasara divine name [dep]
see Celtic and Germanic *isarn- "iron", "holy or sky metal" from meteorites [Benvéniste 1969 cit. dep]
see IE ais- "to want, love, seek" [EB XXII 638, mcv 8 Jan 97]
aita, eita "Pluto, Hades (divinity)" [az96, g/lb83, EM]
"fear, veneration" [az96]
< *aghi-, *aghita- [az96]
see Greek Haides [g/lb83]
aius, aiuzie, plural aiuser "response" [az96]
aivas, eivas, evas "Ajax" [az96, g/lb83 67, mc91: 45]
"Terror" [az96]
aivas tlamunus "Ajax Telamon" [g/lb85: 162]
aivas vilates "Ajax Oileus" [g/lb85: 162]
< *aghi-vas [az96]
see Greek Aivás, *Aiwas [g/lb83 67, mc91: 45]
aixe "agitated, waving" [az96]
aiza "to worship" [az96]
aka "voice, speaker" [az96]
< *vekw- [az96]
-akh corresponds to North Picene -ag [er 9 Feb 98]
aklxis "finesse, sharpness" [az96]
al-, ala, ale, alice, alce, aliqu, alqu, alxu "to give, donate, offer" [mp68, g/lb83, vs/amr 189, pa, dep]
see Nostratic *HalV "to give" [ag 79]
-al, < *-a-la; -aith genitive & adjective suffix [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 351]
-al genitive, dative, adjective, possessive, diminutive or ablative suffix [gm97, pa]
-al, -l dative suffix [sag]
-ale dative suffix for -a stem [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 99]
< *-a-la-i [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 99]
-al-thi locative of genitive [pa]
< *-a-la; -aith [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 351]
genitive of genitive [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 394]
< -a-la-si; al-iS-la [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 394]
see Lemnian -ai, -aith, -ale, -ial [mp68: 99]
ala "[to be] vital, lively, moving, boldly" [az96]
alathna "one who drives, puts in motion, action" [az96]
ale "to be vigorous" [az96]
alixsantre, alcsentre, elaxsntre "Paris Alexander" [g/lb83]
"vigorous" [az96]
alki "dynamism, liveliness" [az96]
< *al-, *el- , *al, *el "motion, animation, activity" [az96]
see Latin alacer "vigor" [az96]
alapu "to slap" [az96]
-alas, -als ablative suffix for -a stem [mcv 9 Apr 99, mp68: 394]
-alc, -alx decile suffix [mp68: 398]
alcsti "Alcestis" [g/lb85: 145]
ale, alice, alce, aliqu "to give thought, cured, something cured" [az96]
alixa "cure, thought" > "gift" [az96]
alethnas family name [g/lb85: 121, mc91: 62]
alfa "white, shining" [az96]
see Latin alba "white, shining" [rmcc]
alfniS name [mc91]
alice "make" [mc91]
aliqu "made, given" [mc91: 66]
alpan, alpanu, alpnu "gift, offering, willingly; Harmonia?, Concordia?" [pa, g/lb83]
"offering" [mp68]
"pleasant thing, happiness, Laetitia (Grace)" [az96]
a lasa, goddess of love and the underworld, usually portrayed naked [EM]
probably from same root as al [dep]
alphaze "offering" [g/lb83, gzb, dep, pa]
probably from same root as al [dep]
alpnina "joy, happiness" [az96]
alpnu "as a gift, given" [mp68: 406]
alfazei "happiness, propitiousness" [az96]
alfn- "happy, joyous" [az96]
alS, alSa "July" [az96]
alSase "in July" [az96: 17]
alSin- "rouser, shaker" [az96]
alSter "shaker, rouser" [az96]
althra "moved, driven" [az96]
altria "one who moves, waves" [az96]
< *althi "waving, wavering" [az96]
alsase "dedicated?" [lb 299]
alSinai family name [g/lb85: 120]
alsium port of Caere [mp68: 180]
althaia "Aithra (Helen's serving maid)?" [g/lb83]
alumnuathe, alumnuath "fosterchild" [az96]
alumnathuras ? [mp68: 265]
"group of fosterchildren, followers?" [rmcc]
-thuras collective suffix [mp68: 265]
see Latin alumnus "fosterchild" [az96]
alxa, alxu-, alxuna, alxun, alqum, alqu epithet of the Dioscuri [az96]
"dynamic, vigorous" [az96]
alxumena, alcumena "Alcmene" [g/lb83, mc91]


am-, ama, ame, amu-, amce, amuce "to be" [cb, g/lb83, jf, lb 90, mc91, mp68/75, v, pa, dep]
amuce "has been" [g/lb83 56]
"may it be?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
-ce aorist imperative? [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see English be [dep]
see Breton bezan "to be" [dep]
see Latin fui [dep]
see Sanskrit bhavati "he becomes" [dep]
see Latin fuisse "to have been" [dep]
see Russian byt' "to be" [dep]
see Lithuanian buti "to be" [dep]
see Indo-European *mbhew "to grow, to become, to be" [dep]
see Nostratic *'ämV "to take, to bear" [ag79]
see Nostratic *'EmV [ag 79]
ama "now, meanwhile" [az96]
amce "united, joined" [az96]
ame "with" postposition [az96, dep]
amake "married, spouse" < "joined" [az96]
aminth "Cupid, Eros" [g/lb83]
"Amor?" [az96]
amth-ni "loving, benevolent" [az96]
amuce, amuxe "continual, perpetual, eternal" [az96]
< *am- "to love, to be joined to, to be with" [rmcc]
< ? am- "to be" i.e. "for the time being" [rmcc]
see Lydian ama- "to love" [dep]
see Breton afan "to kiss" [dep]
see Brythonic *ama "to love" [dep]
see Celtic aman "to love" from Latin, Italo-Celtic or loanword? [es]
see Basque maite "love, beloved" < bani-te [es]
see Basque emán < e-bani "to love" [es]
< Celtic [L Trask?]
see Latin amare "to love"[cw, rc]
see Latin amita "aunt" [cw 2]
see Latin amicus "friend" [cw 2, pb 24-25]
see Latin cum "with" [az96]
see English by [dep]
see Gothic bi "at, about" [dep]
see German bei (originally) "beside" [dep]
see Greek háma "with" [az96]
see Greek phi instrumental independant particle [dep]
see Achaean amphí [es]
see Latin -b-, -bi, -bus ablative-dative plural mark [dep]
see Latin ambi-, ambo [es]
see Sanskrit bhyas dative ablative plural later integrated into the declension [dep]
see Slavic and Germanic -m dative and instrumental plural integrated early into the declension [dep]
see Russian -ami instrumental plural case marker [dep]
see IE particle *mbhi [Martinet, From the Steppes to the Oceans; cit dep].
amaputunia "co-hibens, one who stops, contains, represses" [az96]
ammarce "bitter, pungent?" [az96]
amre "bitter" [az96]
< *ampar- [az96]
see Latin amarus "bitter" [az96]
ampile, hamphe "May" [g/lb83, az96, pa, dep]
< *ampilie, *anpilie [g/lb83, az96]
see probable Etruscan related substrate word *embhetl, *mbheti [dep]
see Latinized form amphiles, ampiles [g/lb83, az96]
see Greek ampellos "vine" [dep]
see Breton aval "apple" [dep]
see English apple [dep]
see Russian yablako "apple" [dep]
see Hungarian amna "apple" [dep]
see Finnish omena "apple" [dep]
amplieri "to widen" [az96]
amplus "wide" [rc 48]
apeli "enlarger" [az96]
< amp-, ap- [az96]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
amurca "oil dregs" Latin via Etruscan [g/lb83 65]
see Greek amórgê [g/lb83 65]
an, ana, ananc, ane, anc, ancn, ancu "he, she" [cb, g/lb83, v, pa]
relative pronoun [az96, dep, mc91, mp68]
see Russian on "he" [dep]
see Breton an "the" [dep]
see Lithuanian anas "this" [dep]
see Nostratic *'a "that, yonder" remote demonstrative pronoun
see Nostratic *NA, IS OS II 93--4 [ag 79]
ana "compliment, execution, finished product, perfect" [az96]
anace "carried out" [az96]
anaini "worker, executor" [az96]
anan-, anaie, anai, anei, ane "one who completes, carries out" > "earnings, gain" [az96]
ananc "to gather, obtain" [az96]
ane, ani "Janus" [g/lb83]
"year" < "complete cycle" [az96]
aneie, aneiece "to have accomplished" [az96]
< *an- [az96]
see Latin anno [az96]
anancve "consequently" [az96]
-anas, -anasa active perfect participle [mcv 22 Jan 98]
see IE passive perfect participle *-no- [mcv 22 Jan 98]
avavence "bore, gave birth to" [g/lb83 70]
anc "to fold" [az96]
ancaru "goddess of Death" [lrp 48, rah 59]
see Latin Angerôna [lrp 48, rah 59]
ancn compound particle [mp68: 397]
ani "Janus"; sky god living in the highest heaven (in the north) [EM]
ani thne celestial deity [mp68: 251]
aniaxei "anguish, pain" [az96]
anina name (masculine) [pa]
aninai, aninas male name [g/lb83 71, mc91]
aninie, ninie family name [g/lb83 112]
anina-i name (feminine) [pa]
antemna, antenna "sail yard" Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369, pa]
*antha, *amtha "eagle, north wind (Boreas)" [az 96, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss (Hesykhios) ánthas, ántar, ándas, ándar [az 96, mp68]
see Sanskrit bhâsas "raptor" [dep]
see Greek phênê "vulture" [dep]
see Indo-European *mbhattos [Martinet, 1986 cit.dep]
antha "to meet, come to blows" [az96]
anthai name "chance, one who meets, encounters" [az96]
anthiaia name "fortune" [az96]
antilxe "winnowing, crowd, worry, trepidation" [az96]
anxarie "point, tooth" [az96]
anxas "anxious" [az96]
anxe male name [mc91: 48]
see Latin Ancus [mc91: 48]
apa, aphe, aphes, apars, afrs "father, ancestor" [b/k 32, cb, g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, v, pa, dep]
"father, guardian" [az96]
apa apatie "paternal grandfather" [az96]
apa nacna "grandfather" [az96]
apana "paternal" [mc91]
see Greek appa, possibly a Semitic loan-word) [pa]
see Greek apa "father" [dep]
see Latin pater "father" [dep]
see Gothic fadar "father" [dep]
see Old Irish athir "father" [dep]
see Armenian hayr "father" [dep]
see Sanskrit pitar "father" [dep]
see Tocharian A pacar "father" [dep]
see Indo-European *phater [dep]
the root is probably universal [dep]
apaiatru, apiatru "one who grasps, links" [az96]
apcar "abacus" [az96, pa, dep]
see Latin abacus [mc91]
see Greek abaks "board, tablet" [dep, mc91]
see Hebrew abaq "powder" [mc91]
aper, apir-e, apir-es, apir-ase, apirthe, apir-the-s, aper-ucen "sacred, funeral or sacrificial act" [mp68]
see Latin parentare "to honor or avenge a relative" [mp68]
apir- act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
aprensais, aprenSaiS "the gods intending" [mp, az96: 396]
"in the last" [az96]
aprinthu, aprinthvale "sacred title" [mp68];
"next, last" [az96]
aprinth-vale "last good-bye" [az96]
aperu "to join, find" [az96]
apha "to strike, hit, impress, gather" [az96]
apu "receiver, obtainer" [az96]
aphe demon [mp68: 407]
apini name "suitable, (well) connected" [az96]
aplu, apulu "Apóllôn" [cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53]
"Apollo"; god of thunder and lightning [EM]
apnis "much, a lot" [az96]
aprensais, aprenSaiS "the gods intending" [mp, az96: 396]
"in the last" [az96]
aprinthu, aprinthvale "sacred title" [mp68]
"next, last" [az96]
aprinth-vale "last good-bye" [az96]
aprthni female name [mc91: 135]
apunei female surname [gm97]
apuniie family name [mc91: 112]
aputuke "agreed, pledged [az96]
apvcuia (family?) name [mc91: 101]
ar-, er- "to make, to build, to do" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
ar, ara, are, ar-aS, ar-aSa, arce, ar-th, er-ce, er-s, er-ce "to act through movement, including ritual acts?" [mp68]
"to drive, exhort, rally" [az96]
aras "making, preparing" [g/lb83 85]
"sustaining, continuing" [az96]
see Lemnian arai [mp68]
see Nostratic *HarV "to make" [ag 79]
see Latin arare "to plow" [dep]
see Breton arat "to plow" [dep]
see Greek aroo "to plow" [dep]
see Gothic arjan "to plow" [dep]
see Lithuanian ariu "to plow" [dep]
see Indo-European *ary- "to plow" [dep]-
ar plural [mcv 8 Nov 96]
*arac "falcon" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss árakos [g/lb83, mp68]
see Gothic ara "eagle" [dep]
see Greek ornis "bird" [dep]
seeBreton erer "eagle" [dep]
see Lithuanian aras "eagle" [dep]
see Hittite haras "eagle" [dep]
see Indo-European *oros "eagle" [dep]
arce "gave, bore" [mc91]
arcmsna, arcmsnas family name [g/lb85: 161]
"one who afflicted, angry" [az96]
*arêt- "Arezzo (town)"
arntni "person from Arezzo" [az96]
see Latin Arrêteium
see German Erz "metals (Arrezzo was famous for metal ware)" [g/lb83 25]
ariatha, aratha "Ariadne" [az96]
"nourisher, magnifier" [az96]
aril "supporter, Atlante" [az96]
*arim "monkey" [az96, g/lb83 59, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss árimos (Hesykhios) [g/lb83 59, mp68, pa]
< *arim, *arime [az96: 418]
arimna "Rimini (town)"
see Latin Ariminum [g/lb83, djh 14]
aritimi, artume, artam, artms, artumes, arthem "Artamis, Arte:mis" [g/lb83, mc91: 41, mp68: 245]
"goddess of spells and prophecy?" [az96]
"Artemis" goddess of night and death, personification of natural growth [EM]
arna "to afflict, affliction" [az96]
< *ghren [az96]
arnt, arnth, aranth, arath male name [mc91: 49/96, gm97]
corresponds to Latin Lucius [g/lb83 57]
"biting" < "fierce" [az96]
< ghren-d- [az96]
aranthur, arnthur male name [g/lb83 83, mc91]
araz male name [g/lb85: 46]
arnthal name [mc91]
arnthi female name [mc91]
counterpart of male arnth [mc91]
arnthia, arathia, aranthia name [mc91]
arnthna, arathena, araziia family name [mc91: 49/96, gm97]
arnti, arntle "which gnaws, bites, chews" [az96]
arnzius, arntsus name [mc91]
artnal "son of Arrius" [g/lb83 57]
ars- "push away?" [g/lb83]
"to turn away, drive away, remove" [pa, dep]
arse verse "take away fire?", "arce ignem " [mp68]
glossed by Verrio Flacco [mp68]
arSva "(two?) smashers" [az96]
arta "breaker, smasher" > "carpenter (Vulcan)" [az96]
artesi "brooch and pin?" [az96]
arth "to section or subdivide" [az96]
arthe velna "one who severs, cuts off" [az96]
artile "one who articulates, artesan" [az96]
artna "limb, member, part" [az96]
artna mempru/memru "one who subdivides in parts" [az96]
< *arth [az96]
arus ame "to encourage" [az96]
aruseri "encourager" [az96]
arusia "exhortation, push" [az96]
arusni "one who encourages, spurs" [az96]
arvasa "having pushed, driven, raised" [az96]
arvusta "rallied" [az96]
aruSis "ceramic" [az96]
aruzina, aruuzina "potter" [az96]
arxas "strident" > "argumentative" [az96]
< *ark < *werk [az96]
arxaze "clear, witty, rattling"
see Latin argutus "clear, witty, rattling" [az96]


-as, -aS past participle [mp68: 399]
-as, -aS < *-a-si genitive suffix for -a stem words [b/k 32, mcv 9 Apr 99]
-as, -s consonant stem genitive singular [b/k 32]
asate "wind, windy?" [az96]
ase "breath, wind, soul" [az96]
asi "inspiration, spirit, wind" [az96]
< *ans < *ant-s "breath, wind" [az96]
-asi < *-as-i- dative suffix for -a stem words [mcv 9 Apr 99]
asil "sacred establishment: base" [mp68]
derivative aSlax [mp68]
< *aZ- "ardor" [az96]
see Latin assis, asser "stake" [mp68]
see Latin ara "alter" [az96]
aska "arybalis for oil" [az96, g/lb83 91, mp68]
"leather container" [pa, dep]
see Greek askós "leather container" [pa, dep, az96, g/lb83 91, mp68]
askaita "incinerated" [az96]
aSler "ashes, bones?" [az96]
asom fer "bring the roasts" [az96]
ataine "eater, gnawer" [az96]
ataiun "Aktaíôn" [mc91: 45]
"bitten, biter?" [az96]
ate "mordant, biting" [az96] < atei [az96]
ateri "one who is irritated" [az96] < *at- [az96]
atale "family, of the same clan" [az96]
atalena, atalina "relatives, of the same clan" [az96]
atena "of the same father, family, clan" [az96]
athelis "familiar, of the family, beneficient" [az96]
athemeisca, athemeica "of the family" [az96]
*athumi "nobility" [g/lb83 81]
atlenta, atlnta, atalanta, athal "Atalántê" [g/lb85: 152, mc91]
"of birth, nobility, lineage" [az96]
athumic, athmic, athumit "noble" [g/lb83 81, lb 90, mp 75]
"family, of the family, beneficient" [az96]
< *ath- "lineage, family" [az96]
ate "encouraging, pressing" [az96]
atheneica "one who encourages, urges" [az96]
athinethi "to request, to urge" [az96]
athis "excitement" [az96]
athnu "one who urges" [az96]
atelina family name [g/lb83: 77, mc91: 116, pa]
atella place name [lrp 57]
atena Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369]
ateri "parents, ancestors" [g/lb83 89]
"paternal" [lb 90, mp 75]
see Lat. patrius "paternal, native" [htb]
athre "building" [g/lb83, mp68]
"request, provocation?" [az96]
atranes "relating to 'building?" [g/lb83, mp68]
"of the temple" [lb 299]
atri, âtrium "atrium" [djh 61, lb 90, mp68/75]
athre "atrium, hall" [pa, dep]
see Latin atrium [g/lb83, mp68, dep]
athrpa "Atropos"
see Greek [az96, mc91]
ati, atiu, ativu, atis "mother," [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 68/75, v, pa, dep, gzb]
ati nacnuva, ati nacna, ati nacnva "grandmother" [g/lb83 89, mp68, pa]
"mater posteriatis, mater propinqua, grandmother" [az96]
atiial "of mother" [mcv 23 Jan 98]
atina "nurse" [az96]
atiuce "nourished, well fed" [az96]
atiuth "stepmother" [az96]
ativu, atiu "Mommy" [g/lb83 89]
"stepmother, nurse, wet nurse" [az96]
see Gothic athei "mother" [dep]
see Oscan aeda "father" [dep]
see Hittite attas "father" [dep]
see Old Irish aite "educator" [dep]
see Old Slavic otitshi "father" [dep]
see Albanese at "father" [dep]
see Indo-European *atta "father" [dep]
atie family name [mc91]
atmite "Admetus" [g/lb85: 145]
atoï "shepherd cabin" (Alpine < pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]. Tyrrhenian origin?
atrane- "concealment, hiding" [az96]
atrS, aturS "grave, sepulcher" [g/lb85: 161]
atrSce "hidden, plundered" [az96]
atrsr "to steam, be dark" [az96]
atrste "mournful" [az96]
see Latin Adrastus [az96]
see Latin âter "black, deadly" [az96]
atunes, atunis "Adonis" [g/lb83, mc91, EM]
aua "welfare" [az96]
ausaz "eager, desirous" [az96]
av "to desire" [az96]
aut "wealth, fortune" [az96]
autle "relative to destiny, weaver" [az96]
avcva "welfare, health" [az96]
ave "to be propitious, beneficient"
aveini "propitious" [az96]
avequ "favor, grant, greeting" [az96]
avhircina "occurance, happenstance" [az96]
avi "propitious" [az96]
avulni "favorable" [az96]
see Latin ave "farewell" [az96]
see Latin aveo "to be well, long for" [az96]
aucena (goddess drawn on a cistern cover)
see aukêlos [az96]
auclina family name [g/lb83 84]
aufle name [mc91]
"rocky" [az96]
aukêlos "aurora, dawn" [az96]
glossed by Hesykhios [az96]
see Greek augé "shining" [cit. az96: 418]
aula female name [mc91]
aule male name [gm97, pa]
auliu personal name (diminutive) [pa]
aulza personal name (diminutive) [pa]
see Latin Aulus [pa]
aum "poor, wretched" [az96]
aur "ear, hearer?" [az96]
aurina town [mp68: 192]
autu name [az96, lrp 48]
"weaver" [az96]
see Latin Autumnus [lrp 48]
avil "year" [cb, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, v, pa, dep, gzb]
"year(s)" [ag 79, mp68, rab 332]
"years; aged xxx years" [pa]
"per year" [mc91]
avils, avilS "years"
"years of age" [mc91]
avilxva, avilxval "anniversary, yearly" [g/lb83 56, mp68]
"to the year-count" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
avilxva "annual, yearly" [dep, pa]
< avil + adjectival suffix -xva [dep]
avil "year" [pa, dep, gzb]
avils "year, season" [gm97]
see Lemnian aviz [mp68: 99]
see Lemnian avis [, mp68]
see Gothic aiws "eternity" [dep]
see Latin aevus "time, eternity" [dep]
see Greek ayôn "lifetime" [dep]
see Albanese eshë "timespan" [dep]
see Old Irish aes "life, age" [dep]
see Indo-European *aiwon "lifetime" [dep]
see Nostratic *h.aju "to live" [ag 79]
avile, avle, aule, avele, avale male name [g/lb83, mc91: 57, mp68: 371]
see Latin Aulus [g/lb83, mc91: 57, mp68: 371]
avthethaiu "correlation" [az96]
avula [az96]
see Latin avus "grandfather" [az96]
-ax ablative/genitive of origin [es 15 Jun 99]
see IE/Uralic/Basque *-k, -ko [es 15 Jun 99]
see Lydian -ak [es 15 Jun 99]
see Greek adjectives with -iakós, -akós [es 15 Jun 99]
axapri "friendly, lovable" [az96]
see Greek agapêteos, agapêtos [az96]
axaxun "stabbing or cutting god" [az96]
axile, axlae, axle, axale, axele "Achilles, " [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]
see Greek Akhilleos [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]
see Latin Achilleus [g/lb83, mc91: 41, pa]
axmenrun "Agamemnon" [g/lb83]
axratin-, axrati- name (written as genitive axratinalisa) [mc91: 128]
corresponds to Latin tribe name Pomptina but may be name of maternal grandfather [source?]
"from Acerra" [Rix, Pellegrini cit az96: 28]
axrum "Akhérôn" [g/lb83 67]
axu, axunie, acesia "healer, physician" [az96]
axunana "one who guards, keeps safe" [az96]
axvizr, axuvesr, axuvizr, axuviztr, acaviSer, axaviSur "Acaviser, deity associated with Turan, Achilles, Thetis & Alpan (sometimes male, somtimes female)" [es 15 Jun 99, g/lb83]
"healer" [az96]
< *yegw- [az96]
az conjunction [az96] < *ast ? [az96]
az "to burn, sear?" [az96]


baca "berry." Latin [lrp 57]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
balma "cave" Alpine Romance [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
balteus "sword belt" [g/lb83 60]
glossed as Etruscan by Romans [g/lb83 60]
barga "hut" Alpine Romance [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
baró, barónis "strong man, lout" [rah 59]
Latin of Etruscan origin [rah 59]
bassus "low [rc 57]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
bat- "yawning" [cw 4-5, rc 57]
Latin Latin *batáre [cw 4-5, rc 57]
> Old French bayer "to yawn, gape" [cw 4-5, rc 57]
Vulgar Latin *abbaiare [cw 4-5, rc 57]
> Old French abaiier, baiier "to bay." [cw 4-5, rc 57]
of Etruscan origin?
battuere "to beat" Latin [cw 5, rc57]
of Etruscan origin?
bonus "good" [bc 199]
of Etruscan origin?
brenti "heather" [bm 24-25]
Tuscan of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]
buttis "barrel" [b/b 128]
Tyrrhenian origin?


-c nominative ending [az96: 27]
-c, -k "and, as well" (enclitic) [az96, am91, mc91, mp68, mcv, dep, pa, gm97]
see Latin -que "and" [az96, mc91, mp68. pa, dep]
see IE *-kwe [mcv 9-2-99]
see Sanskrit -ca "and" [dep]
see Gothic -uh "and" [dep]
see Greek te "and" [dep]
see Gaulish -k "and" [dep]
see Venetian -ke "and" [dep]
see Hittite -ki "and" [dep]
see Armenian -kh "and" [dep]
ca, ka, cal, cla, cei, ceia "this" [az96. g/lb83, am91, mc91, mp68, pa, dep]
can, cen, cn, -can, -cn "this" demonstrative, enclitic, accusative [az96, g/lb83 76, lb/a 338, mc91, pa]
ces, cs, cS, -cas, -cS oblique demonstrative [az96]
-cla, -cle, -cleri determinative article suffix [mp68]
clth, clthi, calti "in this" [g/lb83 76, lb/a 338, mc91: 50]
see eca "this" [pa, dep]
see Latin ecce "that is" [dep]
see Hittite kas "this" [dep, mcv]
see Greek ekeinons "this" [dep]
see Nostratic *k.aE demonstrative pronoun [ag 79, b/k 32]
caca "earnings, merit" [az96]
cacei "one who attains, earns" [az96]
cacni "one who earns, artesan" [az96]
< *kag, keg "to obtain, earn, find" [az96]
see Lat. cerdo "artesan" [az96]
*cace, *cacla "servant?" [lrp 48]
cacula "soldier's servant" Latin [lrp 48]
caciu, caiu "one who hits, gets" [az96]
cacu "Cacus?" singer/seer served by Artile, ambushed by Caile and Avle Vipinas [g/lb83]
maybe connected to Cacus & Marsyas" [g/lb83]
"earnings, attainment, merit" [az96]
Cadonia Latinized name [az96: 25]
cae, cai "Caius, Gaius" [g/lb83. mc91, mp68: 233]
"happy" [az96]
< kavie [az96]
see Latin gaius, Italian gaio "happy" [az96]
Caecina Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
caerimônia "awe, religious ceremony" Latin [lrp 48, rah 59]
< *caerimo [rah 59]
< Caere, Etruscan town? [lrp 48]
cafates, cahat- family name (male) [az96, mc91: 102, gm97, g/lb83]
cafati, cahati family name (feminine) [mc91: 102, gm97]
see Latin Cafatia, Cafatius [g/lb83 57]
caic- "to be blind" < "unwary, careless" [az96]
caile name [lrp 48]
see Latin mons Caelius (Roman hill) [lrp 48]
cainei family name [g/lb83 77]
caisriva, ceizra "radiant" [az96]
< keiz-, kez- < *kaith- "(one who) hits, beats" [az96]
caiti "happiness, being happy" [az96]
cal "inclined, uncertain" [az96]
cala "suspension, doubt, uncertainty" [az96]
calaie, calaina "Galane?" [az96, g/lb83]
nereid associated with Thetis" [g/lb83]
"bent, favor" [az96]
calanice "bent, one who helps" < "inclined" [az96]
see Greek Kallínîkos [az96]
cale clante "of Gaulish heritage" [az96]
caletra town [mp68: 192]
caliathe family name [g/lb85: 121]
calisna family name [mc91: 125]
"carpenter" [az96]
calu, calus infernal demon [mp68: 407]
god of death [az96]
"dark, darkness" [az96]
calusin, calusna "pertaining to Calu" [mp68]
"to darken, funereal" [az96]
calusna "dark" [az96]
calusur "funeral, funerary" [az96]
see Nostratic *kuEl'V 'to freeze; cold" [ag 79]
calxedn "on the Chalcidian" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
camox "mountain goat" Latin [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
campane "from Campania?" [az96]
camthi type of magistracy [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
"low ranking official" [am91]
canth-, canth-e, canth-ce "action of camthi magistracy" [mp68]
camthi, kama "love, joy" [az/96]
camitlna, kamethlece "friend, beloved, dear" [az96]
cana "image" [g/lb85: 159, 186]
glossed by Hesykhios xanâ: "kósmêsis" [am91, g/lb85: 159, 186]
"work of art" [Pfiffig cit. g/lb85: 159]
"something beautiful" [az96, am91]
"beauty, happiness, gift, favor" [az96]
cantha, canataie, canatai "pleasant, pleasing" [az96]
canthce "censor" [g/lb83 80]
"support, sustain" [az96]
canthu "support" [az96]
canzate "(god) of clubs, sticks, forest, builder?" [az96]
< *kanthwate [az96]
canzna "green or grey eyed, shining" [az96]
see Latin caesius "green or grey eyed, shining" [az96]
see Latin caeruleus, caerulus "dark blue" [az96]
cap- "to take, to contain" [am91]
cape, capi, kape, kapi, cape-r, cape-ri "drinking vessel, container" [am91, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep, mc91: 118]
"to obtain, grasp" [az96]
kape "grasper, conqueror (name of a divinity or person)" [az96]
ei kape "don't take" [am91]
caper, caprni, caperxva "receipt, success?" [az96]
caperi (gerund of cape) "to get, grab" [az96]
caperxva "containing (adj.)" [mp68]
capi, qapi "to grasp, take" [mc91: 118]
"fortune, success" [az96]
caplthu "to grasp, capture, receive" [az96]
capra "container, urn, funeral urn" [am91, g/lb83, mp68. mc91, dep]
< *ghebh [az96]
see Greek kámptra "box" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin capiô, capis, capere "to contain" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin captare"to get, grab, hunt" [az96]
see Greek gápos "carriage" [g/lb83, mp68]
capeva, capua, capue "Capua (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14 mc91: 142]
capevane, capuane, capuan "from Capua" [az96, mc91: 142]
see Latin Capua, Capuanus [az96, mc91: 142, g/lb83, djh 14 mc91: 142]
capne name [mc91: 50]
see Greek Kapaneús [mc91: 50]
cappa "cap, hat, chapel, cape, etc." [b/b 128]
Tyrrhenian origin?
*capr-, *capre "April" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
see Latinized Cabreas [g/lb83, mp68]
capt- "expert" [az96]
< *kat-, *kath- < **khweth- [az96]
*capu, *capus "falcon, hawk" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss kápus [g/lb83, mp68]
see Old English hafoc "hawk" [sag, dep]
see Germanic *capoc [dep]
capue "Capua (town)" [pa]
see Greek Kapaneús, Latin Capua [pa]
capzna, capsna "one who undertakes, entrusts" [az96]
car, kar-a, car-u, car-es-ri, cer, cer-en, cer-ine, car-ixu, "make, build" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
"to build, take care of" [am91]
cerixu "(had) built" [am91, g/lb83 69, lb 90, mc91, mp 68/75]
"to set, prepare" [az96]
cer-ixun-ce, cer-xun-ce "built, made" [am91, g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 68/75]
see carathsle, cerur [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
see Latin creare "create" [dep]
see Sanskrit karoti (he does) [dep]
cara "dear, beloved, "to be pleasant" [az96]
carathsle "dear (plural), family members" [az96]
carati "affection, esteem" [az96]
see Italian caro, cara "dear" [az96]
see Celtic cara "dear" [rmcc]
carcu, carcuna, carcna, carcusa, karke, karkana, karxvanie "guard, observer" [az96]
carcer "prison" Latin of Etruscan origin [rc 74]
see Latinized Gargossa [az96]
< *ghwRgw-/*gwRgw [az96]
see Greek brabús [az96]
see Latin arbiter [az96]
< *khwargw-itr "awake, excited" [az96]
cardo "north-south temple axis" [mp68: 250]
Pre-Latin from Etruscan? [mp68: 250]
caresri "to abstain" [mp68: 404, az96]
caru "to have/take part, invite" [az96]
caSni, cazni "sharp, cutting" [az96]
caSntra, caStra "Kassándra" [az96, g/lb83, mc91: 52]
"sharp" [az96]
< *khwas-t- < **khweth- [az96]
caspre "sharp" [az96]
caspu "crack, puncture" [az96]
< *chas- [az96]
castia "grayness" < "old age" [az96]
castur, casturu "Castor" [g/lb83]
"sharp" < "punisher?" [az96]
"one who afflicts" [az96]
see Latin Castor "Castor, beaver" [az96]
catena "chain" Latin of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]
cath, cathin "to grasp, perceive" [az96]
catha "prisoner, capture, hunt, war" [az96]
catharnai "goddess of grasping, capture, hunting" [az96]
cathe "shrewd, intelligent, sly" [az96]
cathna "perception" [az96]
cathra, cathre "to capture" > "to touch, move" [az96]
cati, cathni, catni "examination, perception" [az96]
cath-, catha, cautha, catha "sun, sun god, Helios" [cb, g/lb83 71, mp68: 251, gzb, pa, dep, EM]
generally depicted as rising from the ocean [EM]
see cathnis , cathra , cathre [gzb]
see Gothic gud "god" [dep]
see English god [dep]
catmite "Ganymede" [az96, g/lb83]
Cato Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
catrua "attainments, perceptions?" [az96]
catu "war" [az96]
caupô "merchant, tradesman" [cw 10, lrp 51, rc 74]
Latin of Etruscan origin? [cw 10, rc 74]
see Gk. kapelós < pre-IE [lrp 51]
cautam "millefolium (plant)" [az96]
cavatha, cautha, cavutha, kavtha deity [mp68: 407]
"burning, heat, god of heat" [az96]
caveth "burn (imperative)" [az96]
caz- < *kast- < *kwedh-t- "sharp, acute" [az 29 Mar 99]
cazi family name corresponding to Latin Cassius [pa]
"point, sharp" [az96]
-ce, -xe past tense suffix [az 17 Jun 99; mcv 9-2-99]
see Greek perfect in -ka [az 17 Jun 99; mcv 9-2-99]
ceanuth [az96]
see Greek kli:ne:? [az96]
cecu, cencu, cenquna, cicunia, cicunia, cincu- "one who binds, surrounds" > "group" [az96]
cehen, catica, cei-thi, cei-thim, cnticnth, icecin "this one here" [g/lb83, mp68]
cehen "to withdraw, abandon (imperative)" [az96]
cei "here, now, therefore" [az96]
locative of ca [az96]
ceice cognomen [mc91: 99]
ceicna, cecna, cencna family name [g/lb83 24, mc91: 45]
"precise, exact" < "round" [az96]
< kaikna [g/lb83 24, mc91: 45]
< *kenk/*kek/*kink/*kik [az96]
see Latin Caecina [g/lb83 24, mc91: 45]
see Latin caecus "blind" [mc91: 99]
ceisatru "one who cuts, butchers" [az96]
ceisu "piece, cut (of meat)" [az96]
< ceiz/cez- < *kaith- [az96]
ceisini family name [g/lb83 80]
ceisna "Cesena (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
see Latin Caesêna [g/lb83, djh 14]
ceizra, xaire, xeri, xaisrie, cisra "Cerveteri (town)" [az96, djh 14, g/lb83]
< Caere Vetus "ancient Caere" (Latin) [az96, djh 14, g/lb83]
see Greek Agylla [az96, djh 14, g/lb83]
cel deity of fate, or underworld of pars postica/pars hostilis [mp68: 251]
"cerere" [az96]
celsclan "Son of Cel (sun goddess)" [g/lb83]
cele "grown, large, tall" [az96]
celthi "augmentation, celebration" [az96]
celutule "grown, developed" [az96]
< *kel-, *kil- "to grow" [az96]
cel, celi, celu, celu-cn "cardinal point?" [mp68]
cela "room" [az96, g/lb83, mc91: 99]
see Latin cella "cell, room" [az96, g/lb83, mc91: 99]
Celeres equites century
Latin, of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
celi "September" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latinized Caelius, Celius [g/lb83, mp68]
celia, celi "honored, exalted, glorified?" > "sacrificed" > "killed" [az96]
celu priestly title [g/lb83, mp68]
"sacrificing" [az96]
celthi, calthi "in this" [g/lb85: 158]
locative of demonstrative [g/lb85: 158]
cemnax "completer, one who perfects, carries to perfection" (deity) [az96]
cemu- "burden, heavy" > "rozzo?" [az96]
cemul "heap, pile" [az96]
cen "gift, pleasing thing" [az96]
cena "to be pleasing" [az96]
cenecu "pleasing thing" > "gift" [az96]
cencu cognomen [mc91: 102]
centena "goose" [az96]
cenu "to concede, favor?" [az96]
cep-, cepen, cipen, cepen-e, cep-ta, cep-ar priestly title [g/lb83, mp68]
rector, president, head" [az96]
cepen cilthcva "rector of the haruspex (or fulminators) [az96]
cepen thaurx "funerary priest" [mp68: 264]
see Latin cupencus "priest of Hercules" [lrp 57]
cepta "attainment, merit?" [az96]
cêra "wax. writing tablet" Latin via Etruscan [g/lb85: 83]
from Greek [g/lb85: 83]
cerca name [mc91: 40]
see Greek Kíkra [mc91: 40]
ceren, cerence "to discern" [az96]
cerene "discerning" [az96]
cerine "built" [mc91: 137]
"image, vision" [az96]
ces-, ceS, ceS-u, ceS-eth-ce "to place, be place, rest, lie" [g/lb83]
cesasin "to cease, yield" [az96]
cese "to place or lie?" [az96]
cesethce, cina "(has) placed, laid, lain" [am91, az96]
cesu, ceSu "to lie, to be found, placed" [az96, g/lb83 84, mc91]
ceSu "one who indulges, puts off, delays" [az96]
ceSum "to be inert" [az96]
cetse "rest, cease";
< *ketsu [az96]
see Latin cesso "to stop, loiter" [az96 12]
< *cedso < *ceds- [az96 12]
cesi < ceisi name [mc91: 45]
cestna, xeste "sharp" [az96]
< *khwest- [az96]
cesu "piece, trunk" [az96]
< *khwest- [az96]
cesunia cognomen [mc91: 102]
Cethegus Latin name of Etruscan origin [pb 24-25]
ceus "family, companion" [az96]
ceusn "family, community" [az96]
< *kiw-is [az96]
see Latin civis "community, city" [rmcc]
cexa "above, over" [mc91]
cexa, cexe "sacred ceremony, rite, right, law: praetor" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
"reward" < "(one who) finds, gets" [az96]
cexane derivative of cexa, cexe [mp68]
"deserving" [az96]
cexaneri derivative of cexa, cexe [mp68]
see zilx cexaneri priestly office [mp68]
"commendable" [az96]
cexase "magistracy, priesthood" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
cexaneri "magistracies, the priesthood" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
cexasiethur "belonging to the priesthood" [mp68]
"meritable" [az96]
cexinia "getting" [az96]
< *keg-, *kag- "getting" [az96]
cezp "eight" [am91, cb, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
< ce, ci "three" + *zp "five? [er 1 Mar 99]
< hand?"
< *kez ? "sharp" [mcv 19 May 98]
cezpalx "eighty" [g/lb83, jf 141, mc91, mp68]
cezpz "eight times" [g/lb83 80, mc91]
see *c'ap.a, variant of Nostratic *dz'ap.a "to take in hands, to grasp, to gather" [ag 1978]
cezte "one who cuts, splits" [az96]


ci, cis, ciS "three" [am91, cb. g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
ci zathrum "twenty three" [g/lb83 79]
ci-em ce-alx "twenty seven [g/lb83 79, mc91]
literally "three from thirty" [g/lb83 79, mc91]
ci-em zathrum "seventeen [g/lb83 79]
literally "three from twenty" [g/lb83 79]
ci-Sar "thirteen" [g/lb83 79]
ciala-th, cianil, ceanuth derivatives? of ci, cis, ciS "three" [mp68]
cialx, cialxu, cealx, cealxls, celx, celx-s, celxuS, celxls "thirty" [am91, az96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
ciz, cizi, citz "three times" [am91, az96, g/lb83, mp68]
developed with suffix *ki-ar-k, ki-shar-k ? [er 1 Mar 99, rab 332]
see Urartean kig "three" [ag 1978]
cia "folding, flexibility" [az96]
ciana "folding, flexibility, to bend" [az96]
ciari. ciartia "dark, gloomy" [az96]
Cicero Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
cilens deity of underworld or fate; pars hostili/pars postica [mp68: 251]
"(one who) grows, gets bigger" [az96]
see cel [az96]
cilnii family name (Latinized form?) [g/lb83 25]
cilthcva "divine patron of a sanctuary (cilth)" [mp68]
cilth "sanctuary" [mp68]
cilth, cilthva "apex" > "haruspex, fulminator" [az96]
cilva "to swell, grow, blaze" [az96]
< *glivi "swell, grow, blaze" [az96]
see Latin glisco "swell, grow, blaze" [az96]
cina "family?" [az96]
cire- male name [mc91: 102]
cisterna "cistern" [lrp 48]
Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
see Greek kiste [lrp 48]
cisuita, cisvita "belonging to the clan, community" [az96]
cisum "(part) of the family" [az96]
citia "invite, summon, order?" [az96]
citz, ciz "thrill, motion, to wake" [az96]
< *kwihwit-s [az96]
civesana "family, community, race, lineage" [az96]
see ceusn [az96]
-cla, -cleri enclitic article [mp68: 397]
cla "to manifest, show, clarify" [az96]
clan, clen, clens, clenS "son" [am91, az96, cb, lb 90, mc91, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp 68/75, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, jpm, v]
clal "lineage, clan" [az96]
clante "of the race, lineage" [az96]
clenar, clinii-ar-as, clen-ar-aSi "sons" [am91, mcv 8 Nov 96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
clente "adoptive son?" [g/lb83 89]
clen-si, clin-si, clen-Si "to the son" [am91]
see Latin cliens "dependent" [htm]
see Nostratic *K.ülä "community, kin" [ag 79]
Clanis "Chiana" river known for stagnant water [bm 24]
Italian from Tyrrhenian [bm 24]
Clandius Latinized name [az96: 25]
claniu "one who breaks, beats, kills" [az96]
clapithe "one who beats" > "chiacchiera?" [az96]
claruxies name [az96]
see Doric klâroukhía [az96]
clauce "blue or greenish gray" [az96]
see Latin glaucus "blue or greenish gray" [az96]
clauthiethurasi "of the Claudii family" [g/lb85: 162]
clel "to call, shout" [az96]
cletra "oracular song, shout" [az96]
clen "luminous, happy" [az96]
klenase, klen "to be happy?" [az96]
clen cexa "willingly, deservedly" [az96]
cles "celebration" < "augmentation" [az96]
clesne "extensive, large, great" [az96]
clesva "grown, developed" [az96]
cluvenia "luminous (fem.)" [az96]
< *kel [az96]
cletra, cletram "basin, basket, cart for offerings" [am91, g/lb83, mp68]
see Umbrian kletra [g/lb83, mp68]
cleva "gift, offering" [g/lb83, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp68: 409]
cluvenias "offerfeast ?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
"oracle" [az96]
"precinct or enclosure (of Athena)" [htb]
clevana "seer, prophet" [az96]
clevsin, clevsina "Chiusi (town)" [djh 14, g/lb83]
clevsins "of/from Chiusi" [az96]
see Latin Clusium, Camars [djh 14, g/lb83]
clivinia "favor" < "propensity" [az96]
cluce, clauce "clear" [az96]
clucthra, cluctra "clarity" [az96]
clute "lame" [az96]
see Latin claudus "lame" [g/lb85: 104, mc91: 99]
cluth- "to close" [az96]
cluti- "ark, chest, box" [az96]
cluthi "drinking vessel, cup" [am91]
see *kleu-, *klu- [am91]
cluthumustha, clutmsta "Clytemnestra" [az96, g/lb83]
"Secret" [az96]
see Greek Klutaimêstra [g/lb83]
clz "development, growth, greatness, celebration" [az96]
see cles [az96]
cn, cen "this" [g/lb83 76, mc91: 50]
cnaive. cneve, cneveia, cneuna, neverna male name [az96. g/lb83]
"nobilis" [az96]
see Latin Cnaeus, Gnaeus [g/lb83]
cnare, cnareia "born, knowing, expert" [az96]
< *knatis [az96]
see Latin gnarus "knowing" [az96]
cnepni "one who thickens, condenses" [az96]
cntianth compound particle [mp68: 397]
cntnam "the same" [g/lb85: 171]
cofesi "cutter, carver" [az96: 392]
coisa- > cûra "care, cure, curate" Latin [cw 10, lb 90, mp 75, rc 74]
cûrâre, "to care for" Latin [cw 10]
of Etruscan origin?
Corioli town named after family [lrp 57]
*cott "lamb" > Chút Romansh [jr 81]
of Rhaetian origin?
cotte "cabin" French, English cottage [b/b 128]
Tyrrhenian origin?
crampa, crampe "paw, leg" [az96]
crapilu "engraver, etcher" [az96]
crap-s-ti "engraving, incision, cleft (in divinatory liver" [az96]
locative? [az96]
crapsti deity
see Umbrian deity grabouie [g/lb83 91, 85: 126]
craufa, craupania "fold" [az96]
craup-z-n- "folded, bent mace, cudgel" [az96]
< *craupsta [az96]
creals "pain, torment"
< * krakhial-? [az96]
creice "Greek" [g/lb83 65, lb/a 337, de Simone cit. az96]
"bitten, chewed" > "painful, unhappy" [de Simone cit. az96]
< *krakhi-ce [az96] see Latin Graecus [g/lb83 65, lb/a 337, de Simone cit. az96]
crenalia "animal remains" [az96]
see Latin carnalia "carnal things" [az96: 392]
crepni "growing, increasing" [az96]
crepu name [az96]
"arraffatore" [az96]
see Latinized Grebo [az96]
see Latin creber "thick, crowded" [az96]
crespe cognomen [az96, mc91: 99]
"one who wrinkles, shudders, tosses" [az96]
see Latin Crispus "curly" [mc91: 99]
cresve "membrane?" [az96]
cretlu > crthl-, crutlu, krutmu "one who walks, advances, heavy" [az96]
cripe "handle, grip" [az96]
crisitha "shock, jerk, disturbance" [az96]
crisu "disturbed, moved" > "busied" [az96]
crucra "torment, pain" > "cross" [az96]
see Latin crux "cross" [az96]
cruisie "accumulator, increaser" [az96]
see Greek Kroîosos [az96]
crûmina "small purse" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
see Greek grumeá [lrp 48]
crunsle, crusle "striker, slasher" [az96]
-cs-treS enclitic article [mp68: 397]
cuciie "existing" [az96]
cuclni family name [g/lb83 71]
cuclnie "circular, cyclical" [az96]
cuclu "(pertaining) to the circle, cycle" [az96]
cucu "light (lume)" [az96]
cuie "prudence" [az96]
cuinte male name [g/lb83 57]
see Latin Quintus [g/lb83 57]
culixna, xuxlixna, culcna "cup, drinking tumbler, little kylix" [az96, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
see Greek kulíxna, kylix [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
culpiu "one who engraves, sculpts" [az96]
culs, culsu female underworld demon associated with Xarun & Tuxulxa [g/lb83]
"one who winds up, coils" [az96]
see Latin coluber "snake" [az96]
see Nostratic *q.oHlV "to kill" [ag 79]
culSanS, culsans "Janus" [mc91: 53]; deity [g/lb83 85]
"one who circles, turns, cycle" [az96]
culscva "tangle" > "guts" [az96]
cumere "village dweller?" [az96]
cumn-, cumln- "burden, throng" [az96]
cunza "enemy, host?" [az96]
cuparia "Cupid" [az96]
see Latin Cupido "desire, lust, greed" [az96]
cupe "cup" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Greek kúpê [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin cuppa "cup" [g/lb83, mp68]
cupsln, cupsn "one who lies down, sleeps" [az96]
cure "decomposition due to heat, pus" [az96]
cursi female name [mc91: 125]
curtun "Cortona (town)" [mp68: 93]
see Latin Cortôna [djh 14, g/lb83]
city name found in Italy and the Aegean: [mp68: 93]
Crotone (S. Italy) [mp68: 93]
Gyrton (Thessaly) [mp68: 93]
Gortyna (Arcadia, Crete, Macedonia) [mp68: 93]
Kyrton (Boeotia) [mp68: 93]
curuna "crown" [az96]
see Latin corona "crown" [az96]
cuS "to keep" [az96]
cuSna, cuSithe "one who covers, guards" [az96]
cuSu "patron, protector" [az96]
< *keudh "to hide" [az96]
see Latin custodire "to keep, guard" [az96]
see Archaic Latin coisa- [rmcc]
cusa "Orbetello (town)" [djh 14]
cusperiena "cusp" [az96]
cuther male name [mc91: 95]
cuthna, cutunia- cognomen, family name [g/lb85: 162]
see Latinized Cotonia [az96: 25]
cutlis "beater, scout, striker" [az96]
cutu personal name [g/lb83 77, mc91:72]
"smith, artesan" < "puncher?" [az96]
cuvie "clever, expert" [az96]
cvalv, cvlalile (plural) "one who torments, tortures" [az96]
cvelne "tormented, martyred" [az96]
cvenle "afflicted, grieving" [az96]
cver, cvera "things, objects, gift offered or dedicated" [lb 90, mp 68/75]
"sacred" [mc91]
"thanks" [az96]
"ex voto" [am91]
cvil, -cvil, cvl "gift" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
cvethn "to rest, repose" [az96]
cvethnei, cuethnei, cueSna "one who reposes" [az96]
cvl alp deity of fate or underworld, pars hostilis/pars postica [mp68: 251]


Dana Latinized name [az96: 25]
dorsum "the back." Latin [cw 15]
of Etruscan origin?
duellum > bellum "war" Latin [rc 90]
see Bellona goddess of war who carries a bloody whip and rides in a chariot [cw 15]
of Etruscan origin?


-e locative intrumentive suffix [mp68: 396]
easun, eiasun "Jason" [g/lb83]
ec, ek, ex "to call, summon" [az96]
< *vekw [az96]
eca "this (nominative)" [am91, cb, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
eclthi "demonstrative (locative)" [mc91: 73]
ecn "this (accusative)" [mc91]
ecs "this (genitive)" [mc91]
see ca [cb, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
ecs "indigent, lacking" [az96]
eca (genitive) [az96]
ecnia "indigence" [az96]
ecia verb [az96]
see Latin egêre "to carry out, carry off" [az96]
ectur, extur "Hektôr" [g/lb83]
"Cutting" [az96]
ei, ein, eith, eth, ethl pronominal particle [mp68]
see ta [mp68]
ei "no, not, don't" [am91, mc91: 118]
ei "here, now" [az96]
ei "property" [az96]
< eiki [az96]
eicrece "sick" [az96]
eine "Aeneas" [g/lb85: 92]
see Greek Aineías [g/lb85: 92]
eisnev, eisneve "exercized the priesthood" [az96]
eitiia "valuation" [az96]
eitva, aiza, etva, heitva, eit, eith, eithi, ez, es "to venerate, respect, esteem, to watch out" [az96]
eitna, eizan-, eizene, ezna, ezunei "timorous, respectful" [az96]
eitviscri "pudenda ('shameful parts')" [az96]
< *aidh, *eith [az96]
see Latin aestimatio "valuation" [az96]
see Greek aidoîa [az96]
eleivana "of oil" [g/lb83]
aska eleivana" "container of oil" [g/lb83]
see Greek elaiwa > élaion "oil"[rc 95, g/lb83]

see Latin oliua "olive" (Greek, Latin) [rc 95]

of Tyrrhenian origin? [g/lb83]
elementum Latin, of Etruscan origin [lrp 51]
see Gk elephanta "ivory letter" [lrp 51]
elfa "half, middle" [az96]
elina, elinai, helene "Hé:le:ne:" [g/lb83, mc91: 49]
Fervid, Passion" [az96]
els "stele" [ag79]
see Nostratic *HelV "to rise" [ag 79]
elusisnia "agitation, movement" [az96]
eluva "the (two) Animators (i.e. the Dioscuri) [az96]
-em "minus, from (used with numbers)" [am91, g/lb83, mp68]
emel "(take by the) handle" [az96]
en "to worry about, cure?" [az96]
ena "to carry out?" [az96]
enixunce "carried out" [az96]
enac, enax "then, afterwards" [g/lb83]
enesc- "private" [az96]
eniaca "just-like" [az96, mcv 8 Nov 96]
enizpeta "Enispa (name; demonstrative form)" [mc91: 74]
"(one who) guards property?" [az96]
-enna suffix used with family names [lrp 57]
-ennus suffix [lrp 48]
enva "nine" [az96]
ep, epa. ipe, epu "to suppose, evaluate, meditate" [az96]
see Latin opinari "to suppose, evaluate, believe" [az96]
< *ep-/*ip- "to vacillate, doubt" [az96]
ep "to do" [az96]
epiuna "Ops (goddess)" [az96]
epiur, epeur "child/youth companion of Hercules, who presents him to Tinia or Minverva" [g/lb83]
"Opes, god of resources, strength, power" [az96]
epl "work, labor" [az96]
eple, epule "worker" [az96]
< *ep "strength, work, labor" [az96]
see Latin operare "to work, labor" [az96]
epana "to waver" [az96]
epni "wavering" [az96]
epnice "(one who has) wavered, uncertain" [az96]
epetave, epetav preterite verb form [az 19 Jul 99]
epl, pi, pul "in, to, up to" [g/lb83]
epri "help, potentially" [az96]
eprial "superior" [az96]
eprthe- "superior charge, supremacy" [az96]
eprthne "superior, leader" [az96]
eprthnev "to be the leader" [az96]
er, erce "to honor", "honor, respect" [az96]
eraiSce "agitated, moved" [az96]
eruna "agitation, movement?" [az96]
-eri, -ri gerundive suffix, postposition "for, for the sake of" [az96, mp68: 400]
locative, instrumentive suffix [mp68: 396]
eris name "Honor, Respect" [az96]
ermania "heat, hot" [az96] erus "sun" < "burning" [az96]
ermie "August (month)" [az96]
< *er- < *ghwer "heat" [az96]
-erna suffix used with family names [lrp 57]
ersce "went" [am91]
"saved, spared (risparmiò)" [az96]
-es < -a-si-si ablative suffix for -a stem words [mcv 9 Apr 99]
eS < ez "respects, is wary" [az96]
ez "to esteem, venerate" [az96]
eznxval "venerable, for veneration" [az96]
espia < eitvaspia (f.), expu, ezpa (m.) venerable, esteemed [az96]
esta "estimation, reward" [az96]
estac, estak "estimator" [az96]
< *aist-, *eith-, *eth-, *eitv- [az96]
esi "prosperity, well (being)" [az96]
esl-em ce-alx "twenty eight (two from thirty)" [g/lb83 79, mc91]
esl-em zathrum "eighteen (two from twenty)" [g/lb83 79, mc91]
eslz "twice" [g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
eSta, eStac, eStla pronominal participle? [mp68]
see ta [mp68]
eStla "and this" [g/lb83 76]
estrei "sign, point" < "notch" [az96]
esvi-, esv-tn, esvi-S "ceremony, sacrifice" [mp68]
see ais, eis [mp68]
esxath, esxathce "to investigate, interrogate, to seek" [az96]
eta "this (nominative)?" [am91, mc91]
etan "this (accusative)" [mc91]
eta "seat, post" [az96]
etanei "seat" [az96]
see Latin aedes "building, temple, house" [az96]
etula (oblique) [az96]
< *et(h)-/*it- < *sed [az96]
ethava "seat, residence, temple, foundation" [az96]
see Latin sedes "seat, residence, temple, foundation" [az96]
etanal "on the ides ?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
etera, eteri, etri, etera-S, eter-S, eterais, eteraias "foreigner, slave,clientes" (middle class)" [djh 72, g/lb83, mp68: 232]
from Umbrian [djh 72, g/lb83, mp68: 232]
"associate, iugus, continual" [az96]
eterau, eterav "referring to etera 'foreigner, slave, servant" [mp68]
zilath eterav, camthi eterau, zil eteraias officials connected with the etera [mp68]
etera "weaving, flesh" > "viscera" > "son" [sic] [az96]
etertic "viscera, intestines" [az96]
etras "internal?" [az96]
etri, ethrni "internal" [az96]
etrinthi "entrails", plural of *etrine [az96]
etrisna "(one who) weaves" [az96]
eth natural deity [mp68: 251]
eth < eith "being wary" [az96]
ethri gerund of eth < eith "being wary" [az96]
ethun "careful, respectful" [az96]
ethausva, ethauSva female deity appearing at the birth of Minerva [g/lb83]
"Vesta" [az96]
ethl plural direct object pronoun for *e- based words? [az96]
etiasas "having given something to eat?" [az96]
etnam, -tnam "and, also" [am91, g/lb83, mp68]
"of equals, the same" [mc91: 151]
etnam "ita" [az96]
etnam . . . etnam "and . . . and; so . . . so" [az96]
etnam ix "so thatt" [az96]
see Latin ita "so, thus" [az96]
etr-, ethr-, ethr-i, ethr-se, etra-sa "verb dealing with sacred actions" [mp68]
related to tur? [mp68]
see eter-ti, eter-tic, etrin-thi [mp68]
euntke "propitious" [az96]
eurphia nymph/muse dancing in front of Phaun [g/lb83]
eurtha "valor, dignity, parole?" [az96]
euterpa, euterpe "Euterpê (acts as a Charity)" [g/lb83]
"Destiny" < "Plot-weaver" [az96]
evan male/female deity associated with Turan and Adonis [g/lb83]
"Time" [az96]
< evo [az96]
see Latin -aevus "age, epoch, era, time" [az96]
evantra "Evándra" [mc91: 46]
evi "duration, eternity" [az96]
evrthia "Virbia, of the weaving" [az96]
evrtun "revolving, praying?" [az96]
evtucle, evzicle "Eteoklês" [g/lb85: 161]
"Fate (Fas, Fatum)" [az96]
< *avth [az96]
ezpu family name [mc91: 137]


fabulonia "Hyosciamus (plant)" [az96]
faca "to cleft" [az96]
face "unlucky, unlucky event" [az96]
faci (plural) "unlucky, anguished" [az96]
fahtei "type of gift" [gm97]
fal "to be malformed, dangerous" [az96]
falas "to be malformed, dangerous" [az96]
falals, falas "error, deviation" [az96]
falsti "lacking (plural)" [az96]
falar Etruscan toponym [mp68: 372]
*falatu, fala "sky" [g/lb83, mp68: 368, pa, dep]
fala "scaffolding" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
faltu "pallium (cloak), paludamentum (military cloak)" [az96]
faluthras "protected" [az96]
see falau, falaS, falS-ti, falza-thi, falica, faluthras [mp68];
Latin gloss falado, falando (Verrio Flacco) [g/lb83, mp68: 368, pa]
< *pel "to cover" [az96]
falerii Etruscan town named after family [lrp 57]
falica "(one who) drops" [az96]
familia "household" Latin of Etruscan origin [bc 199]
see Oscan famelo [bc 199]
fan-, fani-, fan-u-Se, fan-u-Sei, fan-eri, fan-iri "to consecrate, holy act" [g/lb83, mp68: 409, pa, dep]
fanu "chapel, sacred place" [az96, pa, dep]
see Latin fânum [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
fanuse "to manifest, disclose" [az96]
fapi male name [az96]
"talkative" [az96]
see Latin Fabius [mp68: 371] [az96]
far- "to prepare" [am91]
farice "(to be) prepared" [az96]
faru "(one who) prepares, provides?" [az96]
see Latin pare- "to set, prepare, provide" [az96]
farsi "hostility" [az96]
farth- "to give birth, generate" [am91]
farthan deity corresponding to Latin Genius [mc91: 135]
"generation, birth, creation, product" [az96]
farthana "offspring, fetus" [az96]
farthnaxe "was generated, begotten" [am91, az96, mc91]
see Latin partus "giving birth" [az96]
faS "fasces" [az96]
faSe, faS-i, faS-is, faS-iS "type of sacrifice" [mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
fase, fasei "revelation" [az96]
faseic "to reveal" [az96]
fasi "to reveal oneself" [az96]
fasle, faSena "type of vessel" [am91, mp68, pa]
see Greek pássô [am91]
fasta "acute" [az96]
fastntru "acute, (one who) sharpens, whets" [az96]
faSte "obliged, linked" [az96]
fasti, fastia name [mc91: 50]
"acute, fine" [az96]
fatel "league, association" [az96]
fatuni "to weary, fatigue, vex, importune" [az96]
see Latin fatigans "wearying" [az96]
faun "Faunus" [az96]
favi, favi-ti, favin "ditch, grave, temple vault" [g/lb83, mp68: 369, dep, pa]
see Latin favissa, favisa "a place reserved for votive objects next to a sanctuary" [g/lb83, mp68: 369, dep, pa]
favin "to favor" [az96]
faviti "favorable" [az96]
see Latin favere "to favor, help, support" [az96]
februus god of the underworld and purification; February was named after him [EM]
felce male name [g/lb85: 162]
felci family name [g/lb85: 162]
felequ "turned (on the lathe)" [am91]
feli "due, cost, payment" [az96]
felmu, vhelmu "(one who) touches" > "(one who) perceives" [az96]
felsina "Bologna (town)" [djh 14]
felsna, felsnas male name [g/lb85: 166, mc91: 142]
"from Bologna/Felsina?" [rmcc]
feluske family name [g/lb83]
felzneal "marriageable, nubilis" < "covering, shawl" [az96]
< falt- [az96]
ferclite "tight, intricate, woven" [az96]
feri porod "door behind an empty space" [az96]
ferine "bristling, sharp" [az96]
feronia Etruscan goddess of fire and fertility [smoe, EM]
see Latin Feronia goddess of springs and woods [smoe, EM]
ferrum "iron" Latin of Etruscan origin [rc 19]
fes "to make accounts, assure" [az96]
fetiu, fethiu "cave dweller" [az96]
fira "hostility" [az96]
firin "hostile" [az96]
fise "faith" [az96]
see Latin fides "faith" [az96]
fivan "enemy, adversary" [az96]
flanax "haruspex" [az96]
flenzna "flattery?" [az96]
see Latin blanditia "flattery" [az96]
fler, fler-S "sacred statue, offering, sacrifice" [cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 150]
"animal useful for offering" [gm97]
fler, flere, flerxva "to inflate, bladder, proturbance" [az96]
flere, flere-s, flere-S, flereri "divinity" [mp68]
"divinity, god" [g/lb83, gzb]
flereri "sacred statues" [g/lb83 81];
"to inflate, make grow" [az96]
fleres, flereS "bronze (statue)" [az96]
"statue" [g/lb83]
flerthrce "verb based on fler, flere" [mp68]
"satisfied" [am91]
flerxva "ceremony, sacrifice [g/lb83, pa]
group of sacred statues or offerings" [g/lb83]
flerxvetra "sacrifices (locative)" [mc91: 150]
Flexuntes (equites century) Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, mp68: 369]
flezr- "abundance" [az96]
see plethora "abundance" [az96]
fnestra [lrp 48]
see Latin fenestra "window" [lrp 48]
frast "intellect, sense" [az96]
fraucni, frauni "benign, sweet, soft" [az96]
fremiru "artisan" [az96]
frentinate "thresher, thrasher" [az96]
frontac, frnthac "fulguriator (lightning augur)" [am91, az96, pa, dep]
related to town of Ferento? [mp68]
see Greek brontê [g/lb83]
fufluna, pupluna "Poplonia (town)" [am91, djh 14, g/lb83, mc91: 48]
see Latin Populônia [djh 14, g/lb83, mc91: 48]
fufluns "Bacchus, Dionysus, Liber"; god of vegetation, vitality and merriment, son of earth-goddess Semia [EM, az96, cb, djh 95, mc91: 53, mp68: 251]
see Latin populus "people, town" [g/lb83]
fulinusn- "base of support?" [az96]
fulinuSna demon [mp68: 407]
fulni "(one who) withers, putrefies" [az96]
fulu male name "withering, rot, putrefaction" [az96]
fuluna "(one who) withers, putrefies" [az96]
fulum- source of Latin fullo [mp68: 369]
fulumxva "splendor" > "famous (man)" [az96]
fuluve-, hvuluve, pulumxva, vhulve, vhuluena "splendid, shining" [az96]
furthan "genius" (spirit) [pa]
furthce "has executed" [az96]
fusle "to solicit, provoke?" [az96]
fuSle (unknown) [mp68: 406]


ganda "scree (slide of gravel down a hillside)" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126, rah 53-54, lrp 57]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
*garra, *karra "stone, rocky ground, plant growing thereon," [rah 53-54]
gava, gave "watercourse" Latin, Romance [lrp 57, mp68: 372]
(pre-Celtic) (S. France, Iberia, Switzerland, Sardinia, N and C Italy) [b/b 126]
gavia "water bird" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?
genista "broom" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, bm 24-25]
gerere, gest- "to do, act, carry out" [rc 107]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
gigaro "arum italicum," Tuscan of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]
Gracchus (Latin name of Etruscan origin) [pb 24-25]
grava "gravel" Alpine Romance, Friuli [bm 24-25, mp68: 370]
*grava "stone" Friuli [jr 50]
of Rhaetian origin?
groma Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 370]
see gró:mo:n [mp68: 370]
-k- "pronoun stem" [mcv]
see IE -k- "pronoun stem" [mcv]
see Nostratic #241 *ka: [Bomhardt/Kerns cit. mcv]
kacriqu "earnings" [az96]
kae personal name [mc91: 95]
see Latin Caius, Gaius [mc91: 95]
kaisie personal name [mc91: 66]
kal-, kar- "rock, rocky mountain" [es]
carra- non-IE toponym of Central Italy et al. [mp68: 372]
krap, klap "stone" Romansh and other Alpine Romance [jh 388, jr 87]
of Rhaetian or Tyrrhenian origin?
see Basque arri, harri "stone, rock" [es]
see Iberian toponym Calpe "under the rock" [es]
< kal-pe (-be, -pe "under, below, at the foot of" [es]
see Alpine German alb, alp, alpe, alm "alpine meadow (below the mountains) [es]
kalem "ready to fall, to lower oneself" [az96]
kama "love, joy" [az96]
kamu "kind, loving" [az96]
kansinai family name [fem.] [mc91: 58]
kapra "goat" [gm97]
glossed by Hesiod (error or loanword from Italic) [gm97]
*kar, *kar-kr-o [cw 10]
*kankro- > [cw 10]
see Latin cancer "lattice" [cw 10]
see Latin carcer "prison" [cw 10]
of Etruscan origin?
karkana personal name [mc91: 72]
karthasie "Carthaginian" [pa]
karthazie male name [mc91: 49]
see Latin *Carthadius [mc91: 49]
kathuniia- deity [mc91: 143]
katiave preterite verb form [az 19 Jul 99]
kavie male name [mc91: 66]
kavisia "(one who) makes happy" [az96]
kisnee "if not?" [az96]
klumia "globe, croquette" [az96]
kottabos type of game [djh 61]
kraitile "credence?" [az96]
see Latin cr?an>do "I believe", creditum "credit, belief" [az96]
kreina "sun" [az96]
kreinie "solar" [az96]
kros < *crodius "fruit pit," Romansh [jr 69]
of Rhaetian origin?
kulenie family name [g/lb83 84, mc91: 66]
kurou "dwarf" < "trunck?" [az96]
qaxu, cexa "attainment, merit" [az96]
qumethen "from Cumae" (accusative adjective) (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
quthefas "having taken revenge" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
qutun, qutum "ewer, pitcher" [g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, dep, pa]
see Greek kó:thôn "type of vessel, vaso" [g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, dep, pa]


habere "to have" Latin [bc 199]
habia "to have" Umbrian [bc 199]
of Etruscan origin?
hafure, afure, hapre, hapuri family name [az96, mc91: 128]
"lucky" > "propitious" [az96]
hapre male name [az96: 22, mc91: 128]
haprni, haprn-, hapirn- family name corresponding to Latin Laberius[az96, mc91: 128]
"lucky" > "propitious" [az96]
< *hap/*haph "lucky, propitious" [az96: 22]
see Latin faber "smith, carpenter, artesan" [mc91: 128]
halna "something that leans, hangs" [az96]
< *hal-/*hel- [az96]
haltu "lame" [az96]
see English halt "lame" [rmcc]
halu, hal "stone, marker?" [az96]
haltuva, haltva "(object of ) favor" < "inclination" [az96]
halx "to vacillate, be uncertain" [az96]
halxza "uncertainty" [az96]
hama "part of the family, household" [az96]
hamphe "askew, sinister, left, left-handed, unlucky" [az96]
hamphete "left, left-handed" [az96]
hamphethi "disgrace, unfortunately" [az96]
hamthina name "left, left-handed, askew" [az96]
hamthisca "unlucky tendency" [az96]
hamphe- "May" [pa, dep]
see ampile [dep]
hamphiare, amphare "Amphiaraos" [g/lb85: 152, 161]
hanipalus "Hannibal (male name)" [mc91: 142]
hanthe, hante "before" [mcv, pa, dep]
"(which) blocks, impedes" [az96]
hanthin "in front of" [gg 4 Mar 99]
hauthin "in front of" [g/lb83 87]
< *Hant- [mcv 9-2-99]
see Latin ante "before" [pa, dep]
see Greek anti "against, in front of" [dep]
see Armenian and "in front of" [dep]
see Lithuanian ant "in front of" [dep]
see Hittite hanti "in front of" [dep]
hamthin "to grasp" > "to comprehend" [az96]
hanu "occupant" [az96]
hare, hare "weight" [az96]
harth "strong, hard" [az96]
haruspic "priest" [cb]
hasti, hastia, fasti, fastia female name [g/lb85: 103, mc91: 97]
"acute, fine" [az96]
hastntru, fastntru "pointed" [az96]
hasutis "having overturned?" [az96]
hausti "overturned" [az96]
hate, hathe "hateful, hostile" [az96]
hatu, hatrunia (fem.) "hateful, hateful, angry, sullen" [az96]
hatrencu "sad" [az96]
see English hate [az96]
haun, *heun "to be dull, blunt" [az96]
see Latin hebêre "to be dull, blunt" [az96]
havasianna, havrenie, havrna "(one who) hears, perceives" [az96]
< *hauZ- [az96]
havrnas, havrenias, harenies personal name? [mc91; az96: 25]
haxixu "enclosure?" [az96]
heasun, hiasunu "Jason" [az96]
"intemperate" < "greedy" [az96]
hec-, hex-, hec-i, hec-ia, hec-e, hec-ce, hec-z-ri, hex-z, hex-Sth "put, place, add" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
hecz-ri "placement" [mp68: 405];
"to take care of, manage. settle" [az96]
hecce, hece, heci, heki, hecece "to cure, cured (past)" [az96]
"bottom" [am91]
hecia "cured, helped" [az96]
hecta "disposition?" [az96]
hexz, hexsth, hexSth, hexth "put, add" [mp68: 399, gzb]
"cure, cure yourself (imperative)" [az96]
hefina "taken" > "perception" [az96]
heimni > hemni "one who (si) wraps, covers" > "clothes" [az96]
heiri, heirina, herina "rocky, rugged" [az96]
heitva "stop, establishment, lodging?" [az96]
hel "until, to the greatest extent" [az96]
hele "sad, angry, sullen" [az96]
helu "to get sad, mad" [az96]
helucu "sad, mournful" [az96]
helusnei "(one who) gets sad" [az96]
helenaia "(which) bends, lowers" [az96]
helene "one who descends upon, lowers oneself" [az96]
hels "to fold, recline?" [az96]
helSc "reclined" [az96]
helzunia "(which) folds" [az96]
helS "(one's) own" [g/lb85: 161]
hemsince "taken, prisoner" [az96]
< *heph < *gheph [az96]
hen "to leave, let, permit?" [az96]
hepa "Magliano (town)" [g/lb83]
see Greek Heba [g/lb83]
hepeni, hepni "(one who) finds, gets, gathers" [az96]
heph "to gather, grab, get" [az96]
heplenta "Hippolyta" [az96]
"slow, unperceiving" [az96]
heracana, herecana personal name [g/lb 85: 27]
heramaSva, heramsva, heramue, heramve "statue" [lb 199, mc91: 73, mcv 8 Nov 96]
"proclaimed by an oracle, profatus est" [az96]
herm- "to lead, conduct" [am91]
herama "oracle" [az96]
herma, herme "Hermes; statue?" [g/lb83]
herme sacred society dedicated to Hermes [dep]
hermeri "Hermes; statue?" [g/lb83]
"to be led" [am91]
*hermi- "August" [g/lb83]
classical gloss Ermius [g/lb83]
hermu "Hermes; statue?" [g/lb83]
"having led" [am91]
see Latin herm- "statue of Hermes" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Greek Hermes [dep]
hercle, herxle, herecele "Hercules, He:raklê:s" [az96, g/lb83, mp68: 251]
herclite "one who saws (serra), chains?" [az96]
hercna "dragger" [az96]
hercnas family name [g/lb83 76, mc91: 144]
herma "place" [dep]
herma family name (cognomen) [g/lb83 73]
herma "painful" [az96]
herme "sad, painful" [az96]
hermu "unhappy, afflicted" [az96]
*hermi "August" [pa]
hersine-, hersu "bristling, horrid? [az96]
hescna "complaining" [az96]
hesni "imploration" [az96]
< *hves- [az96]
see Latin querulus "complaining" [az96]
hethari, hetari "acute, sublte, spirited, sparkling" [az96]
hethie, hethu "fine" > "elegant" [az96]
hetrn "to sharpen, provoke" [az96]
hetum "to stir up, persecute, pursue" [az96]
see hiziu [az96]
heun, hevn "to be weak, obtuse, blunt" [az96]
heva "obtuse, blunt" [az96]
hia "to reveal" < "to open" [az96]
hic "this" [bc 199]
of Etruscan origin?
hil, hilxva "colony (people)" [az96]
hilare "propitiation" [az96]
hilarthune, hilarthuna "making happy, (one who) propitiates, makes lucky" [az96]
see Greek hílasma [az96]
himiu "helmet" [az96]
hinth, hintha, hinthu, hinthie, hinthin, hinththin "below, beneath" [g/lb83: 80, mp68]
"infernal, pertaining to the Infers" [pa]
hinthial "ghost, image, soul, shade, apparition" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
hinthin "from below" [g/lb83 87]
hinthiu "underground, infernal" [g/lb83 80]
see Latin inferus "below" [dep]
see Sanskrit adhas "under" [dep]
see Avestan ada "below, under" [dep]
see Gothic undar "below" [dep]
see Tocharian A anc "below" [dep]
see Indo-European *ndheri "below" [dep]
hintha, hanthin "acquired, seized by a vision" [az96]
hinthial "ghost, image, soul, shade, apparition" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mp68]
hinthiu "one who appears, seizes" [az96]
hinththin "to find, appear" [az96]
hinthu "one who seizes, comes to grasp, perceives, grabs?" [az96]
< *hinth-, *henth-, *hanth- "to grab, to find" [az96]
hirsunaie family name [g/lb83 84]
hirumie, herumie, heram "vate" [az96]
hirumina personal name [g/lb83 110]
see Latin Herminius [g/lb83 110]
hister, histriô "to act, actor" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, mp68: 369, rah 59, pb 24-25, gm97, pa]
hisu "acute, fine" [az96]
hiuls "owl" [mp68, az96, pa]
hivu "(pars?) familiaris (divnination liver)" [az96]
horta goddess of agriculture [EM]
huatna "heavy, ponderous" [az96]
hure, hurtu "weight" [az96]
huria "seriousness, weight" [az96]
huriniia "gravity, oppression" [az96]
< *hur-/*har- < *ghwR "weight" [az96]
hucu "reflexive, prudent" [az96]
huevia "life" [mp cit az96: 410]
huini "lady" [az96]
huinthnaia "effeminate (muliebris)" [az96]
< *gwena [az96]
hulu "inclined, propitious" [az96]
hulxnie, hulcnie family name [g/lb83 88, mc91]
hupe- "lying, to lie, lay" [az96]
hupni, hufni "sepulchral environment or place" [mp68, pa]
"sleep" [am91]
hupni-S, hunine-thi "sepulchral environment or place" [mp68]
"sleep" < "situating, lying down" [az96]
hupnina "sepulchral environment or place" [mp68, pa]
"respository" [am91]
"bed, cot, place of rest" [az96]
hursi, hursic "horrid, acrid" [az96]
hus-, huS-, huz- "son, boy, young man, child" [am91, g/lb83, mc91, mp68. vs/amr 189, pa, dep, gzb]
husina, husl "young person" [pa, dep, gzb]
husiur, hus-ur, huSur, huz-ur "youth, children" [am91, g/lb83, mc91, vs/amr 189]
"orphans, wards, sons" [az96]
husl, husili, huslne, husl-S-tS, husine connected to "young" [mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
huzrnatre "youth, young people?" [mp68]
huzmatre "youth" [am91]
see Old English hys "young warrior"; very doubtful [dep]
husi male name [G. Colonna cit. PA]
corresponding to Latin Salvius [G. Colonna cit. PA]
husilitule "hostile (plural)" [az96]
see Latin hostiles "enemy, foreign" [az96]
hus-ilitune "victim" [az96: 16]
husina, huslna "brocca: 'plant shoot', also 'jug, pitcher" [az96]
huslne "to scatter" [az96]
huslnests "scattered" [az96]
husl "instill, inspire, scatter" [az96]
huSrna, huzrna, huSrnana "protector" [az96]
huteri 'to give custody" [az96]
hutie, huzlunia "custodian, protector (fem.)" [az96]
hutila "custodian, protector (fem.)" [az96]
hutni "secrecy, cover" [az96]
huts "cover, ark, sanctuary" [az96]
huzrna "ark, sanctuary, refuge, safe place" [az96]
huznethi "arks" [az96]
see Latin custodes "guardian" [az96]
hustile, hustle "(of) hazelnut, fruit stone" [az96]
huth "four" [ag 1978, mcv]
"four, six?" [pa]
"four?, six?" [mc91, mp68]
"six" [g/lb83, vs/amr 189]
huthith "four" [gm97]
huths one of the 4 Charun daemons [Beekes & van de Meer cit. mcv]
huthz "four times" [mc91]
huthzars "fourteen" [az96, mc91]
"sixteen" [mc91]
see huthte, huthzars, huteri [mp68]
see Kartvelian *otx- "four" [ag 1978]
see Indo-European *ok'tou-, ok'to- "eight" [ag 1978]
< *kut [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Indo-European *kwetwor [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Greek city Hyttenía (latter called Tetrápolis) [mcv 19 May 98]
< *khwet- [az96]
huvith "sense, perception" [az96]
hux "to consider, worry" [az96]


*i relative pronoun [gg 23 Jan 1998, mcv]
*in accusative [gg 23 Jan 1998]
i- , e- deictic [gg 23 Jan 1998]
dative/locative [mcv 9-2-99]
see i-ka, e-ca, i-pa, i-ta, e-ta [gg 23 Jan 1998]
see Indo-European relative and adjective forming suffix *io- [mcv 23 Jan 98]
see Indo-European *-ei, *-i [mcv 9-2-99]
-i suffix used with towns named after families [lrp 57]
-i, -ia feminine suffix [mp68: 395]
-i, -e, -a-i, -e-i comitative or strumental suffixes [pa]
ic, ix "as, how, if, like" [az96, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
see enclitic -c [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
see compound ixnac [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
ix, ixnac "how" [g/lb83: 87; mp68: 400, pa, dep]
ica, ika, eca "this" nominative demonstrative pronoun (emphatic) [am91, az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68, pa, dep]
ica-c "and this" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
ican, ikan, ikam, ecun, ecn, cn, cen accusative demonstrative pronoun (emphatic) [az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
ecs, eclthi "this" (emphatic) [g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
see ca [am91, az96, mc91, g/lb83, mcv, mp68]
see Hittite kas [b/k/ 32 cit. mcv 9 Feb 99]
icana "weight" [az96]
icap, acap "weight" [az96]
icei "to be uncertain" [az96]
icni "oscillation, wavering, indecisive" [az96]
ika-m "by oscillation, waving" [az96]
ikania "oscillation, oscillating, wavering" [az96]
-ie suffix of pertinence or propriety [pa]
iiulathil, iiul "to lament, keen" [az96]
see Latin ululare "to lament, keen" [az96]
il "sun" [lb 90, mp 75]
ilacve, ilucve "on the one hand" [lb 299]
"as well as ?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
"calends?" [mp68, pa]
ilaxe "destined" < "scrolled, rolled, considered" [az96]
see Latin volutus "scroll" [az96]
ilithiia "Ilithya" (goddess) [pa, g/lb83]
see Greek Eileithyia [pa]
ilni "woven, linked" [az96]
ilthcva, ilthcv "weave" > "link" [az96]
ilthcvav "linked, associated (past)" [az96]
< *il- < *vil- "to turn, weave" [az96]
ilu-, ilu-cu, ilucve, ila-cve, elu-, elu-ce, elu-ri "verb of offering or prayer" [g/lb83, mp68, pa]
"to offer" [dep]
ilucu act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
"destined" [az96]
iluu "overturned" [az96]
ima ame "commemorate, commemeration, conclave" [az96]
mi ima ame "I commemorate" [az96, 19 Jul 99]
imit-ve "commemorated (past)" [az96]
imla, ims "at the same time" [az96]
see Latin simul "at the same time" [az96]
in, inc, ininc "it" [g/lb83, cb, v]
relative? pronoun [mp68]
demonstrative and relative pronoun [pa, dep]
"it" [dep]
see an [dep]
see compounds inpa, inpein [mp68]
see Nostratic *'i proximate demonstrative pronoun "this" [ag 79]
in "facing, front, contrary, adverse, hostile" [az96]
< *hNt- [az96]
înarimê "Ischia (place)" [g/lb83]
"Monkey Island" [g/lb83]
< *în- "island?" *arim- "monkey" [g/lb83]
see Latin Pithecusa [g/lb83]
see Greek Pithekoussai "Monkey Island?" [g/lb83]
inc "to tighten, grip, repress" [az96]
< *enk [az96]
-inna suffix used with family names [lrp 57]
inte "adverse, averse, hostile" [az96]
ipa nominative relative & interrogative pronoun[g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
"the same" (masculine) [am91]
ipei "the same" (feminine) [am91]
inpa "which" accusative relative and relative demonstrative pronoun [g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
< *inqua [az96]
inpein "(s)he who, that which" [az96]
also ipa-s, ipa-l, ipe, ipe-i, ipe-ri [g/lb83, mcv 23 Jan 98, mp68]
< in pa? [Beekes, cit. mcv 8 Nov 96]
ipa "if, when" [az96]
relative pronoun [pa, dep]
ipa . . . ama (correlative of time) [az96]
ipas "oscillating, wavering" [az96]
ipase "dondolarsi, oscillare" [az96]
ipe ipa "whoever, whatever" [g/lb83]
ipe, iperi "to reflect, have an opinion, to make vacillate" [az96]
< *ip- [az96]
see *ep- "to vacillate" [az96]
see Hitite apas "this" [dep]
see Lycian ebe "this" [dep]
iqavusva, ethausva "Vesta" [az96]
irce "agitated, moved, upset (past)" [az96]
iria "agitator (fem.)" [az96]
see Latin ira "wrath, anger" [az96]
-is, -ias, -aias genitive singular for -i stem [b/k 32]
iSa genitive enclitic [az96]
-iSla demonstrative enclitic [az96]
isminthians "that which diminishes, brings misery" [az96]
-issa (suffix) [lrp 48]
ister "actor" [g/lb83]
see Latin histriô "actor" [g/lb83]
iSu- "halt" [az96]
iSvane "verifying, being, remaining" [az96]
present participle of iSv- [az96]
iSveitule "events, chance" [az96]
iSvia "events, fortune, luck" [az96]
-it- ending [pa]
ita, eta, ta "this" nominative demonstrative pronoun [am91, g/lb83, mcv]
"istud" [am91, mc91, pa, dep]
itan, itun, etn, tn "this" accusative demonstrative pronoun [mcv, pa]
itanim "this" [lb 299]
see ta "this" [am91, mc91, pa, dep]
see Latin istud "this" [dep]
see Russian eto "this" [dep]
see Greek to "the" [dep]
see Gothic thata "this" [dep]
see Sanskrit tah "this" [dep]
see Indo-European *to- [b/k 32, mcv 9 Feb99]
ital "established, legitimate, firm?" [az96]
itani "statue" [az96]
itesale "foundation, firmament" [az96]
itha "base, seat" [az96]
itiia "foundedness" [az96]
itir "bases" [az96]
itli "base" [az96]
itna < ituna "to found, base" [az96]
< *sed- "seat, base" [az96]
itani-m "and so" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
itrecs "internamento" > "burial" [az96]
itrile "innards" [az96]
itruta "buried" < "interned, enterred (feminine)" [az96]
< *itr- < *Nter "enter, internal" [az96]
*itu- "ides" < "to divide" [az96: 25; g/lb83, pa, dep]
itus "middle" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]
see ituna [mp68]
see Latin gloss ids, itus, ituare [az96: 25; g/lb83]
see Latin ids "ides" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]
itu "cippus (grave marker) base" [az96]
-iu diminutive suffix [pa]
izei "to be, to verify, happen" [az96]


-l < *-la, -al genitive ending [er 21 Jun 99; mcv 22 Jan 98, 9 Feb 99]
oblique genitive + dative suffix used with feminine nouns ending in -i, some nouns (especially personal) ending in -s, -th, -n [mp68: 396]
dative suffix [sag]
see Hittite and Lydian pronominal -l [er 21 Jun 99; mcv 22 Jan 98, 9 Feb 99]
-l plural suffix [mp68: 395]
lacerna "cloak" Latin of Etruscan origin [g/lb83: 60]
lachrimae "tears" Latin of Etruscan origin [EB XXII:647]
lacth "to languish" [az96]
see Latin languere "to be listless" [az96]
lada "woman" Latin of Etruscan origin? [lrp 57]
Ladile Latinized name [az96: 25]
lae "lease?" [az96]
laena Latin of Etruscan origin [g/lb83: 60]
laeti "happiness" [az96]
< laiveti [az96]
see Latin laetitia "happiness" [az96]
*la-i > -le personal dative ("pertinentive") [mcv]
formed by genitive + locative [mcv 23 Jan 98]
laisca "happiness" [az96]
laivisca "lucky tendency" [az96]
lalausa "ciarliero" [az96]
laman "lame, to break" [az96]
< *lam,*lem "to smash, break" [az96]
lamphe, lanphe, laphe "stone, jewel" [az96]
see Latin lapis "stone" [az96]
lamtun name "shiny [az96]
laniena "butcher's stall" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
lanista "trainer of gladiators" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
lanterna "lamp, torch" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
see Gk. lampter [lrp 48]
lanti "piece, part" [az96]
lanxumite "having to do with luck" [am91]
"unit of weight" [az96]
see Greek lákhos, lankhánô, lónkhê [am91]
lapicane "vacillating" [az96]
see Latin labidus "totter, waver" [az96]
lar "political leader"
see Hittite lar "political leader" [js]
epithet of Baal [C. R. Conder. "The Hittites and Their Language" 1898: 124; cit. js]
laran, larun male deity [mp68: 371]
male deity, armed, pursues Celsclan in paintings [g/lb83]
god of war, depicted naked with helmet and spear [EM]
armed, pursues Celsclan in paintings [g/lb83]
"Mars" [mc91: 53]
< "Cutter" [az96]
larn-, larna "marcial, of Mars" [az96]
laru "(one who/which) cuts, smashes" [az96]
larun- demon [mp68: 407]
see Latin Lar "house guardian" [mp68: 371]
see Latin laceratore "mangler" [az96]
larce, laris, larth, larece, larice "Lars (masc. name)" [mc91: 40/96, g/lb83, gm97]
corresponds to Latin Lucius [g/lb83]
"big" > "generous" [az96]
larthi female name [gm97]
larthi, larthi, lartia, larthia "Larthi (female name)" [az96: 25, g/lb83, mc91: 52]
larthuza personal name [g/lb83 84, mc91: 110]
larna < larecena family name
see Latin largus "abundant" [az96]
larezu "pleasure" [az96]
larile "pleasureable" [az96]
laris name "pleasant" [az96]
larix Latin [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
-las/-ls (*-la-si) "double genitive" (used as ablative?) [mcv 23 Jan 98]
lasa "Lasa (nymph-like deity)" [mp68: 371]
female deities; grave guardians associated with Turan; sometimes depicted with wings [EM]
< ? lar- [mp68: 371]
with epithets lasa sitmica, lasa racuneta [g/lb83] "luck, destiny" [az96]
lasa female deities; < ? lar- [mp68: 371]
lath "grant" [az96]
latva Leda" [az96]
"(she who) grants, cedes, wife?" [az96]
latithe, lathite, latini "exhausted" [az96]
lathiumiai "tired, languid" [az96]
latini family name [mc91: 102]
latni family name "(one who/which) cuts, kills, torments" [az96: 25]
laucane "shining" [az96]
lauc-ie, lauxe, lavc-ie, laucis male name [mc91: 96]
corresponding to Latin Lucius [g/lb83 74, 85: 159]
laucina, lucina family name [mc91: 96]
lauc-, luc-, lauxum, lauxume, lavuxume, lauxme, luxum-, lucume, lucumo, "king" [am91, az91, cb, dep, djh 61, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, v]
"prosperous" [az96]
lauxumna-, lauxumne-ti "royal palace" [pa]
"rule?" [mp68]
"of the lucumo, palace" [g/lb83, mp68: 217]
"augurium?" [az96]
lucair- "to reign, to rule (as Lucumô)" [pa, dep, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
lucairce "headed, governed" [am91]
< lauc-ie, lauxe, lavc-ie < *lav- [az96]
see Latin lc?an>re "to shine" [rmcc]
see Latin rex [pa]
see Latin lucumô, lucumon "magistrate, governor, Etruscan king" [cb, djh 61, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, v]
Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
see Roman name Lucius [cb, djh 61, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
see archaic Latin Loucios [g/lb83 74, 85: 159]
see Greek loxómôn, loxoúmôn [mp68: 216]
see Latin ducere "to lead" [dep]
see Breton dougen "to lead" [dep]
see Gothic tiuhan "to draw" [dep]
< ? *tleuk [dep]
laut, lautn, lautun, lavutn, lavtn, lautni "family, gens" [g/lb83, mc91, mp68, EB XXII:801]
"family; freedman" [cb, v]
"family, people, nation" [pa, dep]
lautn-es "of the family, gens" [mc91, mp68]
lautnescle, lautneScle "having to do with the family" [mp68: 397, mc91]
"family members" [az96]
lautneteri, lautneterie, lantneteri "freedman, client" [mp68, pa]
"family servants" [az96]
lautni, lavtni, lautuni, lavtuni, lautuni-S (masc.), lautna, lautnita, lautnitha, lavnita, lautnitha (fem.) "of the family, freed servant, family servant" [am91, az96, mc91, mp68: 395, dep, pa]
< laut, *lav-t [az96, g/lb83 81]
see IE *leudh- [mcv, mp68: 65]
see Indo-European *leudho- [pa]
see Old English lêode [pa]
see German Leute "people" [pa]
see Old English leod "people" [dep]
see Russian ljudi "people" [dep]
see Lithuanian liaudis "people" [dep]
lauxusie personal name [mc91: 95]
lavtun "(pars) familiaris (divinatory liver)" [sic] [az96]
lecetis, lecusta "tormenting" [az96]
leusa, lecusta, lucesta (masc.), luscenia (fem.) "one who torments" [az96]
< *sleg [az96]
lecin "to leave, desist, abandon" [az96]
leciva "game" [az96]
leka "to play?" [az96]
see Latin lûdere "to play" [az96]
lecne "(one who) permits" [az96]
see Latin Licinius [az96]
lei-, lein-, leine "to die" [Pallottino1936: 38, 78: 229, Pfiffig 1969: 293, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
leine, leinie "dead" [am91]
"calm, indolent, inert" [az96]
leinth deity female/youth [g/lb83]
"(one who) diminishes, abates, stops" [az96]
see Latin languere "to be weak, to languish" [dep]
see Middle Irish lacc "weak" [dep]
see Old English sleac "slack" [dep]
see Old Baltic lenu "slow, indolent" [dep]
see Indo-European sle-, le- "to be weak" [dep]
see Nostr. *l/ejh.V "weak, soft" [ag 79]
leinies family name [g/lb83 87, mc91: 75]
leithrm-eri "guiding, conducting" [az96]
leitrum "to guide, conduct" [az96]
lemausna, lemauSna personal name [g/lb83 109, mc91: 67]
"to cleave, cut, hew, Vulcan" [az96]
< *lem/*lam "to break" [az 96]
lemni name [mc91: 56]
lemnitru, lemnite "cleaver" [az96]
Lemonia (tribe) Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
lena "emolliant, lenitive" [az96]
lensu "slow, lazy" [az96]
lentis, letis "slow, one who slows" [az96]
see heplenta, hepleta [az96]
see Latin lentus, lentor "slow, calm" [az96]
lepista "drinking vessel" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
leprnal adjective, unknown meaning [am91]
leprnei "Proserpina" [az96]
les to sacrifice [dep]
lescan "tomb" [am91]
leSce "relaxing (noun)" [az96]
leScu "something granted, grant" [az96]
leSe "footprint" [az96]
leSiia "trace, sign" [az96]
< *lest-ia [az96]
leta "to recover" [az96]
leta, letun terrestrial goddess of pars hostili [mp68: 251]
"Grant, Boon" [az96]
see Latin Latona (mother of Apollo and Diana) [az96]
lete "grant" > "sale" [az96]
lethae, lethai, lethaie personal name [mc91: 95]
"acuteness, subtlely" [az96]
< *leptaie < *leth- < *lept- "fine" [az96: 22]
lethams > lethns deity [mc91: 143, mp68: 251]
"one who sharpens, makes thin, unnerves (infernal deity)" [az96]
< *leptams/*leptamis [az96: 22]
lethe male name (used by the lower class) [mc91: 142]
family name [g/lb85: 166]
lethe masculine "subtle" "fine, expensive" [az96]
"servant" (male) [am91]
lethi, lethia feminine "subtle" "fine, expensive" [az96]
"servant" (female) [am91]
see Latin lepidus, lepida "charming, elegant" [az96]
see Greek leptós, leptê [az96: 22]
lethenei family name [g/lb83 77]
lethiu "scale, sheet (of something)" [az96]
lethn natural deity [mp68: 251]
leu, lev "lion" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
leuna, leuni "lioness" [az96]
see Greek léon "lion" [az96, mcv]
see Latin leo [pa, dep]
lextum type of vase [az96, mcv, g/lb83. dep, pa]
lextumusa, lextum-uza "little vase" [g/lb83, mp68, dep, pa]
see Greek lékuthos, lexythos type of vase [az96, g/lb83, mp68,pa, dep]
lezuqu "traced, written" [az96]
licine- male name [g/lb83 84]
see Roman family Licinius [g/lb83 84]
ligistrum Latin [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
line "to allay?" [az96]
"to take care of" [am91]
see Latin lenire "to soften, smooth" [az96]
lithrá "a scale, measure" Mediterranean root [cw 37, rc 156]
see Latin líbra "a pound, a balance" [cw 37, rc 156]
Greek litra "unit of weight, pound" [cw 37, rc 156]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
litterae "writing" Latin via Etruscan [g/lb83 60]
see Greek dipthera "skin" [g/lb83 60]
lua "stumbling block, dissoluteness" [az96]
luesna, lvesnas "one who makes dissolute, scourge?" [az96]
lua "Lua (goddess)" Latin [az96]
luca "pain" [az96]
see Latin luctus "grief, mourning" [az96]
Luceres (equites century) Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, rah 59]
see luxre < luxere [g/lb85: 54 cit. A. Modigliano]
luci, lauci "bloom" [az96]
ludia "female gladiator, actress" Latin from Etruscan [lb 90, mp 75]
ludio "actor, gladiator" Latin from Etruscan [lb 90, mp 75]
ludus "public games" Latin from Etruscan [lb 90, mp 75]
luice < *lav-le "has rescued?" [az96]
lunaSie "still, quiet" [az96]
luncane, lunci "throwing, lance" [az96]
lup-, lupu, lupu-enas, lupu-ce "dead, to die" [am91, az96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, rab 332, vs/amr 189, lb 90, mp 75, dep, pa]
lupuce "s/he died" [am91, az96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, rab 332, vs/amr 189. pa]
lupvena "corpse" [az96]
see Latin Libitina "goddess of corpses" [lrp 48, 57]
see Finnish loppua "to end; to terminate; to come to an end" [pa]
lur "opening, world" [az96]
lur, lurta, lurt "Ianus, Patulcius" [az96]
luramthi ""holes, opening" [az96]
lurca to break open, smash, crush, loosen?" [az96]
luri "fissure, opening" [az96]
lurmica, lurmic "Ianualis, the one of the opening" [az96]
lursth "in the world (locative)" [az96]
luru "janitor, doorkeeper" [az96]
lusce "lucid?, twilight?" [az96]
luscni "shining" [az96]
lustra "purification by sacrifice?" [az96]
lusxnei "moon" [az96]
losna "Luna" moon goddess [EM]
see Latin luna "moon" [az96]
see Latin lucidus "shining, clear" [az96]
see Latin luscus "lucid, twilight" [az96]
see Latin lûstratio "purification by sacrifice" [az96]
luscesa (masc.) [az96]
luscenia, leusa (fem.) "straziante" [az96]
lut "praise, glory" [az96]
luth (singular), luthti (plural) "fecund" [az96]
luthcva "praise" [az96]
"games?" [am91]
luths "to praise" [az96]
< *lav-t- "prosperity" [az96]
see Latin laus "praise" [az96]
see Latin laudare "to praise, name" [az96]
luthl deity [gzb]
luvcatru "wood cutter" [az96]
lvs "Destroyer, Puncher (god)" [az96]


-m, -um "and" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
copulative enclitic [am91, mp68]
"but" suffixed conjunction [mcv 9-2-99]
see Hittite -ma [mcv 9-2-99]
see Hittite -ma "but, emphatic particle" [dep, mcv]
see Lydian -m "emphatic particle" [dep]
*-m archaic accusative ending [gg 4 Mar 99]
ma "greatness" > "celebration, magnification" [az96]
mac "to magnify" > "immolate" [az96]
macst "magistrate" [az96]
macstre "master" [g/lb83 91]
macstrev, macstrev-c "magistracy" [g/lb83, mp68, dep, pa]
"was (praetor) maximus, magistrate" [az96]
macstrna "Mastarna' Servius Tullius, King of Rome" [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
"(praetor) maximus" [az96]
Mastarna Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
< *mak,*makh,*mek,*mekh "greatness" [az96]
see mex [rmcc]
see Latin magister "master" [g/lb83, mp68, pa]
see Old English magan "to be able" [dep]
see German macht "power" [dep]
macre masculine family name [mc91: 102]
macri feminine family name [mc91: 102]
see Roman family Macer [mc91: 102]
macula "spot" [rc 157]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
made mi recie "cook it for me to the right point" [az96"392]
*magura "height, mountain" [rah 53-54]
*mal- "to look, to see" [ag 78 23-24]
"to give, dedicate" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
malena, malstria "mirror" [az96, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75pa, dep]
masculinena "mirror" [pa, dep]
see Indo-European *mel- 'to show oneself' [ag78: 23-24]
mala "mountain, wilderness" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?
malave "to soften, exhaust" [az96]
malavisx female dressed by servants, bride? [g/lb83]
"softness, effeminacy" [az96]
male "sign, ruins" [az96]
malga "hut," Alpine Romance [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
maluve "mollis, arrendole" [az96]
malva "mallow" Latin [cw 38]
see Greek malakhé, molokhé "mallow" [cw 38]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
mam-, mani-, mar, maru "greatness" [az96]
mama "greatest" [az96]
mamnthi "which celebrate, make great (pl)" [az96]
man "greatness" [az96]
mani-m "greatness, power" [az96]
manince "(to have) magnified" [az96]
manth, manth "to make powerful, great?" [az96]
see mar-, man [az96]
mamarce, mamerce male name [mc91: 112]
"Mamercus, Mars" [g/lb83]
see Oscan Mâmers "Mars" [g/lb83]
man, mani, mani-m, man-th, manim-eri "the dead, spirits of the dead" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
mani "funerary monument" [am91]
mania guardian of the underworld, companion of Mantus [EM]
manin-, minin-ce "to offer to the Manes?" [g/lb83. mp68]
mantus god of the underworld, patron of Mantua [EM]
see Latin manes "the dead, ghosts" [g/lb83. pa, dep]
manixur "those that remain, resist (plural)" [az96]
mantissa "make-weight" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, mp68: 369]
mantrns "Manturna (goddess)" [az96]
manuva, manthva "Mantua (town)" [djh 14, mp68: 205]
manthvate "Mantuan, mantovano" [az96]
mantus god of the underworld, patron of Mantua [EM]
see Latin Mantua [djh 14, mp68: 205]
mar tlusc celestial deity [mp68: 251]
marale "one who shatters, smashes?" [az96]
marca "stimulus, sense" [az96]
marce male name [g/lb83, mc91: 96, mp68: 371, pa]
"goad, sharp" [az96]
marcena, marcna male family name (male) [mc91: 53/96]
based on Marce [mc91: 53/96]
"sign, perception" [az96]
marcias "of the signs, chacters? (oblique), (which) distinguishes?" [az96]
marcnei female family name [mc91: 53]
"sign, perception" [az96]
marcni "one who marks, stresses, perceives" [az96]
see Latin Marcios > Marcius [mc91: 53/96]
see Latin Marcus [g/lb83, mc91: 96, mp68: 371, pa]
mare "greatness, prosperity, omen" [az96]
marni "magesty?" [az96]
marniu "maronate, magistracy" [az96]
maru, mâr, mare, marunu, marunux, marniu "aedile, quaestor, magistracy, official" [az96, EB XXII: 801, g/lb83, mc91: 67, mp68, pa, dep]
maru-, marv-as "to exercise the maronate" [mp68]
see derivative titles: marnu, marniu, marunu, marunux, maruxva, marunuxva, zilath maruxva, zilc marunuxva, marunuxva cepen [az96, mp68]
maru cathsc "priest of Catha" [mp68: 227]
marunux paxanati, maru paxathuras "priest of Bacchus" [mp68: 265]
< *makhar- [az96]
see Lemnian maraz, marazm [mp68: 99]
see Latin marô type of magistrate [mp68, rab 347, pa]
see Umbrian maro, maron- [mp68, rab 347]
maria "brilliant" < "vibrant" [az96]
marmis "brilliant" [az96]
*mar- < *mbRgh [az96]
see Greek Marpessa [az96]
mariS, maris, marisi "Mars" [mp68: 159]
natural deity [mp68: 251]
male deity, appears as baby, youth, bearded man [g/lb83]
"god of change and vicissicitudes" [az96]
epithets mariS musta, mariS turan, mariS halna, mariS husrnana, mariS isminthians [g/lb83]
marras "stone weapons" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?
mart-, marz- "one who marks, stresses, perceives" [az96]
< *mark-t- [az96]
marth "daughter-in-law?" [az96]
martith "character" [az96]
< *marct- [az96]
mas "male" [cw 38, rc 160]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
masan, masn "Masa" a month [g/lb83, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp68, pa, dep]
masan, masn "seer, hierophant" [az96]
masate, masu "greedy, seeker" [az96]
masuripos "anagallide rossa" plant [az96]
masuve "desire" [az96]
mata "favor, benevolence" [az96]
matan "to favor" [az96]
matani "benevolence" [az96]
mathcva "benevolence" [az96]
"full of inebriating drink: [g/lb83 81]
"benevolence" [az96]
matu "to favor" [az96]
matuna "lucky, propicious" [az96]
< *mât- [az96]
mata type of vessel [pa, dep]< P> matam, matan "above, before, earlier" [g/lb83, mp68]
"over, in front of" [pa, dep]
see Greek meta "beside, after" [dep]
see Gothic mith "with" [dep]
math "money, mead" [b/k 32, g/lb83]
mathcva "full of inebriating drink" [g/lb83 81]
"benevolence" [az96]
*mathi "metal?" [ag 79]
see Greek metallon [ag 79]
matulnai family name [g/lb83 86]
matun female name [g/lb83 73]
matunas family name [g/lb83 75]
mavilitule "small, meager" [az96]
Mawort "Mars" [rc 160]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
max, mac, maxs, mach, makh "five" [am91, az96, cb, g/lb83, mc91, mcv, rab 332, vs/amr 189, pa, dep]
see derivatives macra, macnur [mp68]
muvalx, muvalxl-, muvalx-ls "fifty" [az96, jf 141, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp68, pa]
< *max-alx [az96, jf 141, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp68]
see Indo-European "full hand, all fingers" [ag 1978]
see Nostratic *mVgE "much, many, big" [ag 1978]
maxaira "curved saber" of Etruscan origin [see mp68: 328]
mel "to delay, slow down" [az96]
mele "delay" [az96]
melecrapisce "song writer" [az96]
see Greek melógraphos [az96]
meliar, meliacr, melacr, melakre "Meleager" [g/lb85: 152]
"one who delays, goes in circles, remains harsh" [az96]
meluta, melutu family name [mc91: 121, az96]
"bound, fascinated" [az96]
memrun deity "dismemberer" [az96]
men, men-a, men-e, men-u, men-ece, men-axe, men-aS "to give, to make an offering" [mp68]
"to carry out" [am91]
"to have to" [az96]
men ame "to commute, reciprocate" [az96]
mena "to be obliged" [az96]
menaxe "(was) given" [g/lb83 65]
"had made" [mc91]
"(was) obliged" [az96]
menas "being obliged, should (gerund)" [az96]
menatha "due" [az96]
mene "position, office, duty" [az96]
menita "(that which) changes, compensates, remunerates?"
menu, menece "did" [mc91]
corresponds to Greek "èpoíe:sen" [mc91]
"has compensated, exchanged" [az96]
menuci "changeable, mutable, rapid" [az96]
see menica, menitla [mp68]
see Latin munus "position, office, duty" [az96]
see Latin munere "to serve" [az96]
menarva, menerva, meneruva, menrva, menarea, mera "Athena, Minerva" [az96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM, pa]
see Latin Minerva [EM, pa]
menle "Menelaos" [g/lb83]
Mind, Thinking" [az96]
merk- "commerce, trade" [rc 169]
Italic root of Etruscan origin [rc 169]
see Latin merx < merc- "merchandise" [cw 42]
see Latin mercárí, "to trade [cw 42]
see Latin merces, "pay, price, reward" [cw 42]
see Latin Mercurius "Mercury" [cw 42]
merpasn- "brilliant" [az96]
meSna "one who withers, macerates" [az96]
mestle "sepulcher?" [az96]
methlum, methlum-es, methlum-eS, methlum-eri, methlum-th, methlum-t, methlumth "district, territory" [g/lb83 70, mp68]
"nation, people" (institutional term) [pa, dep]
"rural district, god of rural district" [gzb]
"assembly, council" [am91]
"city" [mc91]
"delegation, mission, embassy, legate, messenger, Mercury" [az96]
see mex [dep]
metia "tired, weak, soft, drunk" [az91]
metli family name (fem.) [mc91: 133]
female name [g/lb85: 164]
metru unknown [mc91: 68]
see Greek mé:tro:n [de Simone cit. mc91: 68]
metus, metusnei "Medusa" [g/lb85: 151]
"terror, weak, soft?" [az96]
metvia, metua "Medea" [az96]
"wet, moisture" [az96]
see Latin madida "wet", mador "moisture" [az96]
see Latin metus "fear, awe" [az96]
mevelce "grown thin, small" [az96]
mevntie "scarcity" [az96]
mex "nation" [pa, dep]
"strong, great" [am91, az96]
"lord" [lb 299]
mex, mex-l "people, league, nation" [g/lb83, mp68]
mexl "territory" [g/lb85: 120]
"the greatest" [az96]
mex thuta "res publica" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see methlum "district, territory" [g/lb83, mp68]
see zilath mexl rasnal, zilath mexlum raSneas "praetor of Etruria" [g/lb83, mp68]
mean, meian- "manificence, greatness" [az96]
< *meghi-an-, *megh-an- [az96]
"Nike, Victoria (crowns others with wreath)" [g/lb83]
"Gloria (goddess)" [az96]
< *mak-, makh-, mek, -mekh- [az96]
see Latin maximus [az96]
see Latin pagus "village, district" [dep]
mi, me- "I" 1st.p.pronoun [am91, b/c, b/k, cb, g/lb83, v, mc91, mcv, mp68, pa, dep]
mi-ni, me-ne, mi-na "me" accusative [am91, b/c, b/k, cb, g/lb83, v, mc91, mcv, mp68, pa]
mini "we" [ag 79]
see derivatives mipi, minpi < mini-pi [mc91, mp68]
accusative + preposition? [rmcc]
see Latin enclitic -mini; form of mihi "to me" [pa]
see Latin me "me" [dep]
see Breton me "I" [dep]
see Gothic mik "me" [dep]
see Russian minja "me" [dep]
see Sanskrit mam "me" [dep]
see Greek eme "me" [dep]
see Indo-European *me [gg Mar 99]
see Indo-European *H1me- [mcv 9-2-99]
see Uralic *men [gg Mar 99]
see Nostratic *mi "I" [ag 79]
see Nostratic oblique *mi-nV [ag 79]
miace "(has) emigrated, gone away" [az96]
miel "passage?" [az96]
miles, militis "soldier" Latin from Etruscan [lb 90, lrp 48, mp 75, rah 59]
militia "army" Latin from Etruscan [lb 90, mp 75]
mima, mime "misconstrues, deludes" [az96]
minate "menacing?" [az96]
see Latin minax "threatening projecting" [az96]
mines "one who diminishes, lowers" [az96]
misala place name [mc91: 143]
misc sane "mix well" [az96: 392]
miser, "wretched, unfortunate" Latin [cw 42, rc 171]
of Etruscan origin?
mlac, mlak-a, mlax "vow" [mp68: 413, pa, dep]
mlakas, mlax, mlak-as, mulax "votive gift, offering. anathema" possessive [mp68, pa, dep]
"good to good", "genitive of good", "beautiful to beautiful" "genitive of beautiful"? [gm97]
"funerary offerings" [am91]
mlac-aS, mlak-asi "votive gift, anathema" indirect object [mp68]
mlax-as, mlaci-tha, mlax-ta, mlax-uta "votive gift, anathema" [mp68]
"beautiful, noble" [mc91]
"to please, something pleasant, grace, favor" [az96]
mlace "pleasant" [az96]
"I offered" [am91]
mlacitha "pleasant" [az96]
mlacux young woman abducted by Hercules [g/lb83]
"(one who) pleases, favors" [az96]
"funarary" [am91]
mlakas "(he) has offered" [g/lb83 110]
mlax mlakas "beautiful (male) of a beautiful (female)" [mc91: 114]
"pleasing thing?" [az96]
mlaxta "pleasant, pleasing" [az96]
mlaxuta "pleasing thing" [az96]
mulx "beautiful, nice" [pa, dep]
see mulax, mul- [mp68]
see Latin placo "to appease", placeo "to be pleasing" [az96]
see Latin placitum "agreeable" [az96]
see Latin pulcher "beautiful" [dep]
see Latin fulgo "to shine" [dep]
see Lithuanian blizgu "to shine" [dep]
see Tocharian pälk "to shine" [dep]
see Greek phalos "white" [dep]
see Old Slavic belu "white" [dep]
see Breton melen "yellow" [dep]
< *mblak- [az96]
< *mbhlg [dep]
mlathce "weak, soft" [az96]
mler "bad, evil" [az96]
mleru "wickedness" [az96]
melerpanta "Bellerophon" [az96]
< male-pandus? [az96]
meler > mler "evil, bad"? [az96]
mlithuns "sweet" [az96]
see Italian mela "apple" [az96]
mnehvra "remembered, thinker?" [az96]
mnev "to have remembered" [az96]
*morme, *morph-á "form, beauty, outward appearance" [cw 42, lrp 52]
see Latin forma "form, shape, contour, beauty, outward appearance" [cw 42, lrp 52]
see Greek morphe, merph-, morphé "form" [cw 42, lrp 52]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
muca "to wind, creep" < "spread, widen" [az96]
"cavity, satchel" [am91]
mucum "to fold, conform, adjust" [az96]
muka, muk "flectere?" [az96]
mul-, mul-a, mul-i, mul-u, mul-une, mul-veni, mul-eni-ke, mul vani-ce, mul-ve-ne-ke, mul-vunu-ke, mul-uvani-ce "to offer, dedicate as an ex-voto, anatíthêmi" [am91, cb, g/lb83, mp68, v, pa, dep]
see mulsle [cb, g/lb83, mp68, v]
mula "veneration, honor, importance?" [az96]
mula "mola (sauce)" [az96]
mulax, malak, mlax "votive offering, dedication" [g/lb83]
"recipient for sacrifice" [az96]
mulenike "(he) dedicated (me)" [lb 299]
muleth "veneration, honor, importance? (locative)"
mulirizile, mulu-rizile "offerings as sustenance or compensation" [az96]
mulu "offering" [az96]
"gift, present" [pa]
muluane "grinder, miller" [az96]
mulune "offering, haviong offered" [am91]
"to venerate?" [az96]
muluvan-, muluvene, muluvani, muluvana, muluvanike, mulvanice, etc. "to dedicate, offer" [az96, mp68: 399]
"s/he offered" [pa]
mulveni "devotion" [az96]
mulx, malak, mlax "votive offering, dedicates" [g/lb85: 190]
see mlac-, mlax [rmcc]
< *mbol- [az96]
see Rhaetian muluainike [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Latin mola "salted grain for sacrifice" [az96]
see Latin môles "mass, bulk" [az96]
mulier "woman," [bc 199]
of Etruscan origin?
mun-, muni, muni-s, muni-s-ta-s, muni-cle-th, muni-cle-t, muni ule-th, muni-vle-th, mun-sle, mun-th "place, hypogeal place, tomb" [cw 43, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
munth "adornment, order" [g/lb83, mp68: 369]
"honoring" < "lofty deed" [az96]
munthu "one who polishes" [az96]
munthux, munthx, munthu "female attendant to deities" [g/lb83] "elegance, Munda (allegory)" [az96]
see Latin mundus "women's cosmetics, world" [cw 43, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
calque of Greek kosmos "order, female adornment, world order, universe" [cw 43, g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin monumentum "tomb" [dep]
munam "to think, remember?" [az96]
muna-ta "this place" [g/lb85: 171]
munistas "this place" [lb 299]
municleth, munisuleth "(under) orders (to)" locative plural [az96]
munsle "orders" [az96]
munis, munise "to commend" [az96]
munista "commended, sworn to" [az96]
munis- "to endow, to take charge of" [dep]
munistas "gift" [mcv]
< *munes- [dep]
see Latin munus, muneris < munes- "service, tax, gift" [mcv, dep]
mur-, murce "stay, reside, rest" [g/lb83]
"to delay, remina, stay" [az96]
murila personal name, family name [g/lb83 76, 85: 122]
murina "hesitant" [az96]
murinasie "hesitant, uncertain" [az96]
murs "slow" [az96]
mur- "to settle, stay, remain" [pa, dep]
see murs, murS-S, murS-l [g/lb83]
see Lemnian morinail [mp68: 99]
see Latin mora "delay, hindrance" [g/lb83]
see Latin morari "to remain" [dep]
see Irish maraim "I stay" [dep]
murs, murS, murs-l (plural) "urn, sarcophagus, ossuary" [g/lb83. mp68]
murS, murts "corpse, cadaver" [az96]
murzua "small urns" [mp68: 405]
"corpses, cadavers (dual)" [az96]
murs "urn, sarcophagus" [pa, dep]
< mur-, mur-ce? "to stay, rest" [g/lb83. mp68]
see Nostratic *murV "to smash" [ag 79]
musni "intellectual activity" [az96]
mûsum, "snout, muzzle" Latin [cw 43, rc 173]
of Etruscan origin?
mutana, mutna, mutne, mutnia-thi "sarcophagus" [am91, az96, g/lb83 77, mp68, pa, dep]
mutniathi "sarcophagus (locative)" [g/lb83 76]
see Greek mudáô [am91]
see ancient Egyptian mwt "to die" [pa]
see Aramaic mut "to die", mot "death" [pa]
see Ugaritic mt "to die" [pa]
see Accadic mâtu "he died" [pa]
see Arabic mâta "he died" [pa]
see Nostratic *muda "to finish, to end" [ag 79]
muth "to move" [az96]
mutin "to move" [az96]
mutzi "motion, movement, activity" [az96]
mutince "to raise, stir up" [az96]
see Latin movere "to move, stir, excite, cause" [az96]
mutina "Modena (town)" [g/lbdjh 14]
see Latin Mutina [g/lbdjh 14]
mutu [az96] "trunk, cut" [az96]
*mutu "thyme" [pa, dep]
mutuna family name (male) [mp68: 395]
mutunai family (female) [mp68: 395]
mux "to fold" [az96]
myrtille "myrtle, blueberry" "French" [b/b 126]
pre-Celtic Alps & Apennines [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?


-n accusative (pronomimal) suffix [mcv, mp68: 397]
see Indo-European *-m [mcv 9-2-99, mp68: 397]
-n, -an, -un archaic genitive singular [b/k 32]
-na, -ina, -ena adjectival suffix [mp68: 395]
"the one, that of" [es 18 Jul 99]
suffix of pertinence or propriety [pa]
suffix used with family names [lrp 57]
see Basque -en-a, genitive + definite (suffixed) article [es 18 Jul 99]
nac "as, how, so, because, then, when, why" [az96, g/lb83, lb 299, mcv, mp68, pa, dep]
nace, nax "one who gathers; future, next" [az96]
nacna "next to, last" [az96]
nacnuva, nacnva "propinquity" [az96]
nacnvaia "propinquity, posterity" [az96]
nac-um "and so" [az96]
nae < cnaive "wise, sage, knowledgeable" [az96]
nai "wise, sage (fem.)" [az96]
see Latin conare "to know" [az96]
naiethe "wavering" [az96]
namulth ame "to understand" [az96]
namulthna "(which) grasps, perceives" [az96]
nana "none, no one" [az96]
nane, nanu "one who turns, folds from here to there" [az96]
see Greek plánês [az96]
nanste "waving, swimming" [az96]
see Latin nans [az96]
nap-, nap-ti, nap-er "measure, unit of measurement" [mp68]
naper "measurement of area" [g/lb85: 168, mp68: 405]
measure of length [pa]
"rooms, lair" [mp68]
see Latin napurae "straw ropes used in ceremonies" [mp68]
< *hneghw- [az96]
napa "ulex europaeus" Tuscan of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25]
naplan "libation vase" [az96, pa, dep]
see Greek nablas [mp68]
Latin nablum, nablium type of harp, lyre [mp68]
napti "inclined, favorable" [az96]
narie (masculine), naria (feminine) "slave' [az96]
< *s-ner- "to bind" [az96]
nartale "nooses, snares (plural)" [az96]
nartha "oblige" [az96]
nathna "Salacia" [az96]
"movement" [az96]
natisnusnei "Salacia, Venilia" [az96]
nathum "Fury, eumenide" [g/lb83]
natinusna, natinusnai demon [mp68: 407]
natis "wise, seer" [az96]
naxva "attainment, success" [az96]
-nd- ending [pa]
nefiS, nefts, neftis, neftS, napti, nefS "grandson" [az96, cb, gg 4 Mar 99, g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, rab 347, v, pa, dep]
see Lemnian nafoth, naphoth "nephew, grandson" [dep,, mp68]
see Latin nepos "grandson" [az96, cb, dep, gg 4 Mar 99, g/lb83, mc91, mcv, mp68, rab 347, v]
see Avestan napat "grandson" [dep]
see Sanskrit napat "grandson" [dep]
see Greek nepodes "descendents" [dep]
see Albanese nip "nephew" [dep]
see Old Irish nia "nephew" [dep]
see Lithuanian nepuotis "grandson" [dep]
see Indo-European *nepots [dep]
nemsu "(sacred) grove" [az96]
see Latin nemor- [az96]
nene "nurse, wet-nurse" [g/lb83]
see Spanish nana "babysitter, wet nurse, older female relative" [rmcc]
neqaxu "owed, obligated" [az96]
neri "water" [g/lb83]
neri "validity, vigor" [az96]
nes-, neS-, nes-l, neS-s "dead, defunct" [mp68, pa]
"to die" [dep]
nesithvas "being placed" [az96]
nesl "site" < "position" [az96]
nesl, nesna "to bend down, lower, descend" [az96]
neslthl, neslthl "one who lowers, places" [az96]
nesna "belonging to the dead?" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
< *nestl- "to be situated, lowered" [az96]
nestur "Nestor" [g/lb85: 161]
netei "maid, spinner" [az96]
< *net- "thread, weave, viscera" [az96]
neth natural deity [mp68: 251]
nethsrac, nethSrac "haruspicine" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, dep, pa]
"heartbreak" [az96, dep, pa]
nethun, nethuns "Neptune" [az96, mc91: 150, mp68: 159]
nethuns "Neptune" [gzb, EM]
nethunsl "for Neptune" [gm97]
netsvis, netSvis, nethSvis, netsus "haruspex, haruspices" [az96, djh 14, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68: 265; mc91, mp 75, pa, dep]
see Greek nêdús, tà nêduia "viscera" [mc91: 83]
nevtlane "Neoptólemos" [az96]
"(one who) enjoys" [az96]
nexse "one who matches, agrees upon, is connected" [az96]
< *nek- "to tighten, grip" [az96]
see Latin nexus "tying together, connecting" [rmcc]
-ni accusative suffix of pronouns and demonstratives [source unknown]
nica "to lower, humiliate" [az96]
nicu "one who lowers" [az96]
< hnghw- [az96]
nina "to wave" [az96]
ninie "spinner" [az96]
nithu "(pars) hostilis" (of divinatory liver) [az96]
Nortia "Fortuna of Volsinii" goddess of fate and fortune, of the New Year; patron of Volsini [lb 90, mp 75, EM]
-nt- ending [pa]
-nth suffix of agent [pa]
*-nth active present participle [mcv]
see Indo-European *-nt [mcv]
*nu- "new" [az96]
see nurph "nine" [az96]
see Nostratic *NuEqV "now" [ag 79]
nucrtele "(boxing) fight judge" [az96]
nufre, nufrzna, nurfurznas family name, cognomen [g/lb83 83]
"discoverer, wise" [az96]
< *sneup [az96]
see Latinized Noborsinia [az96: 25]
nula-th "those from city/tribe of Nola" [pa]
numa "sign, notch, coinage" > "number" [az96]
numesie, numisiie, numna, numsi, numisie male name [mc91: 81]
"one who notches, makes signs, numbers" [az96]
see Latin Numerius [mc91: 81]
see Latin numerus [az96]
numclanie family name [g/lb85: 122]
< *num- + clan- "son"? [rmcc]
numni female name [mc91: 99]
numta "sign, mention" [az96]
nun, nuna "inclination, propensity" > "favor" [az96]
nuna "to not disturb" < "to favor" [az96]
nune "to favor" [az96]
nunia "(which) vacillates, inclines" [az96]
< *(h)neu-n- < *hnegw- [az96]
nuna, nuna-r (plural) "offerings" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
adjective referring to sacred qualities/function [mc91: 118]
"to announce" [az96]
nunth, nunth-en, nunth-ena, nunth-en-th, nunth-eri (gerundive) "make, do, making, doing" [mc68: 399]
"to sacrifice, make an offering" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
nunthek "has dedicated" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
nunthena "announcement" [az96]
nurfzi "legation, embassy" [az96]
nurph, nutph "nine" [cb, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa. dep]
nurphzi "nine times" [g/lb83 80, mc91, mp68, pa]
< *nur "new?" [mcv]
see Indo-European "new after eight" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Indo-European *ok'to_(u) "eight" < "twice four" [ag 78, 79, er 99, mcv]
see Indo-European *newn "nine" < *neu- "new" [ag 78/79, er, mcvr]
see Indo-European *nu "new" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Kartvelian *arwa- "eight"; from Semitic [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Nostratic *NüqV "now" + *rph "eight" [ag 78/79, er, mcv]
see Arabic arba' "four" [rmcc]
nurziu, nurtine "fortunate" [az96]
< *s-ner "to spin" [az96]
nuS- "support" [az96]
< nuz- < nust- [az96: 16]
nuste "one who attaches, props, rivets" [az96]
nuzlxne "confirmation" < "riveting" [az96]
< *hnugw- "to strike" [az96] nuthin "to bend (to)" > "to admit, agree upon?" [az96]
nuvasni, nuvathi "wave" [az96] nuvi "novelty, inclination?" [az96]
nuvlaiu "(which) inclines, vacillating" [az96]


paci "collected, quiet" [az96]
see Latin pacatus "peaceful" [az96]
paithunas family name [g/lb83 72, mc91: 101]
pakste, pecse "mane, Pêgasos" [az96]
pala "roundness, rotundity" [mp68: 55, 371]
toponym of Italy and the Alps [mp68: 55, 371]
"mountain slope" (pre-Celtic) [b/b 126]
Tyrrhenian origin?
see Latin palatum "palate" [mp68: 55, 371]
see Ligurian and Sardinian bal- [mp68: 55, 371]
see Etruscan & eastern Alps fal- [mp68: 55, 371]
pala "meadow" Ladin [jr 58]
of Rhaetian origin?
Palla, Palanius, Palinius
> mons palatinus (Roman hill) [lrp 57]
palmithe "Palamêdês" [az96]
"nervous, fright" [az96]
palpe cognomen [az96, [mc91: 99]
"drumming, speckling" [az96]
see Latin Balbus "stammerer" [az96, mc91: 99]
panalaS unknown [g/lb83 110]
paniathe "(piece) of cloth" [az96]
see Latin pannus "garment" [az96]
panza "fold" [az96]
see penta-sila [az96]
papa "grandfather, ancestor, forefather" [az96, g/lb83, pa, dep]
"uncle?" [am91]
papacs, papacS, papals, papals-er "grandson" [mc91, mp68]
< "nourished" [az96]
papals "of the grandfather, grandson" [g/lb83, pa]
see Latin pappus [az96, g/lb83]
see Latin pater "father" [dep]
see English father [dep]
see Sanskrit pitar "father" [dep]
see Armenian hayr "father" [dep]
see Old Irish athir "father" [dep]
see Greek pêter "father" [dep]
papa "one who strikes, beats, shakes" [az96]
papathi, papthiai (plural) "shaking, quaking" [az96]
paphane "beating" [az96]
papui "shaking, groping" [az96]
< *phMph-, *phph- [az96]
papasa name "pacifier, nourisher" [az96]
see Latined Pabasa, Pabassa, Papirius [az96: 25]
papna, papniu "dinner, food, pap" [az96]
see Latin pappa [az96]
papni family name [g/lb83 81]
< papa "grandfather" [g/lb83 81]
paprsina family name [mc91: 146]
par, parnix, parxis term dealing with social or administrative conditions [mp68]
"attribute of a magistracy, with equal rights, peer" [dep, pa]
see magistracies zilc parxis, zilath parxis [mp68]
see Latin par, paris "equal, suitable" [pa, mp68]
par "by, for" [az96]
see Latin per "by, for" [az96]
par "separately" [az96]
parci "federation" [az96]
< *perk- "to tighten" [az96]
parla "type of drinking vessel" [mp68, pa, dep]
see patna, parliu [mp68]
see Latin patera "saucer, shallow dish", patella "dish, plate" [mp68]
parliu, Parilia, Palilia "ancient Latin festival" [az96: 392]
parnix "boy?" [az96]
parti-nipe, partha-napaes "inclinato a distruggere" [az96]
partunu, partunus male family name [g/lb83 16, 85: 145, mc91: 127, gm97]
patacs "(which) pacifies, nourishes" [az96]
patna "type of drinking vessel" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
see Greek patáne [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin patera "saucer, shallow dish", patella "dish, plate" [g/lb83, mp68]
patna, patu "one who raggiunge, colpisce" [az96]
patrucle "Patroclus" [g/lb83]
pava "Tages" [az96]
"boy, young man" [am91]
pavina "blow, attainment" [az96]
paxa "Bacchus, Dionysus" [g/lb83]
paxana "Bacchic" [am91, g/lb83 81, pa]
"paganal, rustic, (song)" [az96]
paxanati "rustic" [az96]
paxathur, paxathuras "Bacchante, maenad, of the rustics" [am91, az96, g/lb83, mp68]
paxie "Bacchic"; family name [g/lb83 81, pa, mc91: 143]
pacusnasie, pacusnaSie, pacuSnasie "Bacchic, Dionysiac" [g/lb83]
"fixation, determination" [az96]
see Latin paganalis "paganale" [az96]
see Latin paganorum, pagorum "rustic, of the pagans, from the countryside" [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
paziathe family name [g/lb83 88]
pazu"kneader, dough, pasta?" [az96]
< *pasta [az96]
see Romance pasta "dough" [rmcc]
pecse "Pegasus" [g/lb83]
peisna "emollient" [az96]
peithia, peithnai "languid, peering in, glancing" [az96]
see Latin paeta "with a slight cast in the eye" [az96]
pelearas ""Disgrace-Bringer?" [az96]
peleis, pelis "Pêleús" [az96]
"bad (cattivo)?" [az96]
pelias "Pelías, commando, destroyer?" [az96]
peltrum Latin [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
pemphetru "temptor" [az96]
pen "vistim" < "stricken" [az96]
penezs "in possession?" [az96]
pentasila, pantasila "Penthesíleia" [az96]
"(who) falls unconcious" [az96]
penthe "incline, accondiscendente" [az96]
penthuna, penthna "cippus, stone" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
"to compensate, pay, expiate" [az96]
penzna "expanse, exposition" [az96]
pepna "cooking" [az96]
see Oscan popina "kitchen"
percena, percna "closely bound, allied" [az96]
peris "passage, footbridge" [az96]
Perperna Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
perpri "examining" [az96]
perpru "examiner" [az96]
< *bhRb- < *gwRgw- [az96]
see Latin probandus "examining" [az96]
see Latin probator "examiner" [az96]
perse, pherse "Perseús" [g/lb83, mc91: 48, g/lb83]
"horrid, bristling" [az96]
< *khwer- [az96]
persie "wand, cane, small stick" [az96]
"poker" [am91]
see Latin persillum [az96]
persna "Perugia (town)"
see Latin Perusia [djh 14, g/lb83 16]
pesna male name [g/lb85: 161]
pesna, pestu "batterer, striker" [az96]
peteci, petic-, petinate, petnace "sought, seeking" [az96]
< *pet- [az96]
see Latin petax, petens "sought, seeking" [az96]
pethna "one who falls, picks up" [az96]
pethun, pethn "Chance (god)" [az96]
petna "chance, event" [az96]
petr- "stone, stony" [az96]
see Greek, Latin petra "stone" [az96]
of non Indo-European origin [cw]
petruni family name [g/lb83: 83, mp68: 371]
see Latin Petronia, Petronius [g/lb83: 83, mp68: 371]
pevax "impulsor, one who beats, stimulates" [az96]
pi, -pi, pul "at, in, for, by, through, with" [g/lb83, mcv 9 Feb 99, mp68]
see epl [mp68]
< *-bhi [az96]
piana "one who sacrifices" [az96]
picas, picas-ri "to offer, sacrifice" [az96, mp68]
see acas [mp68]
pius, "dutiful, devoted, pious" Italic [cw 51, rc 197]
of Etruscan origin?
see Latin piare "to sacrifice, expiate" [az96]
see Latin piator "sacrificer, expiator" [az96]
pila "pillar" [rc 196]
Latin of Etruscan origin?
pinies family name [gm97]
piprtu "one who beats, strikes" [az96]
pisisce "triturator, mince" [az96]
pithe, pethe family name [mc91: 95]
pithe, pitai, pitamn- "rich, solid" [az96]
Piso Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
pitiave preterite verb form [az 19 Jul 99]
plancure "beating" [az96]
see Latin plangere "to beat" [az96]
plaute, plute family name [az96: 23, g/lb83 26]
"implorer, prayer" [az96: 23]
pluti "prayer, request"
plavi "crying, praying" [az96]
< *plauti [az96]
see Latin Plautus "flat-footed" [g/lb83 58; de Simone cit. az96: 23]
see Latin fleo, flevi, plôro [az96]
plikaSnas male name [g/lb83 28]
plumbum "lead" Latin via Etruscan[cw 52, lrp 57, rc 199]
see Greek molubdos, mólibdos, mólibos "lead, heavy" [cw 52, lrp 57, rc 199]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
pômum, "apple" Latin [cw 52]
of Etruscan origin?
poples Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369]
populus, "people" [bm 24, cw 52, rc 200]
Latin noun of Etruscan origin [bm 24, cw 52, rc 200]
Porsenna, Porsina family name [lrp 57]
prastna family name [g/lb85: 159]
preale male spectator at borth of Minerva [g/lb83]
< *bregh, *breg, *brig [az96]
precu "brilliant, vibrant" [az96]
presente, presnte, preSnts male name, cognomen (male) [g/lb83 26/59, mc91: 130]
see Latin Praesentia, Praesens, praesentes, praesentis "ready, present, resolute" [g/lb83 26/59, mc91: 130]
prezu cognomen [g/lb85: 122, mc91: 101]
pricesa "moved, aigitated" [az96]
pritha "blade, saw?" [az96]
priumne "brilliant, sparkling, glittering, Príamos" [az96]
prumathe "Promêtheús" [g/lb83 67]
prumath, prumts, prumath-S, prumste "great-grandson" [am91, g/lb83 89, mp68, pa, dep]
probably a compound, pru-mat- [dep]
see Latin prônepôs "great-grandson" [g/lb83 89, mp68]
see Doric Promâtheús [mc91: 44]
see Breton map "son" [dep]
see Irish mac "son" [dep]
see Gothic magus "boy" [dep]
prute cognomen [az96, mc91]
"bush, stump, log" > "fool?" [az96]
see Latin Brutus "stocky" [mc91: 99]
see Latin frutex "shrub, bush" [az96]
pruthseri "to sprout, grow" [az96]
prux, pruxum, prux-S, pruxs "jug" [g/lb83, mcv, gzb]
pruxum "pitcher, ewer" [dep, pa]
see variant prucuna [mp68]
see Greek próxous, prókhûs type of vessel [g/lb83, mcv, pa, dep]
see Greek prókhûs, [pa, dep]
see Latin broccus, brocca [pa]
pSl "to find, stumble upon?" [az96]
see ipa [am91]
pûbês "pubic hair" Latin [cw 53, rc 201]
"adult, grown-up" [cw 53, rc 201]
see Latin pûber, pûbûs "adult" [cw 53, rc 201]
of Etruscan origin?
puce, pucna "pugnacious, fight, fighter, boxer" [az96]
see Latin pugilus "boxer" [az96]
pufa "to cook" > "to decompose, make rot" [az96]
pui, puia, pulia, puiian, pui-l "woman, wife" [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, mc91, v, pa, dep, gm97]
see Nostr. *Poj/`/V "young" [ag 79]
puil "spouse" [az96]
see Greek òpuíô, opuien "to take as wife" [mc91: 83, dep]
puia ame "spouse (coniux)" [az96]
puina, pvinei ¿? [g/lb85: 89]
pul, epl "until" [g/lb83 87]
pul "at, through" [dep]
see Latin per "through" [dep]
see Sanskrit pari [dep]
see Avestan pairi [dep]
see Greek peri [dep]
see Breton er [dep]
see Lithuanian per [dep]
see Gothic fair- [dep]
pul "beautiful" [az96]
base of pulum? [az96]
pulpai, pulpa "shining, splendid" [az96]
pultuce, pultuxe "Pollux, Poludeúkês" [g/lb83, mc91: 45]
"light-bearing, Lucifer (morning star)" [az96]
pulum "shining, splendid" [az96]
pulumxva "stars, star-count" [g/lb83, ib 90, mcv 8 Nov 96, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
(that which) shines, firmament" [az96]
see pulcher "beautiful" Latin of Etruscan origin [az96. EB XXII:647]
see Latin splendor [rmcc]
pul, pulum "then, and then" [am91]
pulenas family name [g/lb83 70]
pulfna "support, (which) sustains, frame, scaffold" [az96]
< *bhLghw- [az96]
pulthisph youth present at embrace of Turan and Adonis [g/lb83]
pultu "struck, beaten" [az96]
puluctre "(which) articulates" [az96]
pulunza "little door" [am91]
see Greek pulôn [am91]
pumpli family name [mc91: 139]
pumpna < pumpuna family name [mc91:96]
pumpu male name [mc91:96]
pumpu family name [g/lb83 16]
male name [mc91: 91]
"guide, companion" [az96]
punicum port of Caere [mp68: 180]
pupai-, pupara "child, eye?" [az96]
pupie "occular" [az96]
see Latin pupilla "orphan, ward" [az96]
Pupinia tribe; Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
pupli, puplie male name [g/lb83 57, gm97, mc91: 96]
see Latin Publius [g/lb83 57, mc91: 96]
puplina < *pupliena, *pupliana family name [az96, mc91]
"youth, seed, lineage" [az96]
< puplie male name [mc91:96];
see Latin populus "people, town" [az96: 23]
puratum, purapum unknown? [mc91: 146]
pure "progeny, brood" [az96]
purni "shaggy garment, stuffing" [az96]
see Latin burra "shaggy garment, stuffing" [az96]
purth, purt-, pruth, puruthn, purat, puratum, purth-ne, eprthne "magistrate, magistracy, dictator?" [am91, g/lb83, pa, dep]
purth "army" [az96]
epurth-cvua, "relating to the purth" [g/lb83 81, mc91: 78, mp68]
epr-thieva, eprth-nev, eprthnevc "head magistracy" [g/lb83 81, mc91: 78, mp68]
purthvnce, phurthce "to serve as purth" [g/lb83 81, mc91: 78, mp68]
purtsvavcte "in the magistracy" [mc91: 141]
"pertaining to the army?" [az96]
purtSvana, purthsvana, purthSvavcti "head of the army, dictator" [az96, g/lb83 81, mc91: 78, mp68]
see Greek prútaris, prótaris, brútaris "pritane (title of magistrate)" [mc91: 83, mcv, mp68: 227]
see Gothic frauja "lord" [dep]
see Greek protos "first" [dep]
see Indo-European *per-hw "what is before" [dep]
purthce "has procured" [az96: 24]
purthne "(which) prepares, provides" [az96]
puruthn "of grain" [az96]
purze, purzena family name [am91]
see Latinized Porsenna [am91]
see Greek Pursós [am91]
pustmina family name [g/lb83 75, 85: 106]
see Latin Postumio [g/lb83 75, 85: 106]
put-, puth-, puth-s, put-e, putiza "drinking vessel, well, fountain" [am91, dep, pa]
putlum "goblet" [gm97]
putlumza "vasetto" [am91]
putina "small bottle, flask" [az96]
putere, puteres-s [az96]
see Latin poculum "cup, beaker" [gm97]
see Latin potare "to drink" [dep]
see Latin p?pan>tus "a drink", puteus "a well", puteal "fence of a well" [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin puteum "well" [pa]
see Greek potamos "river" [dep]
see Greek potêr "type of drinking vessel, vaso" [mp68]
see Hittite pasi "to drink" [dep]
see Russian pit' "to drink" [dep]
see Breton evan "to drink" [dep]
see Indo-European *pehw- "to drink" [dep]
putace "spoiled, putrid, rotten" [az96]
pute "to think, prune" [az96]
see Latin putare "to think, prune" [az96]
puterescia, puterSia "relating to a messenger?" [az96]
putes "to compensate?" [az96]
putiza "compenso, contracambio" [az96]
puzne, puznu "to (re)pay, compensate? (preterite?)" [az96]
puthce "ordered, announced, communicated, invited, offered" [az96]
puts, puths "to announce, communicate, order, invite, offer" [az96]
putna "efficacy" [az96]
see Latin potentia "power, authority" [az96]
Pyrgi "the Towers" [g/lb83 17]
see Greek Púrgoi "towers" [g/lb83 17]
port city of Cerveteri [g/lb83 17]
calque of turs- "tower, Etruscan"? [rmcc]


phacsneal, facsneal unknown [g/lb85: 91]
phamn, phamu "fame, glory" [az96]
see Latin fama "fame, report, rumor" [az96]
phaun, faun "Phaon (plays lyre; given eternal youth by Aphrodite in Greek myth)" [g/lb83]
phauxania "striking" [az96]
phersipnai "Persephone" [g/lb83]
"Shakes off-Horror" [az96]
phersu "mask, masked character, masked actor" [cb, rah 59, bm 24-25, pb 24-25, nv 73, g/lb83, lrp 51, mc91 67, mp68, dep, pa, gm97]
"bristling" > "satyrical actor" [az96]
see Latin persona, personna "mask, person" [cb, rah 59, bm 24-25, pb 24-25, nv 73, g/lb83, lrp 51, mc91 67, mp68, dep, pa, gm97]
see Gk. prósopon [lrp 49]
phesu "(which) bites, punches" [az96]
phexucu "polished, refined" [az96]
phinuis "phoenix" [g/lb83 67]
see Greek Phoînix "phoenix" [g/lb83 67]
phipece "palpitation" [az96]
phlaviena name [az96]
corresponds to Latin Flavius [de Simone cit. az96: 23]
phokia-si-ale "Phocaean?" Lemnian [mcv 12 Mar 98]
phruriel "desk" [az96]
phulnice, phulnise, pulnice name? [no citation]
phulphsna "Polyxéne" [es 15 Jun 99]
female spectator when Helen flees from Menelaos armed with sword [g/lb83]
"palpitation, tremor" [az96]
phulu "splendor" [az96]
phurthce "has had done, disposed" [az96]
"brought, got" [am91]


-r plural suffix [mp68: 395]
racuneta "approved (feminine)" [az96]
racuse "to approve" [az96]
racvanie "approval" [az96]
racvu, racu, raquvu, racuthu, racventu, racvitu, ravnthu, ravunthu female name [mc91: 98]
"excellent" [az96]
racvu, racu, raquvu , racuthu, racventu, racvitu, ravnthu, ravunthu female name [mc91: 98]
rae "lines, stripes" [az96]
rafi family name [az96: 25]
ramlisia "support, sustain" [az96]
< *rem- [az96]
Ramnes Latin equitês name of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, rah 59]
see Ramnenses "Romans" [A Modigliano cit. g/lb85: 54]
ramnuna name [mc91: 95]
ramutha, ramatha, ramtha, ramta female name [g/lb83, mc91: 41]
ranazu male name [mc91: 67]
"engraver, etcher" > "haruspex" [az96]
rane"engraver, etcher" > "sounding, investigation" [az96]
rapa "engraving, writing" [az96]
rapale "engraving" [az96]
rapalni, raplni "engraver, writer" [az96]
< *ghraph [az96]
rapli [lrp 48]
see Latin rabula "pettifogging advocate" [lrp 48]
rasce male name [g/lb85: 161]
"increaser (of the lineage/race)" [az96]
< *ras-,*res- [az96]
rasnele "for the Etruscans" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
rasna, raSna, rasnea-, rasna-s, rasnea-s, raSne-S, rasna-l, raSnal, raSne "Etruscan, people, popular" [am91, cb, djh 10, v, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
rasnal, rasne "popular" [az96]
"of Etruria" [pa]
rasnea "people, populus" [az96]
< *trusia, Lemnian *trosia [mcv]
see Greek gloss rasénna [cb, djh 10, v, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, mp68]
see Umbrian Turskus "Umbrian" [Pallottino cit. fr]
see Latin tursci, tusci, Tuscania [Pallottino cit. fr, mcv]
< turs, tus- + Latin adj. suffix -cus (*-ko-) [mcv]
etrusci < Etrus- + Latin adjectival suffix -cus < *-ko- [mcv]
See Latin Etrûria < *Etrûsia with intervocalic -s- > -r-[mcv]
suffix -ia is Latin and Greek not necessarily Tyrrhenian [mcv]
*turs-, tursen- ~ *trus- may correspond to rasna < *rasenna
*tu-rasenna- might work but Etruscan is suffixing [mcv]
see Greek Troïa "Troy" [mcv]
< *Trosia, with loss of intervocalic -s- [mcv]
see Greek tursenoi, tyrrhe:n- [iffr, mcv]
< *turse:n- [mcv]
see Egyptian TWRS^3, trS.w, twrwS'.w, twryS'.w, twyrS.w, tursha (band of Aegean Sea Peoples) [mcv, mp68: 95, iffr]
see tarhuntassa, tauros, tarsus, tarquin [iffr]
see Greek túrsis "tower" [g/lb 85: 59]
see Latin turris "tower" [g/lb 85: 59]
name related to Etruscan port of Pyrgi? [rmcc]
< Greek púrgoi "the towers" [rmcc]
rathiu "(registration) number" [az96]
rathlth "engraver" > "haruspex, calculator?" [az96]
ratu "to calculate, evaluate" [az96]
ratum "accurately, according to law" [g/lb83, 85: 191]
"ratio" [az96]
see Latin rite "accurately, according to law" [g/lb83, 85: 191]
see Latin ratio "reckoning, account" [az96]
raufe, rauhe, ruvfe male name [mc91: 50]
"reddish" [az96]
rauthe "excellent?" [az96]
ravna, ravena "Ravenna (town)"
see Latin Rauenna [g/lb83, djh 14]
ravnthu female name [g/lb83]
rax- "prepare" [g/lb83]
"smash (imperative)" [az96]
raxth "prepare" [gzb]
see raxuth, racth, raxth, raczle, racuse [az96]
< *ghwrek "to smash" [az96]
rea "straight" [az96]
rechlu "erect" [az96]
recte "erect (marker)" [az96]
rekasia "(something) straight, in good shape" [az96]
reketi "stable, adjusted, rule" [az96]
rexuva "(two) reestablishers, reulers, directors (Dioscuri)" [az96]
< *rekh-a [az96]
see Latin rectu- "straight" [az96]
rel "trascorso" > "esito?" [az96]
< *rin, *ren- [az96]
remzi "structure, beam" [az96]
remzna "Pontius (name)" [az96]
ren "course, period" [az96]
rena "to punish" [az96]
rena "punishment, vendetta" [az96]
< *rehena [az96]
renine "fleeting, passing, falling into ruin" [az96]
repine "inclination, propitious" [az96]
repsin "to incline, propitiate" [az96]
rescial, recial, resxualc, rescunia deity similar to a Lasa [g/lb83]
< sval "to live"? [g/lb83]
"(deity) who makes grow, develops" [az96]
reusce"happens" [az96]
reuscesc "happened" [az96]
reuxzina "aroma, perfume" [az96]
-ri, -eri concept of obligation or necessity [mp68: 400]
corresponds to Latin gerundive [mp68: 400]
-ri, -eri nominalizer [mp68: 400]
rici- "good condition" [az96]
ril "aged, at the age of" [am91, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
to pass, elapse" [az96]
< *rin-l- [az96]
*srei "to run" [az96]
rinus "event" [az96]
rinuth "which flows, procede, advances" [az96]
rita "connection, weave" [az96]
rithnaita "woven, concatenated" > "series, related things" [az96]
rithna "offering" [mp68: 409]
rivax "(which) decaes, weakens" [az96]
riza "to prop, support" [az96]
-rna ending [pa]
*ror- [b/b 105-06]
Tyrrhenian root?
rosa "rose" Latin [bc 199]
via Etruscan [cw 79]
< *wrod-ya [cw 79]
see Greek rhodon "rose" [cw 79]
< *wrod-o [cw 79]
see Persian gul "rose" [cw 79]
< IE * wrod- [cw 79]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
rua "rumor, voice?" [az96]
ruifre male name [g/lb85: 157]
ruma "Roma (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
"bridge, ford, passage?" [rmcc]
see remzna "Pontius" [rmcc]
rumax, rumate "Roman" [az96, g/lb83, mp68, pa]
rumax "Roman" [pa]
< *remna [lrp 48]
rumi "rumor, fame" [az96]
runxlvis "collected, ammassed?" [az96]
rupsa "(which) smashes, piece?" [az96]
see Latin -rupt- [az96]
rutania "turning" > "fortune" [az96]
rutapis "Rhô:dopis" [g/lb85: 54]
"turning, spinning" [az96]
ruthcva "turbines, ruins" [az96]
"rites?" [am91]
see Latin rotare "to revolve' [az96]
ruthiax "one who ha la mazza, il randello" [az96]
rutia "stick, walking cane" [az96]
see Latin rudis "stick" [az96]
rutile "ornament, (something) splendid" [az96]
rutz, ruz "course" [az96]
ruze "engraving" > "trace" [az96]
see Latin ruta "route, rue" [az96]
ruva "brother" [am91, az96, cb, jpm, v, g/lb83, pa, dep]
see Lydian brafra "brother" [er 21 Jun 99]
ruvfe family name
see Latin Rufii [g/lb83 27]


s represents unvoiced dorsal /s/
S may represent unvoiced affricate /sh/ or apical /S/
-s nominative for males and deities [mp68: 395]
-s , -si, sa; -eis, -S, -Si, -Sa "genitive suffix, adjectival suffix" [mcv, mp68: 351, pa]
oblique genitive and dative suffixes for nouns ending in vowels except feminine -i [mp68: 99]
and majority of nouns ending in consonants [mp68: 99]
< *-si [mcv 9-2-99]
-si personal dative ("pertinentive") [mcv 23 Jan 98]
formed by genitive + locative [mcv 23 Jan 98]
< *si-i [mcv 23 Jan 98]
-sis/-is [mcv 23 Jan 98]
< *-si-si "double genitive" (ablative?) [mcv 23 Jan 98]
see Lemnian -z, -zi, -eiz [mp68: 99]
see Lydian -l [er 21 Jun 99]
see Luwian -assi [mcv 9-2-99]
Indo-European *-os [mcv 9-2-99]
Sa, sa, sa-S, Sa-s "six" [am91, az96, cb, mcv]
"four" [g/lb83, vs/amr 189]
"four or six" [mc91, mp68, pa, dep]
sazil derivative of sa- [mp68]
sam "and four" [mc91]
Sealx, sealxls, sialxls "sixty" []
"forty" [g/lb83]
"forty or sixty" [mc91, pa]
see Lemnian sialxveis, sialxvis "sixty" [, mp68: 99]
see Indo-European *sek's/wek's/uk's "six" [ag 1978]
see Indo-European *Seks, *Sweks < Semitic [mcv 19 May 98]
see Kartvelian *eks^w- "six" [ag 1978]
sac-, Sac-, sac-a, sac-ri "carrying out a sacred act, to consecrate" [g/lb83, mp68, dep, pa]
sacni "priest" [g/lb83 77]
"consecration" [mp68: 263]
Sacni "to cover" [az96]
sacni, sacniu, Sacni-cn, Sacni-tn, Sacni-cla, Sacni-tle, Sacni-cl-eri, Sacni-cS-treS "sacred place, sanctuary, consecrated" [mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
Sacnic "cover" [az96]
Sacnic cilth "sanctuary" [mp68: 263]
Sacnic cith "tegimen apex, pointed hood for fulguriator and haruspex" [az96]
sacnicleri "for the temple" [gm97]
sacnisa, SacniSa, Sacnisa "consecrate, dedicate" [am91, g/lb83, 85: 161, mc91: 135, mp68: 263]
"covered" > "buried" [az96]
sacnitalte, sacnisa, sacniSa "to consecrate" [mp68]
Sacnitle "covers (plural)" [az96]
sacniu, sacniv "(has) covered" [az96]
suc-, Suc-, Suc-i, Suc-ivn, Suc-ri "ritual act" [mp68]
see Latin sacer "sacred, holy" [az96, g/lb83, 85: 161, mc91: 135, mp68: 263, gzb, dep, pa]
see Greek hagios "holy" [dep]
see Oscan sakoro "sacred" [dep]
see Hittite saklai "custom" [dep]
see Indo-European *sak- "to consecrate" [pa]
< *steg-n- [az96]
Saca "point" [az96]
Sacri "to fix, fasten" [az96]
Sacrni "sharp, pointed" [az96]
Sacrtuna "incisor, chisel" [az96]
Sacu, Saxu "acute, wise" [az96]
see Latin sac- [az96]
see Latin sagax "shrewd, acute", sagio, staca [az96]
< *stakh- "point, sharpness" [az96]
Saena, sena "Siena (town)"
see Latin Saena [g/lb83, djh 14]
sal- "make, carry out" [g/lb83]
sal "Sol?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
Sal "king, pontifex" [az96]
Sal mama "pontifex maximus" [az96]
*sala "side of earth, channel" [rah 53-54]
of Tyrrhenian origin?
Sale, Salie, Salvi "star, spendor" [az96]
saliethi "light, illumination" [az96]
Saltuc "shining" [az96]
Salthn "to shine, illuminate" [az96]
sameru "brilliant (clear, solar?)" [az96]
Salk "base" [az96]
Salxei "firm, well founded" [az96]
< *stalk(h)- "base, structure" [az96: 17]
san-, San-, sian-, sian-S, sanS-aS, san-Sl, sian-Sl, san-ulis, san-e "dead, deceased, ancestor" [pa, dep]
santi, Santi, Santi-S-tS "funerary priest" [mp68]
sacerdotal title [pa, dep]
funerary title? [pa]
saniSa, saniSva "dead?" [mc91]
sanisva "blessed?" plural [am91]
< ? san- [dep]
see Breton hen "old" [dep]
see Latin senex "old man" [dep]
see Sanskrit sanas "old" [dep]
see Avestan hano "old" [dep]
see Amenian hyn "old" [dep]
see Lithuanian senas "old" [dep]
see Greek henos "old" [dep]
san "union?" [az96]
saniSa, saniSva "dead?" [mc91]
"joined" [az96]
sanS "linker, joiner, binder" [az96]
< *san/*sen "to join" [az96]
saniu "servo" [az96]
sanSl "votive offering" [g/lb85: 170]
santerna Latin from Etruscan [mp68: 369]
Santi "certainty, stability" [az96]
Santic "(which) sustains, gives a base" [az96]
< *stan-t- "foundation, base" [az96: 17]
sanxuna, sanxuneta (demonstrative) personal name [mc91: 73]
"Sancitore" [az96]
sapu name "stump, trunk" [az96]
< *stap [az96]
see Latinized Sabo [az96: 25]
Sar "ten" [g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep]
genitive Saris [az96, ag 1978, cb, gg 24 Feb 99, er 1 Mar 99]
sarvena "and ten" [mc91]
SarSnau "group of ten, decuria" [g/lb83 80]
*Sarsnax "tenth" [g/lb83 80]
< *Sari "ten" [az96, ag 1978, cb, gg, er]
see Akkadian eSeret, eSret, eSru [az96, ag 1978, cb, gg, er]
see Arabic as"r "ten" [az96, ag 1978, cb, gg 24 Feb 99, er 1 Mar 99]
see Proto-Semitic *3as'r- "ten" [az96, ag 1978, cb, gg, er]
non-Semitic e.g. Akkadian Sa:ru, Sar "3600" [mcv]
Sar "assure, reinforce" [az96]
< *star/*ster [az96]
Sarle "sterilze, neutralize" [az96]
Sarvena "cadaver, remains" [az96]
see zarve [az96]
sat-, Sat, Sath, Sut, Suth (ablaut) "to sit, set, put, establish, to be found, make" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
see sut-, suth-, Sut-, Suth- etc. [g/lb83, mp68]
see English set [dep]
see Latin sedere "to sit" [dep]
see Sanskrit sadayati "he puts" [dep]
see Old Irish atsuidi "to retain) [dep]
see Gothic satjan "to put" [dep]
see Indo-European and Semitic *sed- [Schott 1936 cit. ag 79, mcv]
see Nostratic *SAtV "to sit" [ag 79, mcv 9 Feb 99]
Satr "affliction" [az96]
< sât- [az96]
< *stah-at- "to hit, wound" [az96]
< *stakhat- 'to prick, afflict' [az 29 Mar 99]
satelles "bodyguard" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, nv 73]
Satna "companion, follower" [az96]
Satena "aedile" [az96]
Satene "aedileship" [az96]
saties family name [g/lb83 22]
satir "speak, talk"
see Latin satura "sermon" [lrp 48, 57]
satiria [az96]
< *stat- [az96: 17]
satlnei female name [g/lb85: 145]
Satre, satres "Saturn" [mp68: 159]; "
deity of fate or underworld, pars hostilis/pars postica [g/lb83, mp68: 251]
"(one who) hits, Acute, Sâturnus" [az96]
saturnia town [mp68: 192]
sauturine > suthrine, sutrine "wounder?, archer?, cobbler?" [az96]
Sauxnate "wounder" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
< Saukh- < *stakhuk- 'wound' [az96, 29 Mar 99]
savcne "wounding" > "examiner, haruspex?" [az96]
< *stahu-k- [az96]
see Latin *saucitor "wounder", sagittarius "archer", sûtor "cobbler" [az96]
see Latin saurocter "weapon of bronze or iron" [mp68]
see Latin saucio "wounded", sauciens "wounding" [az96]
Save "sustain, signum, punctum?" [az96]
Savlasie "sustain" [az96]
< *tzaul- < *staul- [az96]
sc-, scu- Scu-, esx-, escu-, sce, Scu-n, Scu-na, Scu-ne, scu-na, scu-nu, scu-n-si, scu-v-se, scv-etu, esx-ath, esx-ath-ce, escu-na "to give, put, make an offering"
derivative sxuinia [mp68]
scanin "to rise, climb" [az96]
see Latin scandere "to rise, climb" [az96]
scara "in inwards" [az96]
scarpe male name [mc91: 100]
see Latin Scarpus [g/lb83 58]
"pointed, harsh, one who incide" [az96]
sceva, skaiva "left-handed, treacherous" [az96]
see Latin scaeva "left-handed, awkward" [az96]
scire, sciria "step?" [az96]
scuna, scunu "observer, inspector" [az96]
scunsi cates "expert observer" [az96]
scuvse "guard with care" [az96]
scuvunu "inspecting" [az96]
scvetu "attentive, well inspected" [az96]
< *scuvetu [az96]
Scune, Scuni "yield, yielding, cession" [g/lb83 83, mp68: 405]
scuxie "oblique, sinister, unlucky" [az96]
Sea- "access, passage" [az96]
< stêgha- [az96]
Sec, sex, Sex "daughter," [am91, az96, EB XXII:801, jf 139, jpm, g/lb83, mc91, mp68: 400, pa, dep, gm97]
Sex-is, Sex-iS "daughter," genitive [az96, EB XXII:801, jf 139, jpm, g/lb83, mc91, mp68: 400, pa, dep, gm97]
see Tocharian B soy "son" [dep]
see Greek huius "son" [dep]
see Irish sutthe "birth" [dep]
< *sukt, sukte "the born one" [dep]
Secan "to sign, mark" [az96]
secu, secune (masc.), secunia (fem.) "sign, (which) signs, marks?" [az96]
Sekanei "to mark, sign" [az96]
< *sikh see zec [az96]
see Latin signare "to mark, sign" [az96]
sece "to follow?" [az96]
see Latin sequens, secundus "following" [az96]
seci "to cut, smash" [az96]
segusius Latin [bm 24-25]
of Rhaetian origin?
seiate, seate, seiante, seante, sente, sentinate family name [mc91: 123]
"colonist" [az96]
sentiunum "colony" [az96: 28]
seka "to fall, founder" [az96]
sel-"to do, to make" [dep]
Sela "order, disposition" [az96]
Selace "he dedicated" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
Seleita "instituted, ordered" [az96]
seleitala "of the goddess?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
Seleta "(cosmic) order [az96]
< *stel [az96]
selcia "vortex" [az96]
selva, selvan, selvans, selvanz "Silvanus" [g/lb83. mc91: 53/74, mp68: 251, EM]
Sem "to arrest" [az96]
< *stembh- [az96]
Semla "(goddess) Simula, Stimula, Semelé" [az96]
< *stegh-em- [az96]
Semna "trace, track (way, passage) [az96]
Semthne, Semtni "semitarius, path" [az96]
semni female name [g/lb83 84]
*semph, semph-S "seven" [am91, g/lb83, jf 141, mp68, pa, dep]
semphalx, semphalx-ls "seventy" [g/lb83, jf 141, mp68, pa]
semphz "seven times" [mc91]
see Indo-European *septm [ag 1978, mcv, az96, gg 24 Feb 99, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
re-formed by analogy with cezp (8) and nurph (9) [ag 1978, mcv]
prob. < Semitic [b/k 32, cb, er, mcv]
see Hurrian Sitta, Sinda "seven" [ag 1978, mcv]
< *Swid- from Semitic [Klimov cit. ag 1978, mcv]
Semu "signer" [az96]
Semuthin "to cleft" [az96]
sene "servant, slave" [az96]
< *sen-/*san- "to bind, unite" [az96]
sentie "Sentinus (god)?" [az96]
"sense" [az96]
Sepana, Sepiasa, Sepie, Seple, Septe, Septle, Sepune, Sep(u)lna, Sepre, Sepu "stump, trunk, support, pole" > "fool"[az96]
< *Sep- < *step- [az96]
see Latin stîpes "log, post" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
Sepu family name [g/lb85: 166]
cognomen [mc91: 125]
Ser "to fix, grasp" [az96]
< *ster [az96]
Serice "stiff, stop" [az96]
Seril "to ruin, make sterile"
Serin "to stiffen" [az96]
Seru "to stiffen, stand, stop" [az96]
< *ster- "rigid" [az96]
Serphua "stump, foundation" [az96]
Sert-, Sertur "star, bright" [az96]
< *stered- [az96, 29 Mar 99]
serui, serue > servus "servant," [lrp 57]
servus "servant, slave" Latin of Etruscan origin [rah 59, rc 214]
ses "seat" [az96]
see Latin sedes "seat, residence, foundation" [az96]
ses "to present, put" [az96]
sescatna "(who) places, plants, holds, down" [az96]
sese "to be absent, lack" [az96]
Setha- "position" [az96]
Sethal "to set up" [az96]
Sethlans "Hephaestus, Vulcan" [cb, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
sethra, Sethra female name [mc91: 52, mp68: 395, pa]
sethre, sethrni, Sethre, Sethrni male name [g/lb83, mc91: 52, mp68: 395, pa]
"(which) hits, afflicts" [az96]
sethum- demon [mp68: 409]
Sethum-ati "well founded" [az96]
Sethums "Messenger (god)" [az96]
see Latin Stator [az96]
Setirune "support, reinforcement" [az96]
< *ste-t-/*sta-t- [az96]
Setu "(which) afflicts?" [az96]
Seu "track, tracker, trace, tracer" [az96]
< *Sekh-, *Sikh < *steigh [az96]
shkrak "spittle," Romansh [jr 69]
of Rhaetian origin?
Si "trace, track, point, sign" [az96]
sianasa "(which) guards, sees" [az96]
sians "seer, observer" [az96]
sianS "father" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
Siiane "investigator, wounder?" [az96]
< *stigh-i-ane [az96]
Sikh- 'to sign; to investigate' [az 29 Mar 99]
silgatana family name [g/lb 85: 46]
Silu "stilus" [az96]
sime satyr
see Greek Sîmos "snub-nosed" [g/lb83]
Sime "Stimulus?" [az96]
Simxla "trace, track, stimulation" [az96]
sin "to permit" [az96]
see Latin sinere "to permit, leave alone" [az96]
sina "depose, grant" [az96]
sinu "colonist" [az96]
Sinu family name
see Latin Sentius [g/lb83 57]
cognomen [mc91: 123]
Sipir "stipulate" [az96]
< *stip- "rigid" [az96]
see Latin stipulari "stipulate" [az96]
Siprisni "one who tramples, rivets" [az96]
siricima unknown [mp68: 391]
Sirona, Dirona "Diana, Shining" [az96]
< *stirona [az96: 15]
sisphe "Sisyphus" [g/lb85: 161]
sith "deposed, conceded (preterite)" [az96]
Sith, Sithum "torpor, deposition, rotting" [az96]
see Latin situs "situated" [az96]
Sitmica "fixer, affixer" [az96]
root of Sethum- [az96]
Sixaciiule "signs, (things) investigated" [az96]
Sixaie "investigation" [az96]
< *stîg- "trace" [az96]
slaithe "(which) beats, hits" [az96]
slapina "fallen, disgraced" [az96]
slapixu "passing away, fallen" [az96]
slela "cistern, basin" [az96]
sleparis "one who slips, slides, stumbles" [az96]
sli "to taste, pour a libation" [az96]
< *sleigh [az96]
see Latin libare "to taste, pour a libation" [az96]
slicaxe "dead" [az96]
"funereal" [am91]


smeltha "tight, narrow" [az96]
sminthe "wretched, diminuitive" [az96]
see Smintheus [rmcc]
smucinthiu "censer, incense burner" [am91]
snaus "turn, course" [az96]
snua "to turn (over)" [az96]
snuiaf "run, turn" [az96]
snute "one who turns (to), runs" [az96]
snutuph "occurance, luck" < "something that comes one's way" [az96]
snanaziulas "connections, plots" [az96]
snenath, Snenath "maid, companion (fem.)" [mp68, pa, dep]
"Parca" [az96]
"spun" > "destiny" [az96]
sneanth turans "Turan's maid" [g/lb83]
snuiaph "ritual driving of the nails, rites?" [g/lb83 56]
"great-er" (-aph = comparative)? [mcv 8 Nov 96]
snuza "result" [az96]
< *snutia "result" [az96]
Sora place name [lrp 57]
spanti, spati, Spanti "plate" [mc91]
"type of dish, vessel" [dep, pa, mcv?]
spanza diminutive of spanti "plate"[gzb]
see Umbrian spanti "type of dish" [mcv?]
see Latin patella "dish, plate" [gzb]
spantu "male family name" [gm97, mc91: 127]
spantui female family name [gm97, mc91: 127]
"spansus" [az96]
spedo, spitu family name [g/lb83 58]
spelana "infringement?" [az96]
see Latin scelus "crime, scoundrel" [az96]
spelthi "to kill" [az96]
spelthuta "truncated, chopped" > "dead" [az96]
speras "hope, prospects" [az96]
see Latin spex, sperare "hope, to hope" [az96]
spet, Spet "to drink" [pa, dep]
spet- spetri "sacred act", "to pour, taste a libation?" [az91]
see Latin bibere "to drink" [dep]
see Sanskrit pibati "to drink" [dep]
see Albanese pi "to drink" [dep]
see Old Irish ibim (I drink) [dep]
see Prussian poieiti "to drink" [dep]
spet- spetri "sacred act", "libare?" [az91]
"to observe" [az96]
spiu "observer, spy" [az96]
< *speh-t- [az96]
see Greek spéndô [mp68]
spirare "to breathe" Latin [rc 229]
of Etruscan origin?
spitu, spitus male name [g/lb83 84]
family name [mc91: 133]
spulare epithet used with Artemis [g/lb85: 157]
spula, spulare "make splendid, honor?" [az96]
spur "remains" [az96]
spur-, Spur-, "city, citizenry" [am91, az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spur-ethi "city, citizenry" locative [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spur-eri, Spur-eri "city, citizenry" indirect object [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
"for towns" [gm97]
Spur-es-treS "city, citizenry" [az96, cb, EB XXII:801, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, v]
spura "community" [mc91]
spural, Spural "of the city, citizenry" [az96, mc91: 63, mp68]
Spurana, spurana, spureni, Spureni "pertaining to the city" [g/lb83 81]
"civic, citizen" [az96, mc91: 63, pa, dep]
"citizenry" [am91]
spura "footprint" [az96]
spure "beaten path" [az96]
spuriaze, spuriazes, Spuriaze "public" [mp68, pa, dep]
"trampled" > "beaten" > "pavement" > "vestibule" [az96]
spurie, Spurie male name [mc91: 96]
spurina family name; famous Etruscan haruspex [az96]
"vestigator" [az96]
< *spuriena [az96]
spuriza "bastard" < "dispreciated" [az96, lrp 48, 57, nv 73]
spurius "son of an unknown father" [az96, lrp 48, 57, nv 73]
see Latin spurcus "impure" [rmcc]
see Latin Spurinna [g/lb 85: 47, 106; lrp 48, mc91:96]
see Latin Spurius [g/lb83]
spur-, Spur "city" [pa. dep]
"village, community" [gzb]
see Sanskrit pur "wall" [dep]
see Greek Spartê "city" [dep]
Lydian see Sparda "city" [dep]
spurina family name; famous Etruscan haruspex [az96]
"vestigator" [az96]
< *spuriena [az96]
spurta "investigated" [az96]
Squlina "Sculina (personal name)" [mc91: 108]
squria "Scuria (female name)" [mc91: 114]
squrie male name [mc91: 114]
sran "to shout" [az96]
sren, Sran "design, ornament, figure" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
srencva, Srencve, Srenxve "decorated, figured, adorned" [mp68, pa, dep]
"incision" > "haruspex" [az96]
Srentve "decorated, adorned" [gzb]
subulo "flute" Latin of Etruscan origin [gm97]
staile "stable, in good condition" [az96]
stas "assistent, supporter" [az96]
steprni "one who tramples" [az96]
stilus "pen" Latin via Etruscan, originally Greek [g/lb 85: 83]
streta "placed, ready" [az96]
streta "exercised, instructed, army?" [az96]
stultnei "Sedilia" [az96]
"(she) of the seat, bench" [az96]
stvi "tiller" > "guide" [az96]
suazu "sodality, brotherhood, way of life?" [az96]
subarra Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
Subura "Etruscan quarter of Rome", [lb 90, mp 75]
see Sybaris (Greek city) [htb]
Suci, Sucic, sucix "piece, part" [az96]
Sucn- "piece, part?" [az96]
Sucri "dividing, cutting" [az96]
Sucu, Sucisna- "(which) smashes, piece?" [az96]
Suxu "part" [az96]
< *stuk [az96]
Sucix firin "pars hostilis (of divinatory liver)" [az96]
sucri "one must declare" [mp68: 413]
sucri thezaric "must be made and immolated" [g/lb85: 171]
sul, sulxva [sing.], sulsle [plural] "watch, observation" [az96]
sulunia "observer (fem.)" [az96]
sun- "dangerous, hurt" [az96]
suplu "flautist" [az: 418, g/lb83, lrp 48, mc91: 67, mp68, rah 59]
"whistler, piper, flautist" [pa, dep]
see Latin sûbulô, sûbina "flautist" (acc. Varro) [az: 418, g/lb83, lrp 48, mc91: 67, mp68, rah 59, gm97]
see Latin sufflare "to blow" [pa]
Supri, supri "amazing" [az96]
see Lat. stupendus "amazing" [az96]
(-ri gerundive morph.) [az 29 Mar 99]
Sure "branch, stake" [az96]
Sure, Suri demon [mp68: 407]
Suri "god of luck, affixer, reinforcer" [az96]
Surisice "assured, affixed" [az96]
< *stôr- < *staur- "reinforce"
see Lat. sûrus "branch, stake", restauro "restore" [az96: 17, 29 Mar 99]
Surina "Orvieto (town)" [djh 14]
Orvierto < Urbs Vetus "old town" [djh 14]
see Latin Surrîna [djh 14]
Surna "(of the) peg, support, rod" [az96]
surnu "peg, stalk, rod" [az96]
see Latin sûrus "branch, stake" [az96]
Surte "luck" [az96]
see Italian sorte "luck" [az96]
Surve "firm" [az96]
Sutana "consolidation, support" [az96]
suth-, Suth-, sut-, St-, Suth-ce, sut-anaS "to stay, place, put"
"support" [az96]
Suti, suthi, Suthi, SuthiS possessive "construction, place, seat, tomb, site, burial" [am91, az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68, pa, dep]
Suthil, Suthina, sutna, Sutna "funerary, of the tomb" [mp68, mc91]
burial object, burial gift" [az96, g/lb83]
"sepulchral, pertaining to the tomb" [pa, dep]
"funerary" [am91]
suthi-th, Suthi-th, suthithi, Suthi-ti locative "construction, place, seat, tomb, burial" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68]
Suthu, suthil, suthuv-r plural "construction, place, seat, tomb, burial" [az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91: 64, mp68]
Suthu "sepulchral" [az96]
Suza "of support, construction" adjective [az96]
< *Suthia "of support, construction" [az96]
see Sat-, sath-, Sath- [g/lb83, mp68]
< *Sut, *Suth < *studh- [az96]
Suth, suth-, sut- "to stay, to place" [dep, pa]
see English sit [dep]
see Lithuanian sedeti "to sit" [dep]
see Breton azezan "to sit" [dep]
see Gothic sitan "to sit" [dep]
see Sanskrit sidati "to sit" [dep]
see Greek hizo "I sit" [dep]
suth "sheep" [az96]
suthce "fermented" [az96]
Suthri "Sutri (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
Suthrina family name based on place name [mp68: 229]
see Latin Sutrium [g/lb83, djh 14]
sutu "bothersome" [az96]
suvlu "scion, boy" > "child?" [az96]
-sva "his, her(s), (ones) own?" [az96]
sve "likewise" [g/lb83 87]
"(ones) own, his, her(s), their(s)" [az96]
svea, svenia "custom, habitual" [az96]
see Italian suo, suoi "his, her(s), their, ones own?" [az96]
sval, sval-as, sval-asi, sval-th-as, saval-, saval-thas, sval-en "to live, alive" [g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, pa, dep]
"alive, sibi?" [az96]
svalas, svalasi "for life" [mp68: 228]
svalce "s/he lived" [g/lb83, lb 90, mc91, mp 75, pa]
svaltha "alive" [mc91]
svel-, Svel-, Svel-eri, Svel-S-treS "to be alive" [mp68]
see Latin valeo "I am well, I am strong" [dep]
see Old Baltic veliji "great"[dep]
see English swell [dep]
see Indo-European swal-, wal- "to be strong, to be big" [dep]
svasi "urged, persuaded" [az96]
see Latin suasit "urged, persuaded" [az96]
Sveama, Suana "Sovana (town)" [g/lb83, djh 14]
see Latin Suana [g/lb83, djh 14]
sveamax "from Sovana" [g/lb85: 161]
svec "voice, proclamation" [az96]
svekuntina "resounding" [az96]
svexnax "invocation?" [az96]
svel "to defer, slow down, delay" [az96]
sveleri "defering, slowing down, delaying (gerund)" [az96]
Svel < *swel "to extinguish, calm" [az96: 17]
sxuinia "observation" [az96]


-t nominative suffix [az96: 27]-
t, -ti, -th, -thi "in" (locative stem) [az96, b/k 32]
locative instrumentive suffix [mp68: 396]
ta, -ta, teis, teiS, tei "this" demonstrative adjective/ pronoun [am91, az96, b/k 32, mc91, mcv, g/lb83, pa, dep]
tn, thn "this" accusative demonstrative adjective/ pronoun [am91, az96, b/k 32, mc91, mcv, g/lb83, pa, dep]
-ta, -tn, -tS, -tla, -tle, -tra, -tre, -treS enclitic determinative article forms [mp68]
see emphatic forms ita, itan, itun, itas, ital, eta, eth, eith, ethl [am91, mp68]
see derived or compound forms etva, etve, eSta, eSt-la, itanim, etanal [mp68]
see Russian eto "this" [dep]
see Greek to "the" [dep]
see Gothic thata "this" [dep]
see Latin istud "this" [dep]
see Sanskrit tah "he" [dep]
see Indo-European *to- [az96, b/k 32, mcv 9-2-99, g/lb83]
see Nostratic *t.aE "this" [ag 79]
tafina "patera" "patera "saucer, shallow dish" [az96]
see thafna [az96]
tages founder of Etruscan divination, born as a prophetic child who sprang from freshly plowed furrow at Tarquinia (Greco-Roman form) [g/lb83]
deity who taught the Etruscans divination and augury; depicted as young man with two snakes as legs [EM]

talape "cane (for good luck?)" > "luck" [az96]
talassio, talassionis "Etruscan wedding-demon. The yell 'Talassio' was raised by the revellers at the moment the bride entered the house of the bride." [rl]
talce "foorprint" [az96]
see Italian tallone "heel" [az96]
*tal'e "young, pubescens" [ag 79]
see Nostratic *t.aEHl'V "young animal" [ag 79]
talitha "cash, counting" [az96]
talmithe "(which) articulates, computes, deciphers" [az96]
tam "to build" [dep]
see Latin domus "house" [dep]
see Russian dom "house" [dep]
see Gothic timrjan "to build" [dep]
see Greek demo "I build" [dep]
tamera "magistracy title" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
tamiathur-, tamiathur-as "body of magistrates"
see tesinth tamiathuras "caretaker of those belonging to the body of tamia-" [mp68]
"steward?" [az96]
see Greek themeres "holy" [dep]
see Hittite dammara "priest" [dep]
tamera, tameru, tamere-s-ca "chamber, tomb, chapel, arc, home" [az96]
tam-eresca "temple building, sanctuary, arc" [az96]
see tam [rmcc]
see tm-ia [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Latin taberna "shop" of Etruscan origin [bm 24-25, g/lb85: 82, nv 73]
see Indo-European *dom- [mcv 8 Nov 96]
tameresca "promoter" [lb 299]
*tamna, *thamna "horse" [mp68, pa, dep]
Greek gloss dámnos [mp68]
see Breton danvad "sheep" [dep]
see Irish damh "ox" [dep]
see Greek dammalis "calf" [dep]
see Gothic gatamjan "to tame" [dep]
tanam, thana, thania, thanna, thannia, thanusa, tanusa, thansius name [az96: 25]
tanasa-, thanasa, tanasa-r, thandsa "actor, character, person in a ritual" [az96, pa, dep]
"having acted as" (intensive perfective participle) [dep]
"lamentations?" [az96]
see thans, thans-ur [mp68]
see Irish deanaim "I do" [dep]
see Armenian dnem "I do" [dep]
tanna "to sentence" [az96]
tanxuil female name [g/lb83 22]
taphu "beaten, vexed" [az96]
taphuSa "touched, beaten" [az96]
taplaS- "to beat" [az96]
tarils "stimulator, exciter" [az96]
tarna family name (male) [g/lb83 73, mc91: 134]
"thorn, sting" [az96]
tarnai family name (female) [mc91: 134]
tarsu, tarsura "terror, terrible" [az96]
t'art'anium, dardanium "Dardani, Trojans" [g/lb85: 171]
tartiria "offering" [mp68: 409]
"investigation, exhamination (of haruspex?)" [az96]
tarxi "perception" [az96]
tarxi name [g/lb83]
tarxi salvi "starwatcher" [az96]
tarxie "grasping" [az96]
tarxna, tarxuna "Tarquinia (town named for family)" [djh 14, lrp 57, mc91]
tarxnalth, tarxn-al-thi "in Tarquinia (named for demiurge Tarxun)" [az96, mc91: 139]
"to Tarquinia" [mc91]
tarxumenai "god of perception, hunting, etc." [az96]
tarxun, tarxunie, tarxunus "Tarchon, Tarquinius (founder of Tarquinii, recorded Tages's prphetic song)" [g/lb83, js]
brother of Tyrsenos [mc91: 82]
tarxun- "(which) perceives, grasps" [az96]
tarxvetena "from Tarquinia" [az96]
< *tarx-na [djh 14, lrp 57. mc91]
< tarc "to observe" [az96]
< *tark-, *tarkh- < "to perceive, grasp, grab" [az96]
see tarc-nei, tarxna, tarxumenaia, tarxvetenas [az96]
see Latinized Tarquiniî (city), Tarquinius (family) [djh 14, lrp 57, mc91, js]
see Luwian & Hittite deity Tarhunda, Tarhunta [mc91: 82]
see Hittite Tarkhun a god of conquest [js]
see Hittite tarh "to conquer" [O. R. Gurney. "The Hittites" 1990: 114; cit. js]
tata, tatan "(deity) splitter" [az96]
tatr "(organ of) land division" [az96]
*taur- [b/b 105-06]
Tyrrhenian root?
*tauru- "hill," [rah 53-54]
tavarSio "tomb" Lemnian [g/lb 85: 69]
tebenna, tèbennos "cloak, forerunner of Roman toga" [djh 60, mp68: 337]
tece "placed" [am91, g/lb83 76]
tec, tece sans "Straight Linker" [az96]
see éthêke [am91]
< *deik [az96]
tecsa "signal, sign" [az96]
tecum, tecvm natual deity [mp68: 251]
"Judge (god)" [az96]
tef, teb "stamp, character" [az96]
< *s-tMbh "to trample" [az96]
teis "Justice (god)" [az96]
teisnica "figurative"
teisniclte "representation" [az96]
< *dheigh or *deik [az96]
teithurna family name [g/lb83 84, mc91: 110]
teitu "tenacious, resistent" [az96]
see Italian tenace "tenacious" [az96]
temamer "to rebuke, assail" [az96]
see thep-, thef-, thuf- [az96]
ten-, ten-u, ten-ve, ten-ine, ten-th-as, ten-th-aS "to perform, exercise (a magistracy)" [am91, mp68, pa, dep]
"to act as" [g/lb83]
tenath, thneth "to hold"
tenthas "holding" [az96]
"having had the function" [am91]
verbal participle based on tenu [mc91: 71]
tenthce "held, applied oneself?" [az96]
tenu, tenve"has served as?" [mp68: 400]
"held (preterite)" [az96]
< *ten- [az96]
see Latin tenere "to hold" [az96]
see Irish deanaim "I do" [dep]
see Armenian dnem "I do" [dep]
teni "to offer" [am91]
tenine "offer" [am91]
"image, representation" [az96]
tenixunce "I offered" [am91]
teraS "at the threshold, limits (locative)?" [az96]
tereSia, teriaSal "Teiresías" [g/lb83 16]
"(that) from beyond, " [az96]
tes-, teS-, tez, tes-am-, teSam-, tes-amsa "to care for, cure" [g/lb83, mp68]
"to cure, to love" [pa, dep]
tesamit-, tezan "attested, documented" [az96]
teSamsa "cured" [am91, mc68: 399]
"having indicated" [az96]
teSiameitale "(were) dedicated, indicated" [az96]
teSiameitale "she favors him?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
teSim "documented, attested" [az96]
teSinth "curator" [mp68, pa, dep]
"(which) indicates, authorizes" [az96]
tesinth "caretaker" [g/lb83]
see thez- [g/lb83, mp68]
see tezan , tesn-, tesn-e, tese-S, tesim, teSami-tn [mp68]
see Latin test- [az96]
teSne "judge" [az96]
teta "grandmother" [g/lb83]
teta "to cover, protect" [az96]
tetals "grandson (maternal)" [az96, g/lb83 74]
< "protected" [az96]
tetatru "protector" [az96]
tetina, tetnie "(which) covers, protects" [az96]
< *teht- [az96]
see Latin -tect- "cover" [g/lb83 74]
tetumina "beaten, hit" [az96]
tevarath "watcher, arbiter?" [pa, dep]
teurath, tevarath "judge, arbiter, observer" [am91, az96, g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
teurs "judge" [az96]
tev, tv-, tva "to show, see" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
"to observe, arbitrate" [az96]
tevcrun "one who watches, judge" [az96]
tevi "observation, judgement" [az96]
see Lemnian tavarsio
see Latin tuor "see" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75]
see Greek thêweia, théas [am91]
see Anatolian tawarna, tawana, tabarna []
tez, tezi "sign" [az96]
tezan unknown [mp68: 406]
tiathasa "having indicated, adapted?" [az96]
ticusna male name [mc91: 123]
ticusnei female name [mc91: 123]
tin, tins, tin-S, tin-Si "day" [b/k 33, cb, g/lb83, v, pa, dep, gzb]
tin, tina, tinia, tiniia, tinis, tins "Jupiter, Zeus, god of daylight" [az96, b/k 33, cb, g/lb83, mc91: 53, mp68, pa, dep, gzb, EM]
tin cilen celestial deity [mp68: 251]
tin thvf celestial deity [mp68: 251]
tinas clenar "Dioscouri" [mp68: 247]
tinascliniiaras "to the sons of Tin/Jupiter (Dioscouri)" [pa]
tiniatule "divinations" [az96]
tineri "divining" [az96]
tins-cvil, tinScvil "gift of Tin (Jupiter)" [mp68]
"divine" [am91, az96]
tinSin "in/on the day" [g/lb83]
see Latin nundinum "nine day span" [dep]
see Old Irish tredenus "three days" [dep]
see Lithuanian diena "day" [dep]
see Old Slavic dini "day" [dep]
see Sanskrit dinam "day" [dep]
see English tin, metal of Jupiter [internet, source unknown]
see Indo-European *di, *din "light" [pa]
see Indo-European *deiw-, *diw-n- , *di-n- [mcv 9-2-99]
tin "to pay, to have make" [am91]
tinake "paid, had make" [am91]
tinthu, tithun "(which) catches fire" [az96]
tinthur "hornet, vespa" [az96]
tipanati associate of Adonis [g/lb83]
tiphile "Díphilos" (Greek) [mc91: 52]
"one who strikes" [az96]
tita female name [az96, mc91: 68, pa]
"good (fem.)" [az96]
tite male name, family name (male) [az96, pa]
"good, happy (masc.)" [az96]
titi "goodness, bounty" [az96]
titia family name (female) [mc91: 102]
Tities Latin equitês name of Etruscan origin [lrp 48, rah 59]
see Latin Titus [g/lb83, mc91: 68, mp68: 233]
titulni, titlni "one who touches lightly, tickles, touch, tickle" [az96]
tiu, tiur, tiv, tivr, tiiur-S, tivr-s "moon, month, Luna (moon goddess)" [am91, az96, cb, jf 139, mcv 9-2-99/8 Nov 96, g/lb83, pa, gzb, dep]
"the bright one" [dep]
tiurunia "Diana, Lucina, Shining" [az96]
tiurunias month name [mp68: 407]
tiusta "brilliant, shining" [az96]
tiv "moon god" [cb]
see Latin dies "day" [dep]
see Germanic Tiw [rmcc]
see Sanskrit dyaus "bright sky, day" [dep]
tlamu "Talamone (city)
see Latin Telamôn [g/lb83, mp68: 192]
tlapu "wary" [az96]
tlenace, tlenaxe "undertaking, task, endurance" [az96, Pfiffig]
tlesna family name (male) [mc91: 102]
"allever" [az96]
tlexe past tense verb, passive voice [mc91: 142]
"sustainer" [az96]
tlnsth natural deity [mp68: 251]
tluscv, thluthu terrestrial deity [mp68: 251]
"Tellumo-Dîs" [az96]
see tell
s "earth, soil" [rmcc]


-th nominative ending [az96: 27]
-th imperative ending [mp68: 399]
-th locative ending [am91]
-th tribal, ethnic suffix [pa]
-tha feminine suffix [mp68: 395]
*-tha "woman" [Stoltenberg 67 cit. ag 79]
tha, thac "silence" [az96: 21]
see Latin tacere "to be silent" [az96: 21]
thaclthi "in silence" [az96: 21]
thafa "accursed?" [az96: 20]
< *thap-, *thaf- < *daph- "to squander, lavish, consume" [az96: 20]
see Greek, Latin dap- "banquet" [az96: 20]
thafna, tafina, thahvna, thapn, thapna, thapn-i, thapne-S-tS "chalice, drinking cup" [mc91: 48. pa]
"pitcher" [gzb]
"saucer, shallow dish" [az96]
"vessel (for offerings)" [g/lb83, mp68]
"profusion" [az96]
thalana, thalna female associated with sex and childbirth [g/lb83]
associated with Tinia [EM]
"Flowering, Flowery" [az96]
see Greek thal- [az96]
tham-, thamce, thamuce "to build, found, put" [g/lb83, gg 4 Mar 99, mp68, pa]
thamce, thamuce, themiasa < tham-, them- "(has) commanded, disposed" [az96]
thamuce cleva made a gift [mcv 8 Nov 96]
thamrie, thamri "oscurato, scavato?" [az96]
thana, thania female name [mc91: 98]
"Fine, Gracious" [az96]
thanaxvil, than-cvil, thanxvil female name [gm97, mc91: 60]
"Tanaquil (gift of Thana)" [mc91: 60]
< Thana + cvil "gift" [g/lb83, mp68]
"Fine, Gracious" [az96]
thanal "finely" > "acutely" [az96]
thanasa, tanasa, tanasa-r "actor, character or person in a ritual or rite" [mp68, cit. az96" 394]
see thans, thans-ur [mp68, cit. az96" 394]
thanr female associated with divine births, e.g. Minerva [g/lb83]
"(goddess) subtlety, scarcity" (alter ego of Ops)" [az96]
thanra "scarcity" [az96]
thans, thansur "pratracted, course" [az96]
< *than- "to pull" > "to make subtle, to lengthen" [az96]
see Latin ten-uo "to hold, maintain", ten-or "course, position" [az96: 21]
thansesca "office" [az96]
thansi, thansina, thansinei "worker" [az96]
thansina family name [g/lb85: 122]
thanu "to make fluid" [az96]
thanurari "to prolong, protract" [az96]
see Latin ten-uo "to hold, maintain", ten-or "course, position" [az96]
thap-, thap-icun, thap-intaS, thap-intaiS "to dedicate, devote" [mp68, pa, dep]
thapicun "to curse, I curse[d]" [az96, mcv 22 Jan 98]
thapinta- "accursed?" [az96]
thapnests "(having) versato" [az96]
thapnza "dish, plate" [az96]
thar "there, thither" [g/lb83 87]
"interiora" [az96]
tharnie family name [g/lb83 25]
tharx "torpid" [az96: 21]
< *dwerg, *dwergw [az96: 21]
see Latin torpidus "torpid" [az96: 21]
-thas, -thaS, -thasa active past participle [mp68: 399]
see Indo-European *-to [mcv 9 Feb 99]
thase "late, tedious" [az96]
thasini "late, fastious, tedious" [az96]
thaur-, thaura, thaure, thaur-uS, thaure "sepulcher, tomb" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
"oppressive action, painful, violation" [az96]
thaurx "sepulchral, funerary" [g/lb83, pa, dep]
see cepen thaurx "funerary priest" [mp68]
"(pars) hostilis (of divinitory liver)" [az96]
thaxseri "to be esteemed" [az96]
thaxsin "to esteem" [az96]
*the- "to put, to place" [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see thezince [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see Indo-European *dha:- [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
see Nostratic *de`V, *dV`V "to put, to place" [Pfiffig cit. ag 79]
thec "to knead" > "to model, adjust" [az96]
< *dheig [az96]
thefarie, thihvarie, thybris "Tiberius" [g/lb83]
see Latin Tiberis, Tifernum "from the Tibur" [az96: 22]
thelu, thul "lasted, stayed" [az96]
< *dwel- [az96]
themiasa "he placed" [lb 299]
"officiated" [am91]
"caring for, caretaker?" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see Greek Thémis [am91]
then "sepulcher" [az96]
thenal, thenus "sepulchral" [az96]
thenax-ice "to have trampled" [az96]
thene "to press, depress, compress" [az96]
thenth "press, depress, compress (imperative)" [az96]
< *then- [az96]
thenthe "brake, impediment" [az96]
thepri, thefri, thefarie"one who presses, tramples, violent" [az96]
< *theph-, *thuph- [az96]
thepza "beaten, pressed" > "buried?" [az96]
< *thepis-tha, *theps-tha [az96]
theSa "bound, fascinated" [az96]
thesan, thesn-s, thesnin, thesan-e "Aurora (goddess), aurora, morning, dawn" [g/lb83, mp68, pa]
"Aurora"; goddess of the dawn, patroness of childbirth [EM]
"dawn god" [cb]
"divination" [az96]
thesanthei "divining, brilliant" [az96]
thesi "illumination" [az96]
thesnin adjectival form [g/lb83, mp68]
"to manifest, divine" [az96]
thesnx "divination" [az96]
thesviti "clear, famous (fem.)" [az96]
thesathei male name [g/lb85: 30]
< *twes < *dyes-/*diwes "light" [az96: 21]
these "Theseus" [g/lb83]
thethis "Thétis" [az96]
"Sweetness, Bounty, Kindness, Goodness" [az96]
thethlumth deity of fate or underworld; pars hostilis/pars postica [mp68: 251]
thethure "(one who ha la) scure?" [az96]
theu "bother, oppression?" [az96]
*thevru, *theuru "bull" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
thevru, thauru "hard, violent" [az96]
thevrumineS, therrumines "Minotaur" (see de Simone II: 95) [g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin dûrus [az96]
see Latin taurus "bull" [pa]
see Greek taûros [pa]
see Aramaic thowrâ "ox" [pa]
see Arabic tawra "bull" [pa]
probably from Semitic [dep]
thez-, tez, thez-i, thez-in, thez-ine, thez, in-ce, thez-eri "to make an offering, sacrifice" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
thezeri "sacrificing, offering" [g/lb83 85]
"to be fulfilled" [mp68: 413]
"interrogating, inquiring, divining?" [az96]
"kill" [gm97]
thezin "to interrogate, inquire, divine?" [az96]
thezi "quaestorship?" [az96]
thezine "interrogating, investigating, divining?" [az96]
thi, ti, thi-i, thi-l "thou?" 2nd person singular pronoun? [gg Mar 99]
-ti, -th, -thi 2s imperative suffixes [gg Mar 99]
"pronoun" [b/k 32 cit. mcv 13 Mar 99, g/lb83, mp68]
see Indo-European *twe [gg Mar 99]
see Uralic *ten [gg Mar 99]
-thi, -ti ending [mcv Apr 99, sag]
see Indo-European *-dhi (locative) [mcv Apr 99, sag]
see e.g. Greek oiko-thi "at home" [mcv Apr 99, sag]
thi, thil oblique)[az96]
this "weave" > "contract, viscera" [az96]
< *dev, *dv "to bind" [az96]
thia "companion, accompany" [az96]
thii "baths" [az96]
thil "solum, suolo, tavolato?" [az96]
thimrae "(which) punishes?" [az96]
thina, tina "vase, ôlla" [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]
"earthen pot, jar, urn" [pa, dep]
thina "to bathe" [az96]
< *dev-, *dv- "to bathe" [az96]
see Latin tina "wine jug" [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]
see Spanish tina "bathtub"
see Greek deînos, dînos [g/lb83/85: 126, mc91: 114]
thix "thick?" [az96]
thlupcva "globe" > "lobe" [az96]
thormena name [az96: 25]
thrama"attendent, orderly" < "one who hastens" [az96]
thrasce "(is) transformed?" [az96]
"I fed" [am91]
see Greek tréphô, tráphô [am91]
thresu "worker, servant" [az96]
thu, thun, tun, thue-S, thun-S, thus-i, thu-t, tun-t "one, single, alone, only" [am91, cb, djh 72, mcv 8 Nov 96, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
see derivatives thunSna, thunxer-, thunxer-S, thunxul-, thunxul-e, thunxul-the, thunxul-l, tunur, thufi, thueS, thuvas [cb, djh 72, mcv, g/lb83, mc91, mp68]
thun-em ce-alx "twenty nine" [g/lb83 79, mc91, gzb]
thun-em zathrum "nineteen" [g/lb83 79]
thunSna "first" [g/lb83 81]
thunur "one at a time" [g/lb83 80]
thunz "once" [g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa]
< *hwoin- [az96]
see thuta "people" < "entire, whole, one?" [rmcc]
see Nostratic 'UXdE, 'UQdE "one, only" [Dolgopol'skij Etimologija 1967) cit. ag 1978]
thucer, thuker, thocero, tocro male name [g/lb85: 58/106, mc91: 96]
"lucky" [az96]
thucerna family name [g/lb85: 58/106]
thucri "to carry" [gm97]
thucte "gathered, found" [az96]
thucte month name [g/lb83]
thucu"chance, mishap" [az96]
thux "to gather, arrive" [az96]
see Latin Thoceronia [g/lb85: 58/106]
thuf "oppressed" [az96]
thufi, tupi "(function of) repression" [az96]
thuflthic "push, blow, beating" [az96]
< thuph-, theph- [az96]
< *themp, *temp, *tep, *tebh, *tembh, *stebh, *stembh [az96]
thufltha, thuflthas, thuflthaS, thupltha "Thufltha (female underworld demon)" [Pfiffig 1969 cit. ag 79, mc91: 48/144]
"consentes, complices" [mp68: 246]
"Pilumnus (god)" [az96]
thueS "their own" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
thui "here, now" [am91, az96, g/lb83 76, mp68, pa]
thuluter "divine pair at Bolsena" [mp68: 247]
thuma "to dispose, judge" [az96]
thumitle "judgements, responses" [az96]
thumsa "judgement" [az96]
thun, thuns, thunt "to protract, prolong" [az96]
thuni "prolongment, protraction" [az96]
thunsna "course, protracted" [az96]
thunx "to sentence, decide" [az96]
thunxer "undestandings, advice, judgements" [az96]
thunxule "sentence" [az96]
thunxulthe "was sentenced, decided" [az96]
see Old Latin tongeo [az96: 21]
thup < tup "to punish" [ag 79]
see Nostratic *t.ubV "deep" [ag 79]
-thur, -thura suffix indicating membership in a group [mp68: 395]
-thuras "family" [g/lb85: 162]
collective suffix [pa]
genitive of group? [rmcc]
thurma "crowd, swarm" [az96]
thurmerna "of a squadron" [az96]
see Latin turmalis "of a squadron" [az96]
thuruni "bath, basin" [az96]
thusatna "spouses" [az96]
thuta "people" [lb 299]
see Latin tot- [lb 299]
see Germanic teuto- [rmcc]
thuta "guardian (female)" [az96]
"priestess" [am91]
thuta "reservedness, prudence" [az96]
thutna "guardian" [az96]
thutuithi "guardian" [az96]
"of the priesthood" [am91]
thuva, thuve "guarded place, cell" [az96]
thue, thuve "protected place" [az96]
thuvas "of this sacred place" [lb 299]
"of his own/private" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
thval "pertaining to the priesthood" [am91]
see Italian tutrice [az96]
thuv- "to erect" [dep]
see Lycian tuve- "to erect, to place" [dep]
thuva "brother" [pa, dep]
thval "base, lintel, doorstep" [az96]
thvarie "door, entrance" [az96]
thvariena "doorkeeper" [az96]
see Latin foris [az96]
thveS "from, to each, everyone" [mp68: 404]
thvt thas celestial deity [mp68: 251]


tmase "building" [az96]
tmia, timia "temple, sacred place" [az96, lb 299, mcv 8 Nov 96, g/lb83, mp68: 407, pa, dep]
"offer, offering" [am91]
"enclosure" [mc91: 73]
tmial "of the temple" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
see tam [dep]
see Greek tmé:dên, tmé:tikós [am91]
see Latin templum "temple" [mp68]
-tnam "and, also (suffix)" [mp68: 400, pa, dep]
"tendency (suffix)" [az96]
see etnam [g/lb83, pa, dep]
emphatic conjunction [mp68: 400]
see Umbrian inumek [mp68: 400]
see Latin item, etiam "also" [mp68: 400]
tnuc "detain, make an obstacle" [az96]
tolonio Etruscan family name [g/lb83 20]
see Latin Tolumnius [g/lb83 20]
-tra "toward" [az96]
see Latin trans "across, beyond" [rmcc]
trav, trau "ratify with an act of faith" [az96]
travzi "worthy of faith, to accreditation" [az96]
-tre "beyond" [az96]
see Italian oltre "beyond" [az96]
treplat-, trepu "architect, builder of houses and wooden structures, carpenter" [az96: 25]
trepuni cognomen "architect, builder" [az96: 25]
< *treb, *trep [az96: 25]
see Latinized Treboni, Trepu, Treponias, Treponias [az96: 25]
-tres "against" < "across" [az96]
trin, trin-th, trin-th-aSa "to invoke, plead, pray, supplicate" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep, gzb]
"to shout" [az96]
trinethi "shouted" [az96]
trinthasa "shouting (past)" [az96]
tritun "Triton" < "Mugghiante" [az96]
triumphus "triumph" Latin via Etruscan [rah 59, EB XXII:647]
see Greek thríambos [pa]
Trossuli Roman equitês century, of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
truia "circle, circus" > "world, orbs, the beyond" [az96]
truia "Troy" [g/lb83]
truials "Trojan" [g/lb83]
*truna, *thruna "power, command, sovereignty, rule, government" [mp68, pa, dep]
see turan "lady" [mp68]
Greek gloss droúna (Hesykhios) [mp68]
see Greek túrannos "tyrant" [mp68]
trut, truth, trut-ana-Sa "sacred act" [mp68, pa, dep]
"libation" [g/lb83]
"to investigate" [az96]
trutnvt frontac, trutvecie "fulguriator" [mp68]
trutnvt frontac "fulgurantes (lightning readers)" [djh 88]
trutnuth, trutnut, trutnvt "priest, oracle, fulguriator" [g/lb83, mp68, pa, dep]
trutvecia "push out, drive out" [az96]
see Latin trûdere, trûsere "push out, drive out" [az96]
tuder "Todi (town)" [g/lb83 26]
tul "to divide, assign" [az96]
act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
< *dvel [az96]
tul, tular, tularu "limit(s), border, lot, boundaries" [am91, ag 79, az96, mc91: 146/150, mcv, mp68, v, g/lb83, pa]
"established" [lb 299]
tul "to divide, share, assign" [az96]
act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
"stone, border" [dep]
"stone" [ag 79, g/lb83]
tulalu "divider" [az96]
tulerase "enclosure?" [az91?]
tupi "stone" [pa]
see Umbrian Tuter "Todi (town)" [mc91: 148]
see Greek thoúle, Latin Thule northernmost land in ancient times [pa]
see Nostratic *tulGa "peak" [Dolgopol'skij 1972 cit. ag 79]
tularia family name [mc91: 148]
tuler, tulera month name [az96]
tumu cognomen [g/lb85: 104]
"beater" [az96]
tunt "to hit, run into" [az96]
tuntle "Tundáreus" [az96]
"one who lights" [az96]
tunur "one at a time" [g/lb83]
tunur "ramparts?" [az96]
tupi "fatigue" [am91]
see Greek túpos, tupê [am91]
see Old Indian tupati [am91]
tur "the robust one" > "bull, ox" [az96]
< *taur- [az96]
tura "robust, solid (fem.)" > "cow, heifer" [az96]
tura, ture "to reinforce, swell, make firm" [az96]
ture "cows" [az96]
< *turai [az96]
see Latin taurus "bull" [az96]
tur-, tur-a, tur-e, tur-i, tur-u, tur-une, "to give, dedicate" [am91, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep]
turan "given" [am91]
turu "donator, giver" [az96]
"dedicated" [mc91]
tur-u-ce, tur-un-ke, tur-i-ce, tur-ce, tiurke "s/he gave (it), given, s/he dedicated" [am91, az96, cb, v, g/lb83, mc91, lb 299, mcv, pa]
tur-une "cession, yielding' [mp68: 405]
"gave" [az96]
turuce "s/he dedicated" [pa]
turza "offer" [pa, dep]
see Latin dare, donum "to give, gift" [lb 90, mp68/75, pa, dep]
see Greek dôron "gift" [pa, dep]
see Russian dat' "to give" [dep]
see Sanskrit danam "gift" [dep]
see Armenian tur "gift" [dep]
see Old Slavic daru "gift" [dep]
tur, tura "incense" [g/lb83 90]
see Latin tûr, tûris "incense" [g/lb83 90]
see Greek thúos [g/lb83 90]
turan "Aphrodite, Venus" [cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
patroness of Vulci [EM]
"lady, mistress" [lb 90, mp 75]
"(godess of) love, worship" [az96]
turanuve, turannuve "lovable, venerable" [az96]
see tur "to give" [Morandi cit. am91]
see Greek túrannos "tyrant" [mc91: 83]
turane "July" [pa, dep]
*traneus "July" Latinized form [pa]
turi "to turn, spin" [az96]
turia "Turô" [az96]
"(goddess of) turning" [az96]
turms, turmS "Hermes, Mercury" [az 96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
guides the dead to the underworld [EM]
"Agitation, Trepidation, Turbulence"
turmuca "trepidating" [az96]
turpsi "turbulent" [az96]
see Latin turba "mob, confusion" [az96]
tursikina (cognomen) "Etruscan" [g/lb85: 104]
turve "upheaval, disturbance" [az96]
turza, turza-i, turza-is "offering" [g/lb83, mp68]
turza "viscera" < "plait, weave" [az96]
tus, tuS, tuS-thi, tuS-ur-thi (plural) "funerary niche, repository" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75, pa, dep]
"joined" [az96]
tusti, tusthi, tusurthi "joined, yoked" [az96]
tuSuvas, tuSthuveS, tusurthir "in the double urn, i.e. married couple" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 75]
tuscana, tuscna "Tuscania (town)" [g/lb83]
see Latin Tuscâna [g/lb83]
see Latin Etrûria < *Etrûs-ia; [g/lb85: 59]
see Latin tuscus < *turs-cos (Latin); [g/lb85: 59]
see Umbrian tuscom < turkum [g/lb85: 59]
see Greek Tyrs-ênoi; [g/lb85: 59]
see Greek tûrsis, [g/lb85: 59]
Latin turris "tower" [g/lb85: 59]
tusiu, tusnu "swollen, jammed, rich, smug, excited" [az96]
< *tew-s [az96]
tusna Turan's swan [g/lb83]
"fullness, lushness" [az96]
tusnitina, tusnutie "Crassianus?" [az96]
tuSnutn, tuSnutnie "glory" [g/lb83 110]
tute male name, family name [mc91: 78/139]
"Picciatore, Tudeús" [az96]
tuthace "(has) obliged" [az96]
tuthina "legate, bound, obliged" [az96]
tuthines tlenaxeis"vow, undertaking" [az96]
tuthiu "(one who) undertakes, devotee" [az96]
tutin "to vow, promise, be obligated" [az96]
tutu, tut "endeavor, promise" [az96]
tuthi, tuti- "community, state" [mp68, pa, dep]
tutin, tutim, tuthun, tuthiu, tuthin, tuthina-, tuthineS, tudhina-"of the state, public" [mp68, g/lb83, pa, dep]
see Umbrian tota [g/lb83 91, mp68]
see Oscan tota [dep]
see Indo-European *teutâ "people, nation, land" [pa]
tutna family name [g/lb85: 104]
personal name [mc91: 102]
"striker, beater" [az96]
tutulus article of feminine attire [js]
tuxlac "continued, protracted" [az96]
tuxulxa demon with vulture's beak, donkey's ears and writhing snakes [g/lb83]
demoness of the underworld [EM]
tva "shows" [g/lb83 77]
tvami "Darkness (god)" [az96]
tvnth, tvnthle, tuntle "one who lights?" [az96]


-u (suffix used with family names) [lrp 57]
> -o in Latin names of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
ucerne "ponderazione?" [az96]
ucnt- "union" [az96]
ufli, uple, upli "bad, evil, hosility" [az96]
uftavi family name [g/lb85: 161]
see Latin Octavia [g/lb85: 108]
uhte "increase" [az96]
see Latin auctus [az96]
ulthe velna name "Wound-healer?" [az96]
ulthes family name [g/lb85: 161]
see Latin Voltius [g/lb85: 161]
ultimni family name (female) [mc91: 102]
ultna "powerful, strong" [az96]
< *wolt- [az96]
-um enclitic conjunction [am91]
umaile Homer" [az96]
"plot weaver" [az96]
umene "one who weaves, pledges" [az96]
umu "pledge" [az96]
umuce "pledged, secured" [az96]
umrane "Umbrian" [az96]
un "complied?" [mp68: 413]
un, une, unum, unuth "to grant" [az96]
una "benevolence, grant" [az96]
une "reward, recompense, thanks" [am91]
unxva "favor, grant" [az96]
unata "favorite" [az96]
uneitha "satisfaction, pleasure" [az96]
un "for you" [gm97]
-un, -n 1st person singular ending? [mcv 22 Jan 98]
see Hittite 1st person singular preterite -un [mcv 22 Jan 98]
uni, unei "Juno" [az96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
mother of Hercle [EM]
patroness of Perugia [EM]
uni mae celestial deity [mp68: 251]
unialastres "to Uni-Astre" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
< *uni-al astre-s "of Uni, of Ishtar?" [rmcc]
unias "to Uni" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
uniiathi, unialthi "in Juno's temple" [az96]
see un "to grant" [az96]
see Latin Juno [az96, cb, djh 95, g/lb83, mc91: 53, EM]
upelsi "weapon point, a spit" [az96]
uphale "javelin, a spit" [az96]
-uph "facing, against, on account of" [az96]
see Latin ob "facing, against, on account of" [az96]
uprium "Hyperiôn" [az96]
see Latin supernus "upper, high ground" [az96]
urfa "weave" [az96]
Urgulania wife of Claudius, Latinized name [g/lb 85: 48]
uria "upsetter, confuser (feminine)" [az96]
urinate Urinate (ethnic group)" [az96]
"burning" [az96]
urphe "Orpheus" [g/lb83]
see Latin verbum "word" [az96]
ursmini "speech, (one who) speaks, order" [az96]
ursminei "Locutia, Juno" [az96]
ursumna "spoken" [az96]
urste "(who) narrates, discusses" [az96]
see Latin orsa, orsus "undertaking, speech" [az96]
urthanike "(to have) ordered, disposed?" [az96]
uru, ur "to turn over, drink a libation?" [az96]
uruthse "Orestes" [g/lb83]
urx "to be repentent" [az96]
< *werk "to tighten" [az96]
urxn "to be anguished" [az96]
-usstem genitive singular for -u [b/k 32]
useti "draw (water)" [g/lb83 85]
uSeti "seer, soothsayer" [az96]
< *audh- [az96]
uSi, uSie "to hear" > "to understand, obey" [az96]
uSiSa "understood, obeyed, heard" [az96]
see Latin audere "to hear" [az96]
see Latin ausum "understood, obeyed, heard" [az96]
usil, usele, usil-s male name [mc91: 109, dep, pa]
"sun, sun god" [az96]
"sun, Aurora" [am91]
usil "to illuminate, inspire" [az96]
uslane "at noon" [g/lb83]
"illuminating" [az96]
usli "illumination, divination" [az96]
see Latin Aurêlius [g/lb83]
see Sabine ausel- [mp68]
see Gothic sawil "sun" [dep]
see Latin sol "sun" [dep]
see Greek helios "sun" [dep]
see Sanskrit suryah "sun" [dep]
see Breton heol "sun" [dep]
see Indo-European *saHwel- "sun" [mcv 9-2-99]
see Indo-European *sewel "sun" [dep]
ut "to determine, cleft" [az96]
ut, uth-, ut-a, ut-us, ut-uSe, ut-in-ce, uth-ari "to give" [mp68, pa, dep]
"carry out, perform" [g/lb83]
utu- act associated with religion [mp68: 409]
see Latin uti "to use" [bc 199]
see Oscan uittiuf "to use" [bc 199]
utacle "prosperous, lucky" [az96]
utauni "(who) grants, favors" [az96]
uthu "lucky, rich?" [az96]
uthste, uthusthe, uthuze, utusthe "Ulysses, Odysseus" [az96, g/lb83]
"separated, separator, distancer" [az96]
uthur "celibate" [az96]
uthuthu "separate, far" [az96]
uthuthunatale "separate, distanced (plural)" [az96]
utuse "to separate" [az96]
utince "fixed destiny" [az96]
uvie, uvilane "nailed, ungulate" [az96]
uxsie personal name [g/lb83 111]
uxulni personal name [g/lb83 112]
uxumsna "one who yokes, binds" [az96]
see Latin iugum "yoke" [az96]
uzr "robbed, widowed" > "celibate" [az96]
uzarale "bereaved" > "heirs?" [az96]
see Latin viduus "robbed, widowed" [az96]


-v-, -ve perfective suffix [az 17 Jun 99; pa]
from Italic? [az 17 Jun 99; pa]
vacal, vacil, vacl "libation" [g/lb83 56, pa, dep]
"offering?" [mcv 8 Nov 96, mp68: 409]
"augur" [az96]
vaxr "sacred acts, offerings, libations?" (plural) [mp68]
see Sanskrit ohati "to announce" [dep]
see Avestan aog "to say" [dep]
see Latin voveo "to dedicate" [dep]
see Greek eukhomai "to vow" [dep]
see Indo-European *wegwh, *egwh [dep]
vacerra "post, log" Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
vaci "to weight, evaluate" [az96]
vahruni, vahru > varuni, vari "(which) agitates, moves, changes" [az96]
vainias "to waver" [az96]
vainie "wavering" [az96]
vaisera, veizna, veiza "wavering, lame" [az96]
< *wakw-, *wekw- "to move, oscillate" [az96]
vacilia "prophecy" [az96]
vale "to be strong, worthy" [az96]
see Latin valere "to be strong, worthy" [az96]
vanth "demoness or fury associated with Xarun" [am91, g/lb83, EM]
"Parca" [az96]
"one who turns" > "spin" [az96]
see Greek wánax [am91]
vanva "empty, groundless, vane" [az96]
see Latin vanus "empty, groundless, vane" [az96]
vapeisnisa "wavering" [az96]
var, varna "crooked, different, blemish, spotted skin, fur" [az96]
vari "changing, marked, spotted, stained" [az96]
see Latin varius "changing, marked, spotted, stained" [az96]
see Latin varus "crooked, different" [az96]
varati family name [g/lb83 22]
Varro Latin name of Etruscan origin [lrp 57]
varxti "penitent, anguishing" [az96]
vas "drinking vessel?" [az96]
see Latin vâs "utensil" [az96]
vatiexe "pledged" [az96]
"dedicated" [lb 299]
"have been dedicated" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
vatimi "pledge" [az96]
see Latin vadim?pan>nium "security, pledge" [az96]
vatlu, vatluna, vetalu, vetluna "Vetulo, Vetulonia (town)" [g/lb83, az96]
< "ford, ferry crossing, ferryman" [az96]
see Latin vadum "shallow ford" [az96]
see Latin Vetulônia [g/lb83]
vaxa "grown, augmented" [az96]
vaxstls "augmentor (god)" [az96]
vaxr "mutually" [az96]
vecene "conquering?" [az96]
see Latin vicere "to conquer" [az96]
vecu "alternate manner" [az96]
< *wekw-/*wakw- [az96]
vecu, vecui, vecunia nymph [g/lb83]
goddess of lightning [az96]
see Latin Vegoia nymph who taught Tarchun how to interpret lightning [az96: 418]
vecuvia "(which) moves, shakes, shiones, changes" [az96]
Vedi Latinized name [az96: 25]
vei, vea domestic god [az96]
veiane "villager" [az96]
< *weikia [az96]
see Latin vîcus "village, street" [az96]
veic "Vulci (town)" [djh 14]
Veii, Veia, Veio "Veia (town named after family)" [djh 14, lrp 57]
see Latin Veiî [djh 14, lrp 57]
veiove, veive god of revenge [EM, gzb]
veis "vicissitudine, result?" [az96]
veitha "careful, fair" < "vacillating" [az96]
veitha, veive "wavering, alternate manner" [az96]
vel male name [g/lb83, mc91: 52, mp68: 229, gm97, pa]
corresponds to Latin Quintus [gm97]
corresponding to Latin Caius [gzb, pa]
velus, veluis, veluSa, velusla male name, genitive form [mc91: 60]
velusi male name, dative form [mc91: 59/134]
vel, velni, velie derivative forms [lrp 57]
Velenius, Vellenius, Velianus Latinized form [lrp 57]
mons velius Roman hill [lrp 57]
velianas, veliiunas family name [g/lb83 53]
vela female name [mc91: 52]
velna family name [mp68: 229]
velathri "round, turning" [az96]
velethia, veletha, velithana, velisina "express, rotation, roundness" [az96]
see Latin volvendus "turning" [az96]
velathri, velauri "Volterra (town)" [az96, djh 14, g/lb83, pa]
see Latin Volaterrae [az96, djh 14, g/lb83]
velelia female name [g/lb85 30]
veles, velitis Latin of Etruscan origin [lrp 48. mp68: 369]
velimna family name, masculine [mc91: 121, gm97]
"caner, thrasher, fuller, presser" [az96]
velimnei family name, feminine [mc91: 52]
velu "cudgel, cylindrical rod" [az96]
velvae "caner, thrasher, one who has a cudgel" [az96]
velscu, velsi "roll, cudgel, round cane" > "dumb, stupid" [az96]
see Latin name Velina [lrp 57]
see Latin Volumnius [g/lb83 57]
velna, velnthe "wounder" [az96]
velsina "Bolsena (town)" [djh 14]
velsna "Volsinii (town)" [g/lb83 27]
maybe modern Orvieto [g/lb83 27]
Orvieto < Latin urbs vetus [g/lb83 27]
velsnathi "to Volsinii" [mc91]
veltha, veltune chthonian changing god, later supreme god; patron of Volsini and Etruscan federation [mp68: 243, EM]
veltha "bravery, power, validity" [az96]
velthane "Velthana" family (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
velthine cilth "chief at the top" [az96]
velthinei "chief" < "dominant" [az96]
velthite "valid, powerful" [az96]
velthre "efficient, valid"
veltune "Valens, Princeps" (deity) [az96]
velthie male name [mc91]
velthina, velthiena family name [mc91: 119, mp68: 265]
velthinasthuraS "member of Velthina family" [mp68: 265]
velthur male name [g/lb83 16, mc91]
"valid, robust" [az96]
velthurna, velthuriae family name [g/lb83 81, mc91]
(plural) "valid, robust" [az96: 25]
veltruta "firm, healed, cured" [az96]
see Latinized Voltumna [mp68: 243, EM]
see Latin valens [az96]
see Latin Vertumnus [mp68: 243, EM]
velusina "movement?" [az96]
velx "Mars" [az96]
velx, velcal, velcl "Vulci (town)" [g/lb83]
velclthi "of Vulci" [mc91: 143]
velxa family name [lrp 57, mc91]
velxan "Vulcan" [mp68: 159]
velxana family name [mc91: 72]
velxe male name [lrp 57, mc91]
"warrior" [az96]
velxite "from Vulci" [mc91: 143]
*velxitne, *velcitna, *velitna, velicitna "March" [az96, pa, dep]
< *velx-, *velc- < *wLkw "to lacerate, tear from, wolf, war" [az96]
see Rhaetic Velxanu [rab 42, 95]
see Latin velcitanus, velistanus [az96, g/lb83, mp68]
see Latin Vulcî [g/lb83]
see Latin Volcânus [rab 42, 95]
see pre-Hellenic Cretan Gelxános Welxános, Wélxanos "Zeus" [rab 42, 95]
velzna, velsna "from Velzna-" [az96]
velznax "of Bolsena" [az96]
see Latin Volsinii [az96]
venai female name, deity? [mc91: 112]
venalia, venai "Consuetudo (goddess of customs, society)" [az96]
venala family name [g/lb83 83]
venel male name [mc91: 116, pa]
venete "of the race, lineage" [az96]
vente, venzni, venzi "green, blue" [az96]
see Latin venetus "green, blue" [az96]
venzile "servile, client" [az96]
root of vanth [az96]
vercna "keeping busy?" [az96]
see Latin exercens "keeping busy" [az96]
verpe, verpru "braid, crown" [az96]
vers-, verse "fire" [g/lb83 59, mcv 8 Nov 96, pa, dep]
derivative versie [mp68]
glossed in Latin as versum [g/lb83 59, mcv 8 Nov 96]
verSena, vertun "Vertumnus (god of changing seasons)" [az96]
vertun, vertn "type of drinking vessel" [mp68, pa, dep]
"mixing vessel" [am91]
veru "a spit" [az96]
veru "cover" [az96]
< *wer- "to guard" [az96]
vescu "biting" [az96]
vesi "bite, sample, taste" [az96]
< *ghwes- [az96]
see Latin vescens "to feed on" [az96]
vespu "punching, hitting, pungent" [az96]
< *hwes-p- [az96]
see Latin vespa "wasp" [rmcc]
vestirkina, veStirikina family name (fem.) [g/lb83 110, mc91: 112]
vestrace, vestiricima, vestrcma "stimulus, puncture" [az96]
vesuna "Verona (deity)" [mp68: 159]
"Bona dea" [az96]
vete family name [g/lb83 83]
"seeing, informed" [az96]
vetu, vetus male name [mc91: 95]
"(who) sees, knows, recognizes" [az96]
vez- < *vest- < *khwedh-t- [az 29 Mar 99]
see Latin Vettius, Vetius [mp68: 371, G. Colonna cit. PA?]
vethie, vethi, veze, vethsara, vethu, vethur, vethura, vezra, vezthrnei "acute, svelte, exact" [az96]
vetis deity of fate or underworld; pars hostilis/pars postica [mp68: 251]
"acute" [az96]
< *hwerth [az96]
vhelqu "fortune, chance?" [az96]
vikare "Icarus" [az96]
"floating?" [az96]
vilae, vile "(which) braids, weaves, links, binds" [az96]
vile "weave, viscera" [az96]
< *vil-, *il- [az96]
vilata "prisoner" [az96]
vilia, vilinei "villager" [az96]
see Latin villa "country house" [az96]
vinai, vineia "(which) moves" [az96]
vinum, vinm "wine" [az96, mcv, g/lb83. mp68, pa, dep, gm97, gzb]
see Latin vinum "wine" [az96, mcv, g/lb83. mp68, pa, dep, gm97, gzb]
vipa "to shake, hurl" [az96]
vipi, vipie male name [mc91: 45, mp68: 233]
"(which) moves" [az96]
vepia feminine name [az96]
"vibrant" [az96]
vepu masculine name [az96]
vipina, vipine, vipinas, vipiena, vipienna family name [mc91: 45]
"(which) moves" [az96]
see avle vipinas, caile vipinas "Aulus Vibenna, Caelius Vibenna" Etruscan heroes connected to Mastarna (Servius Tullius) [g/lb83, lrp 57]
< *vekw- [az96]
see Roman name Vibenna [g/lb83, lrp 57]
see Latin Vibius [mc91: 45, mp68: 233] see Latin vibrare "to shake" [az96]
vipli "weaver" [az96]
vipsul, vipSl "Fiesole (town)" [djh 14, mc91: 146]
virêre, "to be green" Latin verb [cw 73]
of Etruscan origin?
visce "linked, bound, braided, linker" [az96]
viSl "residence" [az96]
< vitsl [az96]
vlesi, vlesia, vuisinei name [mc91: 46]
Voltinia tribe name of Etruscan origin [lrp 48]
vrane "angle" [az96]
< *wrengh [az96]
vuisi- "sharp" [az96]
vulca Etruscan sculptor [g/lb83]
vuvcnic "(who) proclaims the vow, desire, invocation?" [az96]
vuvze "vow, augured" [az96]
vuvzie "invoking" [az96]
see Latin vôtus "promise, vow" [az96]
see Latin voveo "to promise, vow" [az96]


-x nominative suffix [az96: 27]
-x, -ax suffix of origin [pa]
xairei family name (female) [g/lb83 86, mc91: 134]
xalxas "Calchas (winged haruspex)" [g/lb83, mc91: 48]
see Greek Kálxas [g/lb83, mc91: 48]
xarontes demons of death [EM]
see Greek Xaron [EM]
xarsteriun, xarsteiun "offering of thanks" (Delphi Inscription) [dep]
xaru, xarun demon who guides the dead to the underworld along with Vanth (associated with a hammer) [g/lb83]
demon who torments the souls of the dead; guardian of the underworld [EM]
"Smasher, Cutter" [az96]
see Latin Charon [g/lb83]
see Greek Xaron [g/lb83]
xavex "(one who) shouts, invokes?" [az96]
xelphun a silenus [g/lb83]
see Greek xalepós "harsh, mischievous, dangerous" [g/lb83]
xia, xi-, xia-s, xi-S, xim, xiem, ximth, ximthm pronominal particle [mp68]
see derivative xisvlicS [mp68]
xia "doorkeeper" [az96]
xiem "greed" [az96]
xim, ximth, ximthm "with, when" [az96]
see Latin cum [az96]
xis temporal-hypothetical conjunction [az96]
xisvlic- "pledge, security, bail" [az96]
xosfer "October" [az96: 54, g/lb83, mp68]
< *cezpre [pa]
< cezp "eight" [az96: 54, g/lb83, mp68]
-xu "with (postposition)" [az96]
xurinas family name [g/lb85: 145]
xurvar "Churvar (month)" [mcv]
see Phoenician KRR in Pyrgi tablets [mcv]
xurvar (plural) "fires, altars?" [az96]
-xva plural for things [vs/amr 189]
xvestna > cestna "sharpness" [az96]


*za "to shimmer" [ag 79]
zalthirie "to shine" [az96]
< *stelkw- [az96: 17]
see Nostratic *c'.aEjh.a "to shimmer" [ag 79]
-za diminutive suffix [ag 79, pa]
see Nostratic *-Ca adjective and diminutive marker [ag 79]
zal, zel, za-, zl, esal, esal-s, esl, eSl "two" [am91, cb, g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep, gzb]
see zelv-th, zelur, zelarvenas [mp68]
zathrum, zathrm-, zathrm-s, zathrm-is, zathrm-iS, zathrumith "twenty" [az96, g/lb83, mc91, pa, dep, gzb]
zathrum < Semitic or compound involving zal "two"? [er 1 Mar 99]
zathrumsne "twentieth" [az96]
zelur "two at a time" [g/lb83 80]
< *dwal "two" [az96]
see German Zahl "number" [pa]
see Indo-European *del, *dele "to split" [pa]
see Nostratic *C'oLGa "to be a pair, to mate" [Dolgopol'skij 1972 cit. ag 78, 79]
zalle cognomen corresponding to Latin Iunior [G. Colonna cit. pa]
zalthu family name [g/lb83 77]
zamathi "clap, buckle" > "fibula" [az96]
< zam- "to stop, arrest" [az96]
< *stMbh- "to arrest, stop, cleave" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
zamathi "gold" [g/lb83 81]
zamthic "golden" [g/lb83 81]
< *zamath- < *za:m a th-, *za:m a t- [K. Ostir cit. ag 79]
zamthic "(something) fixed, sure" [az96]
zana, zani, zanl "statue" [az96]
zane "base" [az96]
zanuli "foundedness" [az96]
zanulis "to make firm, stabilize" [az96]
zan- < *stan- "stand, statue" etc. [az96]
zanl family name [g/lb85: 159]
zanua "destination, engagement" [az96]
zar "to make rigid, hard" [az96]
zarfna "cadaver, corpse, rigid body" [az96]
zarve "rigid" > "sterile" [ag 79]
zar-, Sar, Ser- "rigid, stiff, solid" [az96]
zarf- < *sterbh- [az 29 Mar 99]
see Latin sterilis "barren" [az 29 Mar 99]
zati, zathi "base" [az96]
zatlxne "stabilizing" [az96]
< zat- < *stat- [az96]
see Latin statuo "to establish" [az 29 Mar 99]
see Latin satelles "escort, attendant" [az 29 Mar 99]
zath natural deity [mp68: 251]
zatlath "companion" [dep, pa]
zax "to be sharp, investigate" [az96]
see Saxu [az96]
zavena "cup, drinking vessel" [az96, pa, dep]
zea "wounding, slaying" [az96]
zec, Sec "mark, sign" [az96]
< *steg- "mark, sign" [az96]
see Latin signo "to mark, seal, indicate" [az 29 Mar 99]
zelarvena "(funerary) prepation, placement, covering" [az96]
< *zel-, *Sel- < *stel [az96]
see Secan [az96]
zeri, zeri-S "legal, sacred act, rite, object" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, dep]
< *zer- "holy" [rab 332]'
< *zeheri < *steh-e-ri, *steigh-, *steig- "incision, cleft in divinatory liver" > "writing" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
see Lemnian zeronai, zeronaith [mp68: 99]
zertnai family name [mc91: 74]
zezeve preterite verb form [az Jul 99]
zia "to wound, stab, kill" [az96]
< *stîgh-a- [az96]
see Lemnian ziazi [mp68: 99]
see Latin sîca, [az 29 Mar 99]
zia "fixio" > "pactio?" [az96]
< *stîgh-ia [az96]
zic, zix, zix-u, zic-al, zix-ina, zix-ne, zix-uxe, zix-un-ce "write, to write" [am91, cb, EB XXII:801, v, g/lb83, mp68]
"to write, to paint" [pa, dep]
"to engrave, write" [az96]
zicu "writing." [EB XXII:801]
zicu "engraver" < *stîx [az96]
zix "book" [mp68, vs/amr 189]
zixina "(something) written" [az96]
zixne "sign" [az96]
zixu "sculptor, writer, engraver" [mc91: 67, pa]
zixu-, zicu- "engrave, write" [az 29 Mar 99]
zixunce, zixuxe "was written, engraved" [mc91, mp68: 405]
"engrave" [az96: 17]
< *stikh-un-ke [az96: 17]
< *steigh-, < *steig- "engrave, write" [az 29 Mar 99]
ziiace "guided" [az96]
zil-, Sel- "order, govern, rule" [az 29 Mar 99, g/lb83]
"to exercize the zil magistracy" [pa, dep]
zil, zili, zilac, zilax, zilat, zilc, zilci, zilx, zilath "magistrate, official, praetor" [am91, cb, EB XXII: 801, mcv 8 Nov 96, v, vs/amr 189, g/lb83, mc91, mp68, pa, dep]
zilacal "of the zilac (praetor)" [mcv 8 Nov 96]
zilacei, zilac "Ruler, Queen" [az96]
zilath "(one who) governs, praetor" [az96]
zilath-amce "co-governor, associate praetor" [az96]
zilath mexl rasnal "praetor of the Etruscan territory (title)" [mp68: 211]
zilath rasnas title used in Tarquinia [mp68: 211]
zilax "to be zilc, zilath" [mp68: 226]
zilaxnthas "holding the position of zilath (praetor) (verbal noun)" [mc91: 136]
zilax-nu, zilx-nu, zilax-nu-ce, zilax-n-ce, zilx-n-ce "being zilax (praetor) (verbal noun)" [mc91: 69/136];
"order, govern, rule" [az 29 Mar 99, g/lb83]
zilax-n-th-ce, zilax-n-thaS "to rule, govern as praetor" [az96, mp68]
zilax-nucix "petty kings, regulus" [az96]
zilax-nve "(he) ruled, was zilath" [az 17 Jun 99, mc91]
"to rule" [mp68: 211]
zilc, zilx "charge, position" [az96]
zilc marunuxva "praetor of the marunu (religious office)" [mp68: 226]
zilc parxis a supreme magistrate [mp68: 400]
zilc-thi, zilcti, zilcte "magistrate in charge" [mp68]; "one who mette in assesso, praefectus" [az96]
zileteraia "rules of servitude" [az96]
zili "order" [az96]
zilu "duty, ordinances?" [az96]
zilx cexaneri title [g/lb83]
see cexa "ceremony, right, law" [g/lb83]
"caretaker of the sacred" [mp68: 265]
< *stel- "order, govern, rule" [az 29 Mar 99, g/lb83]
< *Sikh- < *stêg- [az96]
zimaite, zimite "(which) sustains" [az96]
< *stMbh [az96]
zimuthe "(one who) lowers, strikes, trusat" [az96]
zin- "make on the lathe" [am91]
zina, zinasa, zinace "to make, (has) made" [mc91]
"shapes, adorns, devises" [az96, mc91]
zinace "made on the lathe" [am91]
zinaie "potter" [am91]
zinaku "made" [mc91]
zinia "form, project, intent, design" [az96]
zinthrepus "creative impulse" [az96]
see Rhaetian thinake [mcv 4 Mar 98]
see Latin tina "wine jug" (pottery) [rmcc]
see Lydian ceñ- [er 21 Jun 99]
zipanu, zipna, zipa, sipna female associated with Turan [g/lb83]
"brilliant, flash" [az96]
zipaxnl "trampled, buried" [az96]
zip- < *stip- [az96]
see Latin stîpo "to compress, surround, accompany" [az 29 Mar 99]
zirule "brilliant" (plural) [az96]
see Sertur [az96]
ziumithe, ziumite "Diomé:dês" [g/lb83, mc91: 49]
"one who thinks of killing" [az96]
ziva, ziva-s, ziva-S "(the) dead" [g/lb83, lb 90, mp 68/75, pa, rab 332]
"having lived" [dep]
"to assist, cure, direct" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
zivas "alive" [am91, gm97]
< *stew [az96, 29 Mar 99]
see Lemnian zivai [mp68: 99]
see Latin stîva "plow handle" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
see Latin vivo "I live" [dep]
see Greek ebion "I have lived" [dep]
see Breton beva "to live" [dep]
see Old Slavic zhivo "I live" [dep]
see Sanskrit jivati "s/he lives" [dep]
see Avestan jvaiti "s/he lives" [dep]
ziz-ri "putting, placing, standing still" [az 29 Mar 99, 96: 17]
< *stist-ri [az 29 Mar 99, 96: 17]
see Latin sistere "to place, stand still" [az 29 Mar 99, 96: 17]
zuci "part" [az96]
zuxne "smashing, dividing, sharing" [az96]
zuxuna "piece, part" [az96]
< *zuk-, *Suk- < *stuk- "stock, piece, part" [az96]
< *stuk "piece" [az96: 17]
see Latin socius "ally, companion" [az96, 29 Mar 99]
zuci am "corruption, ruin" [az96]
zuci enesci "buon diritto (formula)" [g/lb85: 168]
zucre "branch, cane" [az96]
zuxu "cane" < "scepter" [az96]
Zupre, Supri > Subura (valley) [lrp 48]
zusa "to strive, aspire to" [az96]
zusle "seek, aim" [az96]
< *zus- *stus- < *stund-s-, *stud-s- "to hit" [az96: 17]
see Latin studeo "to strive, aspire to" [az 29 Mar 99]
zusle, zuSle, zusle-i, zusleva, zuSleva, zusleva-i, zusleve, zuSleve, zuSleve-S "offering, sacrificial victim (animal)" [gzb, mp68, pa]
originally "blow by enemy" [az 9]
zusuzai, zusatu "Strike, Find, Gather" [az96]
see Greek Túkhe [az96]
zuta "residence, place to stay" [az96]
< *studh- [az96]
zutaS "insediamento" [g/lb85: 171]
zutheva "doubts, uncertainties (dual form)" [az96]
zuth, zut, Suth- [az96]
< *studh- [az 29 Mar 99]
see Old Norse, Old English stódh [az 29 Mar 99]

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